Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flash ~ You Win, I Leave ~ Khyph and Zroz

One ~

Cradling the butt of her phase pistol, Khyph stared at the two golden moons from the space deck of her official quarters as Marshall of Meddiea, an inhabited moon. On this rotation, the two sister moons gleamed as complete orbs, their beauty stunning. The atmosphere of Meddiea had been created, initially, to not only sustain most sentient beings in the galactic region, but to enhance every celestial object that could be viewed. Whipping around, Khyph sighed. Duty called. Duty being the rounds she made at various gambling establishments, where the most trouble occurred, as it did on a regular basis.

Two ~

Khyph was no stranger to trouble, having battled her way through more than her share, during her long days as a renegade. She’d run supplies to the underdog resistance fighters or whoever fought off the tanker-ship advance of the Jorilittes, an android race designed to inhabit, then take over a sector for the Corporate Three, a megalithic organization that thirstily sucked up a world’s treasured resources. Promising prosperity, the victimized world was always left high and dry. Broke. Glancing in the small holo mirror she kept beside the door’s entrance, Khyph paused to secure a loosened strand of her hair.

Three ~

For rounds she bound her long tresses tight to her head with the intention to appear more masculine and business-like. Waving, butt-length hair didn’t inspire cooperation with her authority. It certainly inspired another kind of cooperation, one Khyph hadn’t been interested in for quite awhile. Gamblers, and those who visited the outer-limits entertainment moon, offered some fine unique sex, but it was only a temporary arrangement. Just as she’d altered her life once the Corporate Three had been contained, now a fly-by-space lover no longer held any appeal. Palming the door open, she rapidly strode to her internal cruiser.

Four ~

Hopping aboard the anti-grav floater, she seated herself in the center. After a quick review of her weapons capability, she spun the cruiser, testing its performance level. Satisfied, Khyph sped into the airy labyrinth of corridors leading to every establishment on Meddiea. Following her gut instincts, she sliced toward one of the larger gambling saloons, a fancy affair that had been done up in shades of gold, from dark brown amber to palest icy gold. On her off time, she’d often masquerade as a woman traveler and take advantage of the luxuries the Golden Comet so generously offered its customers.

Five ~

Her spine blazed with warning as Khyph swaggered inside the gold-luminous interior. Her hand at the ready for any trouble or ambush, she halted, braced her legs and swept her gaze past the fabulous gold-gleaming trappings. Narrowing her eyes, she sighted the dangerous situation. A Ubixx male, drunk on his lizard-scale ass, waved a short-barreled blaster and shouted for female company. The problem, the Ubixx were deadly shots when over inebriated, but useless between a woman’s thighs. “Marshall, no reasoning with him.” Bressa, the manager sidled beside Khyph, well-knowing her scent would be familiar enough not to be a threat.

Six ~

Half-stunned, Zroz halted high on the grand golden stairway, smelling the woman who haunted his dreams ever since she’d commandeered his private vessel to use against the Jorilittes. Bolting downward on silent feet, despite the unfolding drama, he landed on the floor, laser knife in hand. Hell’s asteroid, if he had to hogtie the lizard scoundrel, to get to the woman who always gave him every carnal satisfaction in his fantasies... “Dim by two degrees,” he heard her instruct. The Ubixx’s night-seeing eyes glittered in his dream woman’s direction. Immediately, the idiot aimed, his primal instinct engaged. The light lessened.

Seven ~

Already, she stealthily closed in on the Ubixx. Zroz could do nothing but watch her swing her arm into position as fast as he could hurl a knife, and shoot. A single white flash appeared. That easy, she’d targeted the lizard’s rifle. Disarmed, the Ubixx bellowed as two bouncers seized him, one of them shoving a paralyzer against his neck. The danger over, light luminesced the gold-glimmering interior. The music used for the stage shows blared, encouraging the gamblers and the other guests to resume their chosen entertainments. Sliding his knife into his belt sheath, Zroz ambled toward the Marshall.

Eight ~

Dampening his adrenalin, Zroz scanned for a seat at a gaming table close to where she stood. Her tall boot hitched up on a chair, she took reports from those who’d been gambling with the Ubixx. This time he wouldn’t underestimate her. As an adversary, she’d been one of the few to own his ass. Damn! If he didn’t feverishly itch to rip off those garments that hid her beauty, and shaped her to appear masculine. Unclenching his fingers, he slid a chair from an empty table, sitting. Slickly, he shuffled the old-fashioned cards as if he invited a game.

Nine ~

Observing her from the corner of his eye, he wasn’t surprised when she sauntered in his direction, once she’d completed her interviews. Zroz fanned the cards on the table with smooth precision. “In the mood for a game?” he inquired. Hand on her hip, she halted beside him. At an angle that gave her the advantage, she aggressively widened her stance. “Fancy seein’ you here. Going to give me any trouble?” With slow deliberation he gazed at her, square in the eye. “All the trouble you want, Marshall. For as long as you want.” Her exquisite amethyst eyes regarded him.

Ten ~

“Guess I should lock you up. Throw you on the first ship out of here.” Zroz clasped his fingers loosely and eased his frame back. “Care to play for who gets top position first?” One corner of her mouth quirked in a grin. “I’m on duty.” Lazily, he roved his gaze over every inch of her he could see. She didn’t move. His cock straightened toward her. “When you’re off duty, Marshall.” She flicked a glance at his crotch. “You smell like a stud breeder. Won’t be long before willing company shows up.” Zroz leaned forward. “Challenge. You win. I leave.”

TO BE CONTINUED ~ Apologies, this is as far as I've gotten.