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Krazy Kat Kronicles

Oh, yowl oops, the Kougaress just realized her bloggie title initials are KKK... no, she’s never been involved with the KKK. Nor, has she ever known anyone who was... oh yeah, what a great opportunity for someone to roar that moi is NOT politically correct... oh-no!!!!!!!! Argh... where’s the wet noodle?

Hey, how did that pic sneak onto the bloggie... you didn't know the Kougaress had a secret life that titillating, did you?

Good afternoon, darling and Monday-dancing Felines, it’s warmish here on the tame prairie… meow yes, a lovely sparkling day… and this Big Cat is not looking forward to the cold of winter... yeeee-owwww...

Krazy Kat Kronicles ~ this Krazy Kat crazily attempts to keep up with authorly things, with all the stuff of life, when she knows it’s an impossibility... still, craziness rules her at times. Yep, the inner headless chicken takes over and this Big Cat must wonder if there’s something in the air... on the cyber screen... oh, those hidden digital drugs.
Omygoodness... what epic dreams moi had. The last one ran like a movie being shot, and the colors were darkly toned. Best of all, the unfolding story introduced a vampire savior hero... he arrives in the nick of time to save the heroine from the bad guys... oh, yeah, another WIP in the making...
Okay, it’s true, the Kougaress saw 2:12, for the 4th successive time. Is that the new charm?

Yep, hey there cowboy-luvin’, vampire-luvin’, werewolf-lovin’ Big Cats. For some spoof-fun under the hot Texas sun, claw click on over to ~ ~ and get a glimpse of The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies

Theirs was a love nature never intended. Bigger than Texas. Hotter than Hades. Weirder than...a lot of other stuff you might have read...

Authoress news and mews ~

This is the Kougar’s official ROARS OF THANK YOU!!! moment to everyone who has purchased BRANDED BY THE TEXANS. She is grateful! ~wahoo good good vibes are coming your way~ this Big Cat luvs ya... yeeeehawww!

Featured at Lindsay Townsend’s THE PINK BLOG ~ It’s Library Days!

Being Chatty
by Chelle Cordero

In this time of economic uncertainty, public libraries can be a huge boon as a source of entertainment, knowledge and opportunity. One of the problems that libraries face is attracting “customers” – getting people in in order to show that their services are being utilized and funding, scarce in many places, is being put to good use.

Sultry Sunday- My Favorite Threesome
by Dawne Prochilo

Yes I'm sure by the title of this blog, your minds have wandered down the path of sex, erotic scenes and lots of flesh.
Planet-changing stuff you might want to know. Or not. ~

From the Daily Mail Online
~ ~

New Zealand earthquake rips a new fault line across the world... moving one side of the earth 11ft to the right

The earthquake that devastated a city in New Zealand tore open a new 11ft faultine in the Earth’s surface.

The 7.1-magnitude quake which hit Christchurch, the country’s second-largest city, destroyed about 500 buildings and caused an estimated £930million of damage.

But hundreds of lives were saved by tough building rules, it was claimed. Only two injuries were reported.

The quake was caused by the continuing collision between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates, said Professor Mark Quigley, of Canterbury University.

‘One side of the Earth has lurched to the right ... up to 11ft and in some places been thrust up,’ he said. ‘We went and saw two houses that were completely snapped in half by the earthquake.’

The quake cut power across the region, roads were blocked by debris and gas and water supplies were disrupted.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker said power was back to 90 per cent of the city and water supply had resumed for all but 15 to 20 per cent of residents.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 616 ~

Sylva glanced around the immense wardrobe room. Hugging herself because she’d begun trembling, she watched Zeke search through a section of clothing as if he was right at home. “Here we go, darlin.” Holding up the garments, similar to what he wore, he strode toward her. Sylva automatically slipped off the robe, and in minutes her husband had efficiently dressed her in the pants and shirt. The charcoal-colored, leather-like fabric seemed to absorb light and was so supple and lightweight it almost felt as if she wore nothing. “Step into these.” Kneeling before her, he quickly put her boots on.

