Monday, August 23, 2010

Want to blow your mind with ancient art...

Maows and salutations, gorgeous in-your-prime KitKats... a nice, not overly hot, summer day on the prairie... yep, summertime is winding down... in another month it will be Fall... the Kougaress did a bit of jungle-chopping down so she could have her exquisite view unimpeded... so much foliage, so little time... the huge yellow butterflies danced in the air overhead... there are so many beautiful butterflies this year... moi can only assume they are happy not to be pesticided and happy to have more natural food sources.

Want to blow your mind with ancient art... the Kougaress just did at this site...

Greek statues were brightly painted
~ ~

Ultraviolet light reveals how ancient Greek statues really looked

Original Greek statues were brightly painted, but after thousands of years, those paints have worn away. Find out how shining a light on the statues can be all that's required to see them as they were thousands of years ago.

Wow! Yeehaw-cool ~ Branded by the Texans is still at NUMBER SIX... The Kougar is soooo unbelievably HAPPY about that!!! And always grateful. THANK YOU! A thousand-million times to everyone who has purchased Branded. Yep, that’s what this Big Cat said as a youngster. That’s how happy she feels. GOOD GOOD VIBES twanging and soaring your way!!!

Authoress news and mews ~

Featured at the LIQUID SILVER SEX blog ~

Along for the Ride
by mima

Today’s Flash Theme is THRILL.

The Kougar’s offering ~

WARNING: Don’t try this at home, if you want to be published. However, I like it, so I’m flashing this section today. Hey, this is my idea of a real thrill. Other than erotic romance, of course.

From my experimental novella ~ SAVAGE GAMESWOMAN
[Copyright 1997]

Chapter One ~

The desert’s harsh-vibrant beauty was never lost on her, except when she rode savagely in the Game. Once the white flag flattened on the cinnamon cracked terrain, Khazaria thigh-squeezed her ferocious goldspun pony sending him onto the gaming course.

With hoof-flying speed, they wove through the half-mile series of stark-limbed towering cactus. Then, haunch-driving, they darted onto the mostly level, almost scrub-free playing field.

Khazaria sprint-charged for the large oval rock surrounded by a low bed of vicious-spiked cactus, then hard-eyed glanced over her shoulder. Yukaton ruthless-dashed for her from the other side of the gaming field.

Dropping the looped reins, Khazaria skill-swift positioned her playing scoop and her short-slapping whip. Her flat-eared pony abruptly lessened his racing speed, then nimble-precisely, he carried her around the disabling cactus. She quick-scooping flung the playing piece toward her team’s five foot square net, which was still almost a quarter of a mile away. Her blood was pumping red fire.

His teeth primitive-clenched, Yukaton thigh-relentless drove his rugged sable pony toward Khazaria. She had whirling placed herself between him and the activated game piece. Rage-grunting, Yukaton forced their battling collision, their thin-leathered thighs slashing and sliding against each other.

Fierce-squealing, Khazaria’s pony threw his glossy-muscled rump into the sable pony’s flank. Lithe-twisting, Khazaria slapped her whip brutally across Yukatons slim-shelled helmet. His whip answered cruel-biting into her unprotected upper arm, while her pony flash-kicked his sable pony’s upper hind leg.

After narrowly avoiding the other pony’s tearing teeth, Khazaria’s pony, on her signal, supple-launched himself toward the game piece. As she passed him, Khazaria whip-smashed Yukaton’s snarling ruddy face.

Heel-gauging his pony, Yukaton pursued, and it became a muscle-bursting race. Khazaria fierce-scanned the field for Bhelize, her teammate, who had race-exploded from the starting line, once she had scoop-flung the game rock.
Oh, western-loving Kittehs, you’re in for a treat... a sneaky peek of the cover art for FIVE CARD STUD by Gem Sivad. Just click over to her blog page, quit drooling at her hero, then click on the small cover and take a long *happy hormones* look!!!

Sultry Sunday- Moments Remembered
by Dawne Prochilo

An excerpt from a WIP I dug out recently. It stirred not only creativity but also sexual thoughts from deep within me. Here's just a 'taste'...
From ~

On August 23, the Sun will move out of royal, radiant, outgoing Leo into sensible, earthy, hard-working Virgo for four weeks. In the Western Hemisphere this is the time of the harvest, reaping the gifts of summer. The astrological glyph for Virgo is a goddess holding the sheaf of corn which will produce food for the time ahead.

Virgo has a reputation for being nit-picky and critical but this meticulous trait is hugely useful when you are separating the wheat from the chaff, storing up the apples, and bringing in the goodness of the year and storing it for winter.

