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The C Word in Erotic Romance, What Now?

The incomparable Adrian Paul... erotic romance inspiration magnifique!

Saturday into Sunday yeee-ooowwws! My voluptuously lovely Kittens... the storms came through with a nice abundance of rain... but mygosh and golly, the lightning remains strangely hellacious... what a sorta chaos day, in part, and also not... the Kougaress swears the overall vibes of the world are getting progressively weirder... and she is forced to wonder if there are parallel Earths where true intelligence reigns alongside true compassion... lordy... she did have a bumblebee sighting today... yay! There was a fallen tree limb, about forty foot long, that fortunately only covered a couple of feet of the drive... and grapes! The Kougaress made it out to the grapes to see if any had survived the drought and the critters... there were some and they were some of best tasting grapes she’s ever eaten!!! Yum!

The C Word in Erotic Romance, What Now? Oh, a frazzled kitty author here... ~sighs~ When the Kougar was first pubbed in 2008, the C word or ‘cunt’ was in use at that time in some erotic romance novels, but, by far, not All. In fact, a lot of readers preferred for the word ‘not’ to be used except as bad language. While this Big Cat has no problem with other authors choosing to use ‘cunt’ for that part of the female anatomy, and certainly other authors are adept at using it in a sexy turn-on way... in fact, often, ’cunt’ is simply part of their heroine’s natural character, especially in contemporaries... however, cunt is not a word that has ever resonated with this Big Cat as something she would want to call her own feminine parts, so why would her heroines ‘erotically enjoy’ this particular word? Why would it send them into the throes of a mind-blowing orgasm?

That said, if a particular hero said ‘cunt’ in a loving and sexually powerful way that indicated his fierce passion for the heroine... well, likely, said heroine would ‘come’ to associate the use of the word by ‘him’ as a VERY GOOD THING. Love, intimacy and savage passion can create wondrous miracles.

Still... and it’s a big STILL, and who wouldn’t want a good working still in these times especially since anything that runs on gas can run on alcohol... but, the Kougar digresses. This Big Cat does not like to use ‘cunt’, except as a curse word, for two obvious reasons... one, the Kougar grew up only hearing the word used in a derogatory and soul-destroying way... and two, the *sound* of the word is abrasive to her ears, and doesn’t *feel* sexy-wild-uninhibited, given her particular sensual nature... in the same way, she doesn’t like the way the word ‘penis’ sounds, much preferring to use ‘cock’, in fact, the sound of the word ‘cunt’ is a turn-off and has that *chalk screeching on a chalkboard* feeling. Hearing that word, and penis, is guaranteed to take the Kougar out of an explicit moment of extreme passion should she be engaged in such.

But... and a gorgeously curved butt it is... the word ‘cunt’ is being claimed, and has been reclaimed as a positive name, a positive word, by many authors and readers. This is a good thing, and this Big Cat applauds the effort, and the success that has been achieved. On the down side for the Kougar, this means ‘cunt’ is now ubiquitous in erotic romance, and is expected by many readers. Like the use of fuck, fucking, fucked... cunt is now associated with eroticism... as in the book won’t be erotic, or be an erotic romance, unless ‘cunt’ is used.

This is sad for this Big Cat, since she certainly doesn’t associate incredible and ecstatic erotic pleasures, for herself or her heroines, with the use of the word, cunt. This is also true for the constant use of the word, FUCK, fucking, fucked. Since, gosh darn, unless used in a specific and obvious way... what the heck does ‘fuck’ really mean? It’s simply ‘telling’ instead of ‘showing’ what is sexually occurring. Certainly, that’s no titillating fun for this Big Cat.

On the practical, money-making end of things, not using ‘cunt’ [or an erotically unused cunt], means less sales for the Kougar. No, she really doesn’t want to compromise her writing principles, or the way she feels as a woman. It would hurt her soul. Plus, it wouldn’t be authentic for the reader. Likely, a reader would get that wonky feeling that this isn’t for ‘real’. And, it wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t be ‘authentic’ writing from this Big Cat author... the only caveat being if she actually had a heroine show up who actually enjoyed the word. Hey, strange stuff happens. However, that is unlikely to occur.

So, the Kougar is stuck between what is now called ‘purple prose’ and CUNT. Gee... how about this?

“Oh, baby, let me fuck your cunt.” Now, this is a turn-on for some women when said by the right hero, because we’re all different, thank the Goddess. In this Big Cat’s case, if she heard that... well... “Get. Away. From. ME!” And, either she’d continue by saying, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” ... or she would be leaving and not letting the door hit her butt.

No, give the Kougar a captive/capture, erotic romance fantasy any day where ‘cunt and fuck’ don’t exist, but explicit, raw and resplendent eroticism does. A world where gorgeous and beautiful words exist. Then, oh yeah, baby...

Here’s another sorta example:

He fucked her cunt for ten hours straight. [the no purple prose version]

OR [the semi-purple prose version]... His cock plundered her deliciously, his strokes changing from furious to tender for the entire night, and well into the morning. She not only loved it, she adored it. As she loved him, as she was now coming to adore him. Only him.

Yes, the Kougar could pen a drily-told, dark spoof where she uses ‘cunt’ as foreplay, during lovemaking and the sex act, when orgasm happens, and afterwards in the bliss state... however, would that story really sell?

Doubt it.

So, what now?

If the Kougar can’t or won’t write what readers want as far as cunt, or to cunt or not to cunt, that is the question... well, think of it this way -- it would be like asking a woman and a man to have chemistry together when there is none -- so, the question becomes, should this Big Cat even try to continue her career? If her heroines and heroes don’t think or ‘feel’ passion, eroticism and sex the way readers want it, and expect it... then... what?

Authoress news and mews ~

With some manner of grace from the Divine, the Kougar will resume her short story. She did accomplish research stuff today.


Oh Shit Now What!?
by Solara

"Damn it, Anna! No you can't have him too." Nitchell dove deep into the wave rushing toward the beach. “He’s human and mortal. Not immortal.”

Nitchell shook his fist at the dark haired beauty lurking just below the surf of the raging torrent.

“What is this human to you?” Her dark blue eyes sparkled and grew dim as flashes of sun light broke through the wave.

“He’s my ward. The one I have to watch over as part of my penance. Now stop giving me shit and do something about the wave.” Nitchell fluttered his wings as he worked his way toward the surf hoping he’d convinced the sea death enchantress to help him.

From ~

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Powerful quakes hit near Vanuatu in South Pacific AP - 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

AP - A series of earthquakes struck off the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu on Sunday, causing minor damage, but there were no immediate reports of injuries. Local tsunami advisories were issued but later lifted, and no tsunami was recorded.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

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Serena Shay said...

Great thoughts on "The C word" Savanna. For as much as erotic authors are trying to bring that word back to a good thing, I still rarely see it in the books I read. Who knows, maybe it's just the stories I pick up...hehe

I really have no problem with the word cunt, but you're correct in that it has to be used carefully...I mean, if your characters are comfortable with the word in their works, but for an author to just throw it out there, for shock value or just to have it...nope, it will always come off wrong and is better off not being used. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, good thoughts on the C word. I have no problem, as I said, if other authors use it, and want to use it as in reclaiming the word. And, I've read scenes where it worked for the characters. And, other scenes where it seemed to be there just there for shock value.

I certainly hope there are readers who will read an erotic romance for the heroines and heroes, and their love story, not simply because certain graphic words are used.