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Social Engineers Are Your Friends... yeah, yowling-right...

Full Moon Rising in Aries yowls, howls, and growls, my most excellent and enchanting Felines... another lovely day on the tame prairie, and the Kougaress's rosebush has revived from the drought with a few new buds... smiles!

The full moon is bright blazing white in the night sky... yeah, come on, what is the truth about the moon? Others have noticed the same differences this Big Cat has... that shouted from the blog rooftops, a full moon in Aries often means a fire in the belly to get things accomplished, and fast.

Another uber quick week ahead... and likely this will become a historic week.


Authoress news and mews ~

Yes, the Kougar is penning on Chapter Sixty-seven of her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~


A Place Called Home
by Solara

Octavia dropped to her knees.  Angel’s head almost hit the floor.  Luckily, Spirit Bear’s new apprentice first solo spell came out right.  A plump pillow appeared beneath Angel’s head as it crashed past Octavia’s out stretched arms.

“Thank you Mickey.”  Octavia shuddered as images rushed through her again of Angel’s poor fate if Mickey hadn’t acted.  Cradling Angel to her, Octavia sat on the floor.

“Tavia,” Mickey whispered, her own astonishment clearly written upon her face.  “I’m not sure what I did right.  I’m glad it worked the way I pictured it.”


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Survive this Week's Chaos ~ A full Moon rises in Aries

Are you feeling trapped? Does part of you feel stuck in a rut? If your answer is no, then consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world right now, because for most of us, the answer is yes. Just about everyone is feeling the strain of Uranus and Pluto these days, and on September 29, the Libra Sun sends a burst of energy to both planets, an event that will stretch many of us to our breaking points.

Tempting as it may be to simply get frustrated with the situation, the smartest solution -- albeit not an easy one -- is to take a realistic look at what's holding you back, then figure out a way to break free. This can be an extremely challenging process, and sometimes you may feel as if you're causing yourself undue agony, but Uranus and Pluto are making you endure these hard times so you can emerge stronger and on a more fulfilling path. Tough love, indeed -- no pain, no gain!

On that same day, September 29, a full Moon rises in Aries opposite the Libra Sun. The Aries Moon will do everything it can to get you to act now, while the Libra Sun will persuade you to consider every possibility before making any moves. Your task will be to blend the courage of Aries with Libra's wisdom -- and hopefully land somewhere in the middle. Act intelligently ... just be sure to do so as quickly as possible!


PARANORMAL WRITERS/LOVERS ~ Here's another excellent COAST TO COAST AM show with Linda Moulton Howe!

Mysterious Pyramid, Puzzling DNA, & Angelic Light

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Date: 09-27-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, John Hafernik

Investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, discussed another report of an underground pyramid near Mount McKinley, Alaska, new DNA research on the blood of three modern African groups, a cancer link to GMO corn, and encounters with 'angelic light.'

In her first segment, she spoke with Bruce Pearson, the son of a WWII Navy PT boat fighter, who said in the spring of 1978, his father flew with a USAF Huey helicopter crew from Unalakleet east two hours to an underground pyramid site in Alaska. His father was allegedly told by the helicopter pilot: "This is as super secret a situation as the Manhattan Project was. Nobody is supposed to know this place even exists. This thing is some kind of power generator and it's thousands of years old, it's made out of stone like a pyramid. They don’t know where it came from, who made it or how it works. But it can generate enough power to power the whole North Slope, all of Alaska, and probably the whole country of Canada!" For more, on the mysterious pyramid in Alaska, see a recap of Linda's earlier report.

A new genome study of three African populations has found foreign DNA than doesn't resemble DNA from any modern humans or even Neanderthal DNA. Linda interviewed Prof. Joshua Akey from the University of Washington about the DNA that came from an unknown group. Though the DNA is "foreign," Akey said there was no evidence that it could be the result of ETs manipulating human DNA. More here.

A new medical study examined the long-term effects of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide and Roundup-resistant GMO corn and has found that rats exposed to even the smallest amounts of Roundup, developed mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage as early as four months in males and seven months for females, Linda reported. She spoke with Stacy Malkan, a GMO specialist who is working for the passage of Proposition 37 in California, which would make it mandatory to label genetically engineered fish, crops and foods, and to clearly separate them in supermarkets and grocery stores from foods that are not genetically engineered. More.