Zeke had his belly-roilin’ misgivings about this dangerous turn in their lives. Yet, for a reason he didn’t fathom, he knew it was their path together. He and his Sylva. Lifting his gaze upwards, he checked her expression. Her drawn face concerned him mightily. But before he could he could say something to her, she quirked a brow and asked, “Buckaroo?” Giving her a grin, Zeke rose upwards while keeping his gaze locked on her. “What we call it here. Guess it must mean somethin’ different on your Earth.” She smiled half-heartedly. “Yeah, usually there’s fringe and buckskin. And pistols.”
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 615 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~ OR! Now available on The Romance Studio Forum, JANUARY 2009 through JUNE 2010 flashes ~ ~ Click on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Fantasy Lair ~

NOTE: It deeply saddens this Big Cat that racial hatred is being promoted, being used a way to divide human being against human being. The Kougaress loves all races and all cultures. She loves the differences and similarities between us ALL. She wishes with her whole heart and soul that ALL of us GOOD people stand together as ONE against THOSE who would divide US to destroy US. Please.

Culture jamming slamming time...


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Demonizing Alex Jones: ABC Nightline Hit Piece Backfires

Kurt Nimmo
September 3, 2010

Last night on ABC’s Nightline, Dan Harris tried to discredit Alex Jones and make him out as a charming kook.

“Jones, who sits at the helm of an independent media empire, is arguably the nation’s premiere purveyor of what could be called paranoia porn,” Harris writes in an article posted on ABC’s website. “People who monitor hate groups say they’re extremely worried about Jones’ growing influence. His six-day-a-week radio show and webcast reach an estimated one million people a day.” Harris says “Jones’ critics say that by floating his highly-charged ideas at a time when the nation is already very angry and anxious, he’s upping the odds for unbalanced people to do stupid things.”

Stupid things. For instance, storming a television network like James Lee did earlier this week. James Lee, the gunman ultimately taken out by a police SWAT team, was a psychotic environmentalist and fan of eugenics who believed children are no different than an infestation of cockroaches. If we use Harris’ logic, the corporate media is responsible for spreading “highly-charged ideas” with its non-stop propaganda about the debunked theory of climate change and over population. Such sensationalism has increased “the odds for unbalanced people to do stupid things.”

In the Nightline piece, Harris fumbled in his effort to characterize Jones as a conspiracy nut after Jones pointed out the obvious — the global elite are establishing world government. ABC and the corporate media have reported on this fact numerous times. Jones showed Harris and ABC documentation of this fact, but it ended up on the cutting room floor because the point of the Nightline segment is not to present objective facts, but portray Jones as a dangerous conspiracy kook.

Machete: Race War Propaganda Under the Cover of a Mexploitation Film

~ ~

Kurt Nimmo
September 4, 2010

Robert Rodriguez’s Machete lives up to its trailer released earlier this year. “This is Machete with a special Cinco de Mayo message … to Arizona,” the star of the grindhouse movie, played by Danny Trejo, growls at the start of the trailer. He then engages in bloody mayhem and mass murder.

World War One propaganda poster depicting Germans as baby killers. Rodriguez’s film portrays the border Minutemen in much the same light.

On Friday night, Alex Jones took his crew to see Machete at a theater here in Austin, Texas. The movie lived up to and even exceeded expectations.

Critics have mostly panned the movie as trashy, campy, and rife with senseless and gratuitous violence. Daniel B. Wood, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, says the film has a sub-theme — immigration and “reverse racism.” Wood quotes Barbara O’Connor, director of the Institute for the Study of Politics and Media at California State University, who warns that some people may have “negative reactions” after watching the film. “Yes, this movie is goofily violent, but it’s also dealing with issues that are largely visceral,” she tells Wood. “I don’t know that people in the middle of the debate will view it as satire.”

Machete is not satire. It is propaganda under the cover of an exploitation film. It is designed to stir up “visceral” reactions to the very serious issue of illegal immigration. It strives to demonize Americans outraged over an open border and the influx of millions of illegal aliens every year.

Machete portrays members of the Minuteman Project — an activist organization founded in 2005 by James Gilchrist — as racist thugs and serial murderers. The Minutemen are not directly named. Instead, the border patrol group calls itself the “Vigilantes,” but the comparison in unavoidable.

A few minutes into the film, the border Vigilantes — including a corrupt Texas politician played by Robert De Niro — murder a pregnant illegal woman as she crosses the border. The scene is an example of classic war propaganda.

“A handy rule for arousing hate,” noted political scientist and communications expert Harold Lasswell, “is, if at first they do not enrage, use an atrocity. It has been employed with unvarying success in every conflict known to man.”


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