Saturday, September 18, 2010

Early Full Moon Madness ~ A Cat-thartic Special Report

Note: With the lightning storms threatening the tame prairie again, the Kougaress will be offering this special report on some of her book reviews she worked on yesterday.

No, the full moon is not until September 23rd ... but maowsa-wowsa, did this Big Cat author ever go on a mad hatter search... and she needs a cat-thartic outlet... it began with Just Erotic Romance Reviews... and that cat-incurable curiosity moi has always had... *to digress, no, curiosity did not kill the Kougar*... however, it did get her fang-snarling and in the mood to pounce... long, long ago a whiney reviewer at JERR, whose grammar usage left a lot to be desired, gave RED LIONESS TAMED a poor review that was partly based on the fact that the reviewer did not like the cover art... okayyyy... whatever... Red Lioness had already received a couple of great reviews... so, it wasn’t all that big of a deal... except that this Big Cat author asked JERR not to review any of her future books. Because, really, who needs that kind of unsolicited abuse?

For the rest of the JERR Rant... see below... or, don’t, it may not be worth your reading time.

However, Early Full Moon Madness struck and instead of penning on her latest WIP, moi got hooked like a trout. She internet-searched out anything and everything she could find out about reviews of her books that she didn’t know about... yes, really silly... and rarely does she mess with that kind of in-depth search... it’s a time waster...

One interesting good thing, she did discover, a couple of her books are being sold in New Zealand... who knew? Here’s the link for WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ ~ Lordy, lordy is the price high!

And it was ‘cool beans’ to see her books being sold on the Amazon UK site.

So, thanks to Gem Sivad, western erotic romance author, for her ratings on Goodreads of the Kougar’s books. This Big Cat author has never been able to figure out that particular site... it’s a frigging puzzlement.

And, yeah, moi discovered another illegal download site she hadn’t been aware of... and will duly report... plus, she found one of those icky disgusting sex sites she wishes had never heard of her books and it’s probably illegal also, because of the type of porn listed... the type that emotionally rapes you... shake and shiver, it’s take-a-shower-time.

The Kougaress has always felt and believes sex is a sacred act, no matter how erotic and passionate and lustful. However, just like anything else in this world it can be turned into a degrading soulless act that dis-empowers rather than empowers.
From her heart, from her soul, that’s why this Big Cat author writes the way she does and pens the type of erotic romance stories she does... love, lust, sex, passion, power and eroticism, in all their fierce and subtle splendors, should be uplifting, should be at its core, human, and based on human emotion... naughty and erotic does not mean abuse of the spirit... the term, dirty, when used to describe sex, or an attitude about sex... or, what some call, the dirty girl, is about a natural state of sexual desire, one that is sometimes considered morally wrong... however, that natural state is NOT the ‘dirty’ feeling of being emotionally or mentally raped.

Perhaps, this Big Cat has not explained adequately. However, she gave it her best clawing-shot.

There is a sadness at living in a world where the sexual relationship is sometimes not valued. At least, in the fantasy worlds the Kougar builds for her heroines and heroes, the sexual relationship is valued, highly valued.

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar discovered that JERR ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews ~ has reviewed, not just one of her books, and panned it for having cover art the reviewer didn’t like ~ but has basically panned two of her other books [no, being against torture on general principle, moi did not read those reviews]. Not being impressed with JERR’s ability to review worth a claw-raking damn, anyway [apologies to authors who have received good reviews ~ yes, you deserved that good review] this Big Cat has requested the reviews of her books be removed.
There is no reason for an author to put up with reviews written by someone who cannot construct a proper sentence. Or, a reviewer who cannot comprehend what the story is about, let alone understand the heroines and heroes, and, thus, gives the book a poor review. It would be like a kindergartner reviewing calculus. Unless she/he is a math genius, the review is most likely to be one that pans calculus.
Also, the Kougar had previously requested that JERR *not* review any more of her books. Furthermore, all the books JERR reviewed have received good reviews and *5* ratings from readers.
If JERR refuses to remove the reviews, and the Kougar has given them permission to state it is simply a matter of *sour grapes* on her part, then the war is on. This Big Cat will not tolerate such unwarranted treatment. Especially, since she did not personally submit her books to JERR.
Meow! Yowl, yes, the Kougar is hot under her collar... and she doesn’t even wear one.
The deference shown to ‘undeserving’ reviewers roils this Big Cat’s tummy. Opinion is one matter. Everyone has one. However, opinions can and should be challenged.
And, really, come on, if you don’t like someone’s book, just don’t read it or review it. Spare yourself and spare the author. I mean, how would reviewers like their poor reviews of an author’s book reviewed, and done in the same manner they have done the review?
If it becomes necessary, that is exactly what this Big Cat author will do. And, she will bring the hammer down. Hard. In an uncompromising manner. After all, an author’s pen is mightier than a reviewer’s pen any day of the week.
Gee, how about a blog devoted to reviewing bad reviewers? Reviewers don’t own snark. Authors own snark.
Yep, no more dear Sally Field’s... oh, you like me, you really like me... who gives a damn if poor reviewers like your book? Really...

Also, on the matter of reviews, if a reader or a reviewer truly rates one of the Kougar’s books with a low score because that’s ‘honestly’ how they feel about the story... NO PROBLEM... however, if it’s done out of jealousy, whether realized or not... OR, it’s being done to ‘get back’ at an author for one petty juvenile reason or another... OR! It’s simply spite... OR! It’s being done maliciously to lower the score so another author’s book looks better... well, that is unacceptable. And, whenever that happens, it is this Big Cat’s personal *will* that will only make her book stronger and sell better. POWER UP! POWER UP!

May you and yours POWER UP!

An Early Full Moon Madness smooch from the Kougar...

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