Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moonrise, Peach-Golden Spectacular

Nice cowboy-welcoming smile...

Sunday into Monday meowser-wowsers, my 'dancing through the milky way' Star Cats... chillier on the tame prairie, but still seasonably warm... at this point, the Kougaress is a fan of global warming [said tongue-in-kitty-cheek]... she won't be a fan of any climate change once the cold weather hits hard.

Moonrise, Peach-Golden Spectacular... as the almost full moon rose in the east next to the barn this evening, she was ultra-bright and an amazing peach-golden color. No, the Kougaress has 'never' seen the moon this blazing brilliant in her heavenly bower. She's never seen the sun as blindingly bright as it is nowadays. And, as was mentioned last night on Coast to Coast am, the sun is much hotter on your skin too. Yep, agreed.

Authoress news and mews ~

Promo, always promo. Inspiration struck so the Kougar went with it today, until she wrote Volcano's Angelic Forecast. Last night, though, she did get some good penning done. Yay yowls!

From the Kougar’s Writing Den ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

The first 'not sexy' six sentences written from Chapter Thirteen:

Chapter Thirteen ~

Even as exhaustion seeped inside her limbs, Sherilyn thanked whatever lucky stars she had. Her precious Cloud had accepted her, and gone into his stall. Her other horses, her very heart, were safe and sound for right now.

Backing away as Roy finished shutting the stall door, she wondered that her rubbery-feeling legs still supported her. Not wanting her horses to see her fall helplessly to the ground, Sherilyn summoned every ounce of her remaining strength, and pivoted toward the exit.

Still carrying the plate of Christmas cookies, Zance rushed toward her, Dontoya right beside him.

Big Cat Commentary ~ There's this *oh let's all use our eyes instead of a computer mouse* on the tech horizon. Well, no. NO THANK YOU! The Kougar has absolutely no yen to re-train her eyes so they act like a cursor, pointer, or whatever. For one thing, she moves her gaze all over, and away from the screen simply to keep her eyes in good seeing shape. Plus, she's always actively used her eyesight, gazing around often at a variety of pictures, etc. in a room She does this outside as well, looking at the landscape, the skyscape, studying nature.

Thus, using her eyes to stare at the monitor/screen in a certain and consistent way would likely lessen their health. Also, ya know, this Big Cat wants to keep her hands, her fingers active. She has absolutely no desire to turn into an armless, legless blob that depends on tech to function.

Now, the Kougar is not against this technology per se. She is against being forced to use it at some point down the road. So, what happened to REAL CHOICE?

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

1:11 am... 2:12 am... 2:22 am... 3:33 am... 4:44 pm... 8:44 pm... 10:10 pm... Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a happy and magickal New Year ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Dancing through the milky way kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Ugh & interesting at the same time on the eyes as a cursor thing. I can see some incredible uses for that kind of technology for people who can not for one reason, or another, use a mouse. For myself, it probably wouldn't work well.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, that's the thing. Nothing wrong with that as an OPTIONAL technology. However, it's being touted as a way to make everyone use the biometrics of their eyes and face for a sign in... Plus, no, I don't want to use/train my eyes that way. And I want to keep my whole body as active as possible.