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Full Moon in Aries ~ Controversial X-Roars Rant

Late evening purrs, my glorious and gorgeous Big Cats... it’s raining on the tame prairie after a day that felt like a tornado could come by at anytime... omy, late this afternoon moi made it out to her volunteer garden and managed to snag some goodies, including some beautiful baby pumpkins... all for decorative purposes only.

When the Kougaress came back inside, she tended to a couple of wounds, nothing serious, she got when she fell outside... anyhoo, to take a break and get back into the writerly swing of things she read some erotic romance excerpts on a chat loop that shall remain nameless... well, hell, uh-oh... her blood began to do a slow, but unrelenting boil... not because the excerpts were bad in any way, they were good for the stories’ subgenre ... but... the big butt...

The Kougar is blaming what follows on the Full Moon in Aries, and on being an Aries.

Big Cat Jumping into the Fire from the Frying Pan AS USUAL

Note: this is only part of the rant since it’s clawing-way beyond controversial.

This Big Cat author has always read, and now pens, romance because, not only did she want a happily ever after, but she wanted a haven, a place where it was safe and wonderful to be a woman. A sensual sexual woman.

She did not grow up in a world where women were valued. So, she wanted her own precious world where women were truly loved and cherished – so unlike our current world/society, *in general*.

She wanted to escape from a world that constantly degraded and despised women, to a romantic paradise where women were free to be themselves and they were absolutely, positively loved for it.

She wanted to ‘lose herself in wild romance’ as the song says – where a woman’s pleasures actually mattered. Where men were real men and knew how to pleasure their women passionately and erotically. Where men knew the art of encouraging a woman’s natural desire to pleasure them -- the hero they desired and loved -- in the ways the man wanted.

So, this Big Cat is forced to ask: what the HELL happened? Why all this Male-centric Romance???

What? Did Cosmo magazine, the sex-saturated media, and porno turn this generation of women, or women in general [OBVIOUSLY NOT ALL WOMEN], into his-penis-is-a-god worshipers?

From an ongoing onslaught of *some* excerpts, and after reading some ER excerpts on a chat loop today as stated above, this Big Cat WOMAN has to wonder... hey, did Women’s Liberation even really ever occur?

Or, was it all over before it started... yeah, it can be compared to wham-bam, six minute snoring man.

Why is there *too much* his pleasure? And, *not enough* HER pleasure? It’s like the supposed hero never grew up and is still playing with his pee-pee.... and waiting for that special woman to ‘growed’ him all up.

Oh, yeah, really into the mother-thing here. SO NOT!!! So good luck, sister, with ‘Peter’ Pan Forever.

Given that male sexual pleasure still dominates in *some* erotic romance novels, to the extent observed by this Big Cat, and a woman’s pleasure is given ‘short’ shrift comparatively... well, have women ever achieved any kind of sexual equality? Really?

The answer is a big fat, his-peepee-is-king, NO!!!

When this many ER romance novels are devoted to his pleasure INSTEAD OF HER PLEASURE being the story’s focus -- or the ‘his pleasure is her pleasure’ CRAP, as the way to a supposed HEA, then NO, again NO... double NO... triple NO... a zillion, trillion, gazillion times NO.

This Big Cat has nothing against ‘cock-centered’ pleasures as part of the overall erotic love story. She writes/includes those scenes. However, there’s a BIG HARD difference between Male-centric scenes/novels and the art and pleasure of real eroticism as expressed during passionate lust-making or lovemaking.


Okay, breathing and claw-retracted lounging again... how about this for pleasure?

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8 oz hot chocolate
1 shot Aftershock® Hot & Cool cinnamon schnapps

Pour aftershock into a heatproof cup with hot chocolate, and serve.

Courtesy of Selena Illyria:
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Authoress news and mews ~


Editorial Blunders or the New Acceptable
by Bekki Lynn

Way back when, I learned what was acceptable in non-fiction wasn't always acceptable in fiction as far as how you write and format many things. Makes sense. It would be strange to see bullets and tables in fiction wouldn't it?
Featured at Lindsay Townsend’s THE PINK BLOG ~

Evie Balos: The Unnecessary Bodyguard

Lindsay, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to visit you here! Although I write mainly contemporary and paranormal fiction, I am an avid reader of just about any kind of sensual romance—including tales of hunky knights!
Featured at Victoria Janssen’s blog ~ a thought-provoking question...

