Monday, August 1, 2016

Volcano’s Angelic Headline Forecast ~ Monkey-Hyper Madness Tsunamis Across the World

Art by Josephine Wall 

Verses the Mystical AWAKENING of Humankind 

Monkey-Hyper Madness Tsunamis Across the World ... This, As Mountains of Corruption Ooze Out Onto the People With Such Volcanic Force, With Such a Diabolical Stench ... Thus, Many More AWAKEN TO THE TRUTH

Around the world, civil unrest, civil disobedience, massive riots, vigilant actions, will continue to break out, and now accelerate at hyper-speed ... FOR, THE PEOPLE RISE ... This in opposition to the vicious oppression by the One World Corp-Gov Cabal.

More ... as TRUTH BOMBS drop on humanity, *Too Big To Fail* becomes the *Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall*... Now Backlash, Backfire, against the dark-side system, here it comes. Bigtime.

LAND CHANGES: Rain Bombs Terrorize Towns On the East Coast ... Two Major Earthquakes Loom On the Near Horizon ... Dare To Prepare ...  Superstorms Strike Worldwide ... Volcanoes Fill the Atmosphere With Ash ... the Weather Wars WILL BE EXPOSED As More Whistleblowers Come Forth ... And, Here Comes the Sun! Shooting Out Leviathan Coronal Mass Ejections ... Plus, the Firestorm Devastation Continues

Headline: Magnitude 7.7 Earthquake Occurs Off Northern Mariana Islands

Headline: 33 earthquakes in 30 days – the town that won’t stop trembling :THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN town of Norseman has a serious case of the shakes – with a staggering 50 earthquakes hitting the area in the last two months.

Preparing the World For One-World Rule and the Coming ET Alien SuperLords

STRANGER THAN SCIENCE FICTION ... In these Accelerated End Days, the false-prophet pope shows his true evil colors, then welcomes the so-called progenitors of humanity.

When will this happen? The time frame remains uncertain. However, preparations have dramatically quickened.

HUNTING THE DARK-SIDE CORPORATE GLOBALISTS ... HERE IT COMES!!! White Hat Warriors Will Now Eliminate These Key Servants of Evil ... Look For Hidden Alternative News Stories

For, the final purge against the dark-side forces has begun. Over a year's time there will be major changes in how society functions. *If* THE PEOPLE step up and take responsibility, take back their freedom, thus the renaissance-paradise QUICKENS. 

Now the Dark-Side Establishment Blast-Hammers Society Ruthlessly ... Everyone Who Is Not Onboard and Expendable Is Targeted  

AS NEVER BEFORE, the petty in spirit, the shallow minded, the control freaks, the little Napoleon types, the completely incompetent, and the soulless, will be put in charge of the sheeple work slaves, and in charge of the military forces.

However, the Mass AWAKENING of the People To the Current *Machiavellian Orwellian Decaying Dystopia* Will Cause Such a Colossal Backlash Against the System That the Behind-the-Scenes Civil War Between Several Factions Goes Into Serious Hyperdrive

Meanwhile... HEADLINE: UN Ordered Depopulation of 3 Billion People by Food Malnutrition Has Started ~ Posted on August 1, 2016

The Mystical AWAKENING of Humankind Goes Nova 

Amidst the super-idjit craziness breaking loose, despite the scientific evil being wholesale-deployed against THE PEOPLE, the GOLDEN SPIRIT AWARENESS continues to descend upon Mother Earth, pouring down like sun-warmed honey.

Out of this, many more turn to their own Divine Knowing, and act accordingly. Thus, the world will be born anew as we move deeper into the Aquarian Age.

THE TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF Orchestrates the Illegal Immigrant Invasion of America ... Do You Have Your Hijab Ready? Have You Studied Sharia Law?

Headline: Just before election, Obama doubles down on illegal immigrant fly-in program ~ By Dale Wilcox ~ July 29, 2016, 06:10 am

Meanwhile... Worldwide, There Will Be a Dramatic Escalation of Jihadi Terrorist Attacks, Many of Which Will Be Hidden and Presented As Lone-Wolf Attacks, etc.

THE PEOPLE Are NOT HAPPY ... Thus, the RAGE REVOLUTION-EVOLUTION In America Grows By Great Leaps and Bounds During the Next Three Months.

The following chant ruled the streets outside the Democratic National Convention: "HELL NO, DNC, WE WON'T VOTE FOR HILLARY"

This after, Bernie Burns His Supporters At the Stake

And, the *Liar, Liar, Pantsuit On Fire* Steals the Nomination, Using the Culturally Lobotomized, and the One-World Globalist Mob

Also, many now realize there Are NO WINNERS In a Race War, In a Religious War, In a *Clash of Cultures* War ... Or, In *Rich Versus Poor* Class Warfare ... For, the Real Winner Is Humanity Standing Together As a Whole Against the Dark-side Globalists. 

At this time, the Great Horror Plagues, Such As Drug-resistant Tuberculosis, Are Being Constantly Loosed Upon the American People, Especially In Major Population Centers 

Beware and Take Care of Yourself and Others. At this time, your health is all-important.

The CyberVerse Attempts To Consume the Mesmerized, Entertainment-Addicted Sheeple ... and Web Censorship Goes Big Brother

Question: What are all those free apps for iphones really doing when you download them?

***From THE POWER HOUR radio show: "GARY MILIEFSKY, CEO and founder of SnoopWall ... [discusses] the history and the future of cyber security. and*** 

Now, Red Chinese and Saudi Arabia Style Censorship Takes Over Twitter, the Various Google Platforms, Facebook, Fox News, and the *Media* Industrial Complex ... However, Many of the People Rebel and Create Their Own Infowars-type Platforms. Many More of the People Become the Real Media.


Hero and Heroine from WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS 

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