Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hey, Dumbed Down Idjits, Women Do Have Genitals


Most darling kittens... the Kougar has a bur on her hide, a very irritating one ... really, if you're OVER 18, and you don't know women have genitals, a clitoris to be exact... what weirdo planet are you from? Okay, this stems from the fact that Hitlary's righthand gal, Huma-Uma-Humma Abedin---whatever her name is...but the stupid women who is married to Weiner, the sexting pervert---anyway, her Iranian mother runs-ran-wrote for some sort of Islamic publication, which NOT ONLY advocates that horrific-horrible-oppressive SHARIA LAW crap... but also believes in genital mutilation, which is part of Sharia Law ... you know, that beyond-inhumane practice that they do to young teenage girls in Africa [this was EXPOSED on Oprah probably two decades ago]... that is, cutting off their clitoris---thus not only endangering their lives, but denying them pleasurable stimulation as adults... SHOUT-TALK! About the ultimate male creepy *they should be hung by the testicles* chauvinism---"I get to orgasm" but you don't get to have a clitoris, which when stimulated leads to orgasm... yes, there are many ways to orgasm beyond a clitoral orgasm... but, that's beside the point here... all mammals are originally female in the womb... it is ONLY when the hormone, testosterone, is released that the clitoris becomes, develops into the male penis... Men, you wouldn't even be MEN without women and their clitoris, which becomes your penis... think about it, that is if you can think beyond your little head...so, why this rant? Because people actually told Alex Jones that women DO NOT have genitals to cut off... imagine if you dare, lady cats---what would it feel like NOT TO HAVE YOUR CLITORIS??? How traumatized would you be if your clitoris was crudely cut off when you were a young teenager... GOOD LORD, THE PAIN!!! And get this, this Big Cat just heard Ashley, one of the new reporters at infowars, state she just read a news article stating that there are THREE YEAR OLDS  in one of the 'stan' countries close to Russia... three year olds who are being subjected to this nightmare practice of cutting off their genitals... now that's child abuse in the extreme. ~shakes head, and releases claws~

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