In her last report, Linda shared her interview with "Shane Elam," a real estate company employee who experienced a blue and white 'angelic' light entering his home two years ago. He lost about two hours of time and has been haunted by the "warm silk" feel of the light surrounding him and vivid dreams afterward that are increasing, which seem to relate to Ezekiel's rings within rings. He has a growing nervousness that a global event is imminent that will shock the whole human family. Click here for more, including sketches.

Zombie Bee Problem

First hour guest, Biology professor John Hafernik talked about his team's original discovery of zombie bees, in which the Zombie Fly (Apocephalus borealis) parasitizes and kills honey bees. The female Zombie fly lays eggs inside the bee, and as the eggs hatch into larvae and begin feeding on the live bee, the bee eventually becomes disoriented and flies away form its hive during the night, and later dies. Hafernik has organized the ZomBee Watch, a citizen science project to track the honey bee parasite.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Peter Davenport



    Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume 1
    Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume 2
    Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles
    An Alien Harvest


Social Engineers Are Your Friends... yeah, yowling-right... this Big Cat has never been a fan of even the idea of social engineering. Sorry, but left to our devices, the human race would be far better able to create a world of benefit to All. Sure, there'd be the usual nasties out to get everyone. And the greedies who want to take advantage of everyone. However, the Kougaress contends overall the world would be a much better, and happier place.

Of course, with social engineers who despise humanity running things... well, then we have what is happening currently. A world that works for no one but them.

Socially Engineering Humanity Under the Planned Society

Globalists Want Chinese-Style Control for Americans Under Agenda 21

Aaron Dykes
September 28, 2012

While major metropolitan cities including San Francisco, New York and Boston are rolling out tiny micro-apartments, local and rural areas are working across the United States heartland to implement Agenda 21 containment policies by stealth.

Under H.U.D. grants driven by President Obama’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities, regional governments are implementing “smart growth” and “sustainable” policies to force the population into concentrated development patterns that favor insider profits and “green”-branded solutions. It is a “planned-opolis” vision for the future where the State is God and the individual is subservient to the “greater good.”

Whether or not such measures are preferable or favored by a majority is irrelevant to the fact that the public has not been properly informed nor has it been asked about this drastic shift in policies concerning property rights and lifestyle. Instead, a slow and sustained kettling has been underway to corral the population into a total control grid, circumventing the common practices of law while eroding at the natural rights recognized under the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, and other key documents. If the tyranny is not recognizable by its tip-toeing silence, then it is surely marked by its deceptive aims.

The already evident abuses of world government bodies (under various names and sub-organizations) is masked by declarations of respect for the environment, for human rights, and other lofty ideals. In reality, however, there are ruthless control freaks manipulating the terms of our enslavement. Real life measures for carbon tax schemes, energy austerity, food management, species & habitat management, re-wilding (land seizure) takeovers and more have been vehicles for eugenicist-banker led agendas– indeed ambitious components of Agenda 21 that are changing the rules of the game to the eternal detriment of freedom.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 am... 3:33 am... 8:44 pm... 11:44 pm... CONTACT, it's happening...



Gee, and gosh, so this Big Cat bets one of her 'dying dollars' that this good discovery won't get to the people anytime soon.

“Scientists at the Tokyo University of Science have developed a way to create sugar batteries that store 20% more energy than lithium-ion cells. Before it can be used as the anode in a sodium-ion battery, sucrose powder is turned into hard carbon powder by heating it to up to 1,500 degrees celsius in an oxygen-free oven.”

Ms. Posel makes an excellent case in her article. So, if true, or partly true, what does the corp-gov establishment get out of this deception, these lies... more tyranny-censorship over the internet? A war in the Mideast? Hey, the bankster gangster vampires get to SUCK more of your blood as in your hard-earned money out of you... yeah, great, since so many of us are about sucked dry, if not already nearing critical.

Mega-Bank’s Plan to Steal Your Money and Blame Fake Muslim Cyber Attack

Susanne Posel Sep 27th, 2012
Occupy Corporatism
September 27, 2012

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Storm Toll Mounts In Southern Spain
Residents of southern Spain are trying to clean up after torrential rains broke a drought and killed at least eight people. A storm front also toppled a ferris wheel, injuring 35 fun fair workers.
Sep 29, 2012

Typhoon Jelawat Roars Over Japan's Island Of Okinawa
Typhoon Jelawat roared over the Japanese island of Okinawa on Saturday, weather agencies said, the latest to hit the region in recent weeks.
Sep 29, 2012  


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of September ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times... 

Full Moon Rising in Aries kisses from the Kougar...

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