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Kittens, Keep Your Old Tech!

Harrison Ford as Han Solo... ah, Stars Wars, the story is coming to pass now... and thank the Divine, for the renegades!

Late night yowls, my adorably frisky Felines... a lovely mild-weather day on the tame prairie, especially the evening temps... so, another cosmic joke played on the Kougaress, but one that hopefully doesn't have any consequences... but, who knows these days... could be THEY now mandate answering any and every survey sent to you... anyhoo and mew, the Kougaress received a notice she would be receiving a Nielson TV rating survey... oh whoopitedoo wow-wee who the freakin' hell cares?! ... however, the irony is, she doesn't watch TV, not for several years now... nothing, nada... because when the stupid changeover in frequency happened courtesy of the stupid, spy-on-everyone gov, the TVs no longer worked despite purchasing one that was supposed to work... the Kougaress did want it for weather info... but, not to mention, most of TV is pure crap, any way... and not to mention, it's mind-control programming in the first place... plus, hey, this Big Cat is NOT cutting down her trees just for a satellite dish... and did you know the Nielson ratings are cooked anyway? Yeah, why participate in a fraud that's been going on for a very long time now?

So, how was your day, my darlings?


Authoress news and mews ~

Okay then, for her Tuesday post at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS the Kougar is planning to write the next chapter of her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ She so hopes this works. ~claws crossed~


50 Shades of Gray Wolf
by Pat Cunningham

Evie squealed when she was dumped onto her stomach on the bed. The noise earned her a sharp slap on her naked bottom.

“What did I tell you?” her captor warned in a rough growl next to her ear. “Not a sound out of you, or your punishment will last even longer. Understand?”

She nodded. Biting her lower lip, she held her silence while he bound her arms over her head with the leather leashes from the pet store.


AUTHORS ~ yes, the Kougar sent one of her covers, so we'll see...?

New Monthly Cover Contest at Sizzling Hot Books



Kittens, Keep Your Old Tech! When the Kougaress reached young adulthood, she became aware of the possible consequences of not keeping older versions of technology... heck, right now, she wishes she had an older, pre-electronic car... yep, she's always wondered why the heck people are so careless about tossing away their older tech devices... for example, an old pre-electric typewriter, might be a great thing to have in case the electrical grid goes down.... an electric typewriter might be great, especially if you have backup power systems like solar... that is, if computers were fried by a CME, and the very tenuous internet was wiped out by gawd-knows-what kind of attack.

Now that Apple can turn off your iphone camera at will, and has already done so in a few situations... hey, a regular ole 35mm camera might be a good thing to keep around... of course, getting more film might be a problem... then again, people have always been amazingly resourceful when push comes to shove.

Or, like this simple example: if you're used to using an electric can opener... well, a few good old-fashioned can openers might prove to be a good thing. But, you get the drift... so, a word of caution: DON'T THROW OUT YOUR OLD TECH DEVICES.


Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #210

The time has come for the people of Mother Earth to go TRIBAL in its most 'positive' expression. It is time to reclaim and nurture the LANDS, to become farmers and ranchers in the old tradition of living close to nature -- in the old tradition of being there for your neighbors.

This does 'not' mean giving up the 'good' uses of current technology, or rejecting the cities that remain workable. It does mean forming bands, tribes, communities of like-minded individuals who will care for and protect each other.

For, the sacred time has come to throw off the yoke of the corp-gov system in wise ways. To fail means the overall debt-enslavement of 'the people'. To quote from the Declaration of Independence: "... and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

On the AWAKENING front, once again, this week has a dual DRAGON nature. The Divine Dragon of GOOD empowers us with a new golden blazing power, while the angelic realm battles the dark tendrils of evil infesting everyone and everything on the planet.

This, while the Dragon serving the dark-side cabal feeds his power to the demonic energies. For the next two weeks, there will be an overwhelming onslaught of worldwide events meant to frighten the people into compliance and servitude.

On the personal front, this remains a key time to 'see and know' what the world COULD become, and to make choices that will directly influence your future, and ultimately the future of everyone. Do you choose the Aquarian Age path to paradise on Earth? Or, a new dark ages ruled by robotic terror armies?

As well, this is a fabulous week to grab a new opportunity, whether on the business/career side, or on the personal side. Relationships shine this week, and you will discover at a deeper level who truly loves you, and who truly cares about you. Also, a new individual may make an appearance in your life. Start out slow, but know this relationship 'could' be a 'keeper'.

On the economic front, absolute craziness reigns. This will be especially visible in the stock markets. As bank runs continue, and escalate across the globe, more cyber currency will be generated -- as in the bankster gangsters simply computer-add more zeroes to their online balances. At this point, it's all fraud and lies, regardless of what is reported by the presstitute media's experts.

