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Wanna Protest? This Ain't the Good Ole Days

The Kougaress adores this dashing, Renn Faire like pic of Adrian Paul as the Highlander.

After midnight meows and yowls, my mighty Aphrodite Kittens... hot, somewhat muggy... yeah, it was temps in the 90s on the tame prairie today... what a brain-scrambled day... plus, the Kougaress had some sort of flu-like stuff today, and she's been taking her natural supplements... very odd, though, given how isolated her location is... the only possible direct contamination would have been the mail... but then, with all the pop-up virus diseases that are cropping up recently... to quote tonight's COAST TO COAST AM blurb, "various disease outbreaks such as Hanta Virus, West Nile, Lassa Fever, and Lyme disease."

So, the Kougaress smells a rat, a really big rat, like the dark-side elite crowd and all the spraying, the chemtrails... oh, and all their warfare biological tests/drills on the population, like in subways.

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar, despite this illness crap hopes to get more good writing done. She's starting Chapter Sixty-Three of her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~


Wanna Protest? This Ain't the Good Ole Days ... Once upon a time, protesting in enormous numbers against the establishment had 'some' manner of positive results. NOT ANYMORE, my darlings. From this Big Cat's vantage point, it's a losing strategy these days... for the most part. Although, to be fair, if a protest gains enough attention, despite the presstitute media's policy of ignoring, and not covering most protest movements, no matter how enormous they are -- still, protesting can generate more effective activism. How far that goes these days... well, not far.

In fact, it's almost like spitting into a Hurricane wind. Why? The so-called establishment no longer cares. THEY have such big guns, so much high-tech weaponry... hey, they have armed spy drones... 'they' have so many moronic control freaks working for them, and depending on them... well, it's just as easy to operate on the policy of 'might makes right', and throw your ass in jail.

Given the private prison system is BIG BUSINESS these days, and WANTS more slave labor so it can undercut and eliminate their competition, or get rid of the regular businesses out there who pay a decent wage... given the Constitution is considered to be a g-ddamn piece of paper by the most of the justice or 'just-us' system... well, yeah, go ahead. You'll be rotting in prison, possibly one more political prisoners among the thousands upon thousands already fraudulently railroaded into prison. And, for what?

That is NOT to say, however, that 'if' you feel called by your deeper spiritual nature to protest. Then, by all means, follow your divine path.

So, what would be *some* 'effective' strategies? Again, this is only from the Kougaress's vantage point, after having been through the sixties/seventies protests.

~PAUSE~ What follows is dangerous-reading curves ahead for some. Proceed with caution.

Note: these suggestions are for your entertainment and your educational purposes only.

Shun the Washington DC politicians and bureaucrats. Pay them no mind. Give them the cold shoulder. Act as if they don't exist anymore. Don't go along with their rules, regulations, codes, policies, etc. -- as much as you can get away with. Don't pay the 'unlawful' fed taxes whenever you can get away with it. Why feed the beast destroying us all? After all, all you're doing is paying traitors and heinous criminals. As much as possible keep them contained in the ten mile square that belongs to them. The rest of the united states of America DOES NOT belong to them by real law. They use their 'fake' law to get away tyrannical rule.

Because, after all why pay taxes for a now ceremonial congress, and an executive branch that has assumed Orwellian control. Why pay a system that screws the people every moment of every day, regardless of the few good people still working for them. A system that also screws the veterans in the most disgusting and inhumane ways.

Really important -- form groups, communities, tribes of like-minded people as many are already doing, as some did with their occupation movement. At this point in time, the corp-gov WILL NOT take care of you, has no intention of taking care of you. Oh, yeah, they might come steal your guns while leaving you helpless and hungry.

In truth, their plan is to continue plundering the people. THEY/FEMA aren't helping the people in New Orleans, many of whom, are desperate for help. So, get creative, and set up ways of trading and bartering, ways to grow food, preserve water, and make energy. Yeah, learn how to live off grid.

Of course, take whatever steps you need to protect yourself, your group, and your loved ones. Smarts, cunning, and weapons are your friend. Think the 'Swamp Fox'. Learn the art of sabotage. The less usable equipment the enemy has, the less they can attack.

Key also! Take over land and territory, as much as possible, as fast as possible. However, this does not mean losing your human compassion, and running over 'the innocent'. Nothing excuses that. It means managing your situation in as beneficial way as possible for ALL. And it means supporting those on the front lines like the alternative-news investigative journalists. It means getting the word out like Paul Revere by shining a light on the massive levels of corruption.

If the Sheriff of your county, or anyone in a prominent position, is an oathkeeper and is standing against the fed occupation of the states -- form well-armed posses, rally around him/her. Take back and protect your county. Encourage others to do the same. Yes, the fed will fight back in horrific ways. Also, the US is already infested with foreign and mercenary troops that will be used against the people. However, the more of us who stand, the better future for ALL.

Remember, you will need ways to stay healthy as well, to keep your immune system strong. Learn alternative healing method, and use them. Make friends with those who know about natural healing methods like using herbs, etc. Include in your group like-minded physicians, if you're able. Currently, the medical system is in a sustained collapse, and the hospitals are veritable killing fields because of all the superbugs, and because Doctors and Big Pharma drugs now murder more people than the top diseases.

Grow a spine. Why are people allowing bully-perverts like the TSA to rule over them? What happened to massive boycotts? The worst of the worst is now in control ... OKAY! Enough. The Kougaress has already far exceeded what she meant to say.

Bottom line: Battling the beast in its lair with protests won't work. In the end you're just a tasty snack. Trying to change the beast's corrupt-criminal stripes with elections and participating in the system *won't work*. Not anymore. THEY OWN EVERYTHING, including the voting machines. Shunning the beast, not feeding it, taking control of your life, protecting yourself from this 'big brother' behemoth -- this weakens its cruel insatiable appetite.


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Powerful 7.6 magnitude quake hits Costa Rica, at least two dead Reuters - 7 mins ago

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (Reuters) - A powerful earthquake rocked Costa Rica on Wednesday, killing at least two people, sparking landslides, knocking down buildings, and …

NOTE: This is a quote from Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast ~

"On the land changes front, at this point in time, this has become fluid, not set in stone, because of changing timelines and the rising AWARENESS of humanity. However, like last week, the earthquakes will continue, especially in the southern hemisphere. Devastating earthquakes 'could' also happen in the northern hemisphere during the next month.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of September ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

After midnight meows and kisses from the Kougar...

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