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Moi’s mew-sings ~

Wow, that's a tough question. I write erotic romance because I want a holistic approach to the relationship that CANNOT occur if the love/sex scenes fade to black.

On the other hand, I have no problem with a romance being written in that manner because obviously the author wanted to focus on other critical emotional issues...

What I do think, as romance novels continue to vary widely in heat levels, some manner of making it clear to the reader what level it is, should and will come about, more than it is now.
The Kougar found this article fascinatingly strange on several levels. While she has no problem with methane fart production and *does not buy* into the overwhelming propaganda that greenhouses gasses are destroying beloved Mother Earth [think massive herds of roaming buffalo that were good for the eco system once upon a time] ~ however, feeding cows oregano is a GOOD HEALTHY THING!

From Unknown Country ~

Gas Free Cows

Cow belches and farts are a major source of greenhouse gases that affect climate change even more than vehicle emissions. A new type of cattle feed that is supplemented with oregano, developed by a dairy scientist, could help reduce cow gas emissions by 40%. It also improves milk production. quotes its inventor, Alexander Hristov, as saying, "Cattle are actually a major producer of methane gas and methane is a significant greenhouse gas. In fact, worldwide, livestock emits 37% of anthropogenic methane." (Anthropegenic methane is methane produced by human activities, such as agriculture). And methane has 23 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. [Thus] "any cut in the methane emissions would be beneficial."

Methane is a natural part of the digestive process of cows and other ruminants, such as bison, sheep and goats. When the cow digests food, bacteria in the rumen, the largest of the four-chambered stomach, break the material down intro nutrients in a fermentation process. Two of the byproducts of this fermentation are carbon dioxide and methane. The herd that was fed on this new type of feed produced more milk. PhysOrg. Quotes Hristov as saying, "Since methane production is an energy loss for the animal, this isn't really a surprise. If you decrease energy loss, the cows can use that energy for other processes, such as making milk."

We have to be careful about what we feed our cows. And if we want to find out if they have Mad Cow Disease, we should look into their eyes. When researcher Jacob Petrich examined the retinas of sheep infected with scrapie, which a disease similar to Mad Cow, he found that they had a distinctive glow. But the problem with inspecting sheep and cattle for dangerous prions in this way before they are slaughtered is to get them to stop moving. would be to get the animal to stop moving (at least for a short period of time). In BBC News, Katia Moskvitch quotes Petrich as saying, "My wife, for example, can't stand still to have her eyes checked by an eye doctor for a glaucoma test, and if a human can't sit still for a test for five seconds, I think it's going to be much harder to do this for an animal." But if performing the test on living cattle turned out to be too hard, "you would have to do it immediately post-mortem."

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 634 ~

Sylva’s eyelids slipped shut briefly. Tired, she was just damn tired. She desperately wanted to ask Zeke... “Conundrum?” she asked when Ben stared at her. “Coon and Snake somehow – don’t know how those old rascals did it – transferred some data files. They said to thank you personally, wife of Zeke Vintorr.” Ben paused, scrutinizing her hard, his eyes like over-bright sunlight. “They also suggested only you could decipher some of them. Later, though. Zeke, your little wife, looks all tuckered out.” Wheeling around, Zeke tipped her face up to his gaze. “We’re goin’ home,” Nevada stated. His tone brooked no argument.

Zeke would have given his dad a big ole hug. That is, if his Sylva didn’t have a bigger hold on him. “Your willing captive, darlin’,” he whispered, only for her hearing. She gazed at him quizzically, then smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Now,” his dad added. “Yes,” Zeke murmured, “we’re goin’ home.” From the corner of his eye, Zeke saw his dad wave off Ben’s objection. “You need somethin’, Ben.” His dad’s stone-hard voice rang in his ear. “I got a secure port. Remember? And I’ll answer. After I get some lovin’ time with my wife.”
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Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Full Moon in Aries kisses from the Kougar...


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