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Hey Sunday Romping Big Cats ... love him, or hate him...or whatever your feelings are about PETE SANTILLI... he is INNOCENT of all charges, and is being held hostage as a political prisoner... TECHNICALLY, Ryan Bundy and everyone else who participated in the protest at the wildlife center---to stand up for the injustices done to the HAMMONDS---TO MAKE A STAND FOR ALL OF OUR RIGHTS... WELL, NO ONE IS GUILTY OF A CRIME... THEY ARE NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING ... other than standing up for the constitution of these united states ... other than maybe ***not*** comprehending the sheer corrupt might and force of the dark-side government...which will do anything to stay in power, and crush any opposition to their evil. And hey, the Bundy's, and their supporters, DID NOT BURN DOWN A SINGLE THING...unlike other so-called protesters who might get a mere slap on the wrist... might, that is...

Shocker in Oregon! Pete Santilli Bullhorns the Injustice Center Downtown Portland!
Saturday, August 20, 2016
Lorie Kramer
Before I go any further,  I have to say that I was watching this when it was live and it was a hoot!
Here we have activist journalist, Pete Santilli, incarcerated at MCDC in Portland, Oregon, for months. He has been in one jail or another, in one state or another, since January 27, 2016 when he was arrested. He was going to the state police as he had learned of the assasination of LaVoy Finicum. He went to ask to be allowed to remove women and children from the Malhuer Refuge which was under seige by the FBI.  They arrested him.  He has been denied pre-trial release 4 times.  Monday, August 22, pre-trial hearings begin; jury selection starts on Sept. 7; trial begins Sept. 13.
More and more people have been showing up with signs, flags, bull horns and live streams to support those inside; especially Ryan Bundy recently abused by prison “guards”. He remains in solitary with the evidenciary bullet still in his body. Click on my “More Stories” for additional reports regarding Ryan’s situation.
Luana Elliot, a protestor on the ground outside the jail, paid her $5 to have a video visit with Pete Santilli who is, of course, jailed inside.  She put Pete’s call on the bull horn and Moe live streamed it so Pete Santilli got to participate in a rally for Pete Santilli and the P3s while in jail.  Gotta love technology and independant media, folks. Share, share, share.  You won’t hear this on Oregon Live and OPB. I loved Deb’s post:
Pete Santilli, STILL bringing you the truth… whether you like it or not!
Check it out! Go to Portland and stand with them.  Pete Santilli, NOT GUILTY!  Please share.
See more reports from Portland at the following links:
Also One America Online broadcast an interview with Jeff Banta, one of the remaining four people who stood for We the People and the Constitution at the Malheur Reserve outside of Burns, Oregon in January 2016.
We will be destroying the FALSE narrative completely, that the Federal Government has published about the protest there, and the ASSASSINATION of Lavoy Finicum.”

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