The cosmos and the season demand that this is the time to roll up your sleeves and get cracking. Duty calls and there will be rewards for service, effort and attention to detail. Virgo is not a sign that blows its own trumpet or stands on its dignity. It prefers being understated and just getting on with the job at hand. Taking pride in what you do for its own sake without expectation of fame, success or glory is what works best at this time of year.

On August 24, the new Virgo Sun is opposite or across the zodiac from the Pisces Moon and we have what is known as the Harvest Moon, Corn Moon or Barley Moon. In American Indian folklore this full moon marked the right time to start the harvest and farmers could work late into the night by the light of this Moon which rises early and is very bright.

Full Moons signify a time of culmination, a time to bring plans and a project together. It is also a time of romance, fertilization, relationships, emotions and feelings. Emotions tend to run high during these times and as always, this is a time to find a balance between opposites. On one side, there is Virgo's earthy common sense energy and on the other side is Pisces' urge to find spiritual or artistic nourishment. "Man cannot live by bread alone" really is the motto of this Full Moon. There should be time for work and time for inner solace; time to give to others and as well as yourself.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 602 ~

Sylva fastened her gaze on Indyra, even as Zeke’s energy tightened around her. ‘You okay, darlin’ mine?’ What did she say, exactly? No, she wasn’t okay, but then again, it wasn’t as if she wasn’t okay. Giving up on her thoughts, Sylva mind-answered, ‘I’m okay. Coon was speaking telepathically to me. At least, I assume it was him. Oh,’ frustration knifed through her, ‘this is all so confusing.’ Indyra eyed her compassionately. ‘Yes, it was Coon, daughter of two Earths.’ Since she didn’t feel like she’d been put on the endangered species list, yet, Sylva asked, ‘What do we do?’

Zeke was darn unhappy about how much his little wife was endurin’. He didn’t much like it for himself, either. Still, the future of their Earth depended on them. That’s the damn-the-devil way it looked. He for certain didn’t want this paradise of a planet destroyed. Nor, did he want it for anyone else’s precious world. ‘What do we do?’ he echoed in the soft-like silence that followed his Sylva’s question. ‘There is a box,’ Indyra began, ‘it is nondescript, metallic in appearance. Retrieve it for us. Our future will be returned to us.’ Zeke balked like a mule at that idea.
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 601 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~ OR! Now available on The Romance Studio Forum, JANUARY 2009 through JUNE 2010 flashes ~ ~ Click on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Fantasy Lair ~

Ever read the Depression era novel, The Grapes of Wrath? This Big Cat did and it left an indelible mark on her soul and on her psyche ~

Here’s a wiki look-see ~

The Grapes of Wrath is a novel published in 1939 and written by John Steinbeck, who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1940 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962. Set during the Great Depression, the novel focuses on a poor family of sharecroppers, the Joads, driven from their Oklahoma home by drought, economic hardship, and changes in the agriculture industry. In a nearly hopeless situation, partly because they were trapped in the Dust Bowl, they set out for California along with thousands of other "Okies" in search of land, jobs and dignity. When preparing to write the novel, Steinbeck wrote: "I want to put a tag of shame on the greedy bastards who are responsible for this [the Great Depression and its effects]."

~ ~

The greedy global bastards are at it again. They want the same results, and much worse. This current bad economy has been engineered, done by design... just the way it was back then. The Depression was not a natural cycle. This ‘depressed’ economy is not a natural cycle.

And, now, Googlie is aiming, maneuvering to be your COMPANY STORE. Don’t know what that is... remember this old country song lyric: “I owe my soul to the company store”? Well, Googlie wants your internet soul.

Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Some people say a man is made outta mud
A poor man's made outta muscle and blood
Muscle and blood and skin and bones
A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin' when the sun didn't shine
I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal
And the straw boss said "Well, a-bless my soul"

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin', it was drizzlin' rain
Fightin' and trouble are my middle name
I was raised in the canebrake by an ol' mama lion
Cain't no-a high-toned woman make me walk the line

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

If you see me comin', better step aside
A lotta men didn't, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don't a-get you
Then the left one will

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store


Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Mind-blowing smooches from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Incredible how colorful those statues really were...I never would have guessed.

Ah, The Grapes of Wrath. I've not yet read the story, but I did see the play, done by The Mixed Blood theater here in Mpls. It was fabulous!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I would never have guessed, either. Wouldn't it be a real trip to take a little time trip back then, and check it all out... as long as we could stay invisible...

I've never seen the play. It would be a dramatic production, that's for certain.