At this time, the enormous gold heists begin. While this has already been happening, it will now be nation against nation, big bank against big bank, elite faction against cabal faction, and black ops' against other covert groups. Possessing gold means power because of its uses, most of which have been kept secret from the public.

On the war front, this week 'maniacal stupidity' is the name of this horrific game. Again, the drive to trigger a world war scenario continues, but is being challenged by the White Hat super soldiers, as well as off-world groups called the Beneficent Ones.

There will be 'revelations' around some of the false flag events that are occurring almost daily in the Mideast. However, the brain-drain media will spin and do their coverup thing -- per usual in these times.

On a further note of extreme importance: with another anniversary of nine-eleven coming up this week -- at the moment of this writing -- there is a 'possibility' that nefarious groups will capitalize with another type of diabolical strike -- or with a mass-scale pandemic scare. *IF* this does occur, it will be used as an excuse to bring in a full-fledged, jackboot fascist state. Stay tuned.

On the truth front, on all fronts, TRUTH will be storming the establishment's castle. This is because there has been another tipping point in the general population. The desire for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is growing at a rapid rate. Thus, weapons of truth now battle the darkness of lies, and will bash through the castle doors.

On the paranormal front, the gathering is upon us. Many otherworld races now arrive to watch the colossal 2012 show on Earth. For some it's like a university field trip. For some it's pure curiosity. And, for some it is about assisting us through this transition -- this end-of-an-age transformation.

THE GATHERING is also about CONTACT -- more contact with humanity than has been previously allowed by the galactic powers that be.

On the home front, the great divide in the population of Earth goes hyper-speed. Those individuals who have been domesticated by the system will slip deeper into their hypnotic, zombie-like stupor. Whereas, those who are actively resisting the takeover by the bankster gangsters will now experience a higher level of ALIVENESS, and 'loose' their wild side.

On the food front, currently the nation of Hungary has kicked out Monsanto and the IMF [International Monetary Fund]. Even though, reprisals will likely be carried out by the new world order crowd, many nations will eventually follow suit. For, a worldwide revolt is developing, and could become a major movement against the soulless ones.

Also, as has been suggested before, purchase and store all the good food and water you can manage. It will be invaluable in the future. Realize, too, that true organic foods are far superior, and the corp-gov is desperate to make 'the people' believe otherwise.

On the land changes front, 'here the comes the sun' as the song lyric goes. At this time, activity on the sun increases due to the cosmic events taking place in the solar system. These 'events' are being covered up by the corp-gov agencies, for the most part.

Because of the ultra-active sun, weather patterns will alter fast, and become wildly changeable toward the end of the year, 2012. Lightning strikes will also be closer to the ground on average. Earthquake and volcanic activity will keep ramping up, and new lands form. Mother Earth is getting a new look, and a more temperate climate.

On the energy front, the global cartel stanglehold on energy, which originally set up the dark-age oil economy of today -- will 'likely' begin to fall in a grandiose way over the next few months. Out of this, more inventors come out of the closet with their power devices. In the long scheme of things, those who patent their technology will not do as well as those who don't.

On the really bad news front, the bio-warfare that is being used against the people, against animals, and against the land, is now being stepped up by the minions of the soulless ones.

Meanwhile, the corp-gov is purchasing at least TEN times the amount of ammo as in any previous year. And, THEY want you to believe it is not to be used against the people. Let it be known, this strategy will backfire bigtime, and in ways never imagined.

On the good news front, this week a new day dawns for many of us, as we awaken from an evil-induced slumber. The time arrives for us to experience life as a passion. For, the new human is the art of being.

On the freedom front, as more people free themselves of the TV mind-control matrix, they will begin to live their lives in a new and vital way. This does not mean, necessarily, that all TV viewing should be stopped. That is a personal choice. What is ultimately important, is to realize TV programming has been, and is, being used to diabolically program 'the people'. Simply knowing this at a deep level brings about true freedom.

Trendwise, 'genetics' becomes a major TREND at this time. During the upcoming months, there will be all manner of revelations around so-called 'scientific discoveries' about genetics. However, these articles and news stories will be deceptive because these are 'old' discoveries, and already the province of the mad scientist types.

On both the dark side and the enlightened side, the rise of 'genetics' is now the holy grail. This will become obvious in the near future.

This week, once again, music comes to the rescue. Listen to your favorite music, and pay particular attention to any music you happen to hear as you go about your life. The Divine is speaking to you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Just seeing a photo of one of the VP candidates was enough to make this Big Cat feel like she'd stumbled into a vat of sewage. She sure wanted a shower afterwards. Who can stand these 'whatever they are?' candidates?



Wild weather brings flooding to Southern Calif. AP - 4 hours ago

Monsoonal moisture and warm temperatures were expected to bring more thunderstorms to the desert and mountain areas of Southern California on Monday after a round of …


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a magickal month of September ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Adorably frisky Feline kisses from the Kougar...

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