Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blue Water Dragon found...

Saturday into Sunday yowls, my supernaturally sweet Kittens... still cold and overcast on the tame prairie... wow, are there a lot of good pics of blue water dragons... and not all of them related to the Chinese Year of the Dragon, 2012... ever since seeing a drawing/painting of a dragon as a youngster this Big Cat has loved dragons, and the mere idea of dragons... although, horses were always number one, thus, the first focus.

Yesterday on the nighttime radio show, Coast to Coast AM, there was a fascinating guest on the topic of dragons. Here's the blurb:


In the first hour, George welcomed Templar Knight and historian Mark Pinkham ~ ~ for a discussion on dragons. A self-described descendant of the European Dragon Families, Pinkham revealed that those from such lineages are descended from some legendary dragon of the past and possess the ability to rule. A dragon is actually energy, he explained, noting how energy travels as a spiral in the form of a serpent. According to Pinkham, dragons are still here and certain people, like himself, the legendary sorcerer Merlin, and Native American Shamans, who have a karmic connection to them, can see these dragons in other dimensions. As Monday begins the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Pinkham commented that dragons show up at the end of every cycle. They are the guardians of wisdom and show the way to transformation, he noted. Pinkham also briefly spoke about the Knights Templar and how the true grail was the power of the dragon made manifest within the knights themselves, to help them attain Gnostic awareness.

Blue Water Dragon found...

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is getting some good penning done on her WIP ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Yahoooo!

Also, she found Dragon leader, Xanuvvi, who is a Blue Water Dragon, and is a secondary character in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS... his part in the story. Looks like Xanuvvi will be making a trip to Talbot's Peak, Montana for this Big Cat's Tuesday flash scene at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS.

The Kougar is also due to post a new flash for the *resurrected* NeverEnding story at Romantic Synonymous on Tuesday. Check out Judah Raine's first flash-scene post. Link below.


Change Is Coming
by Solara

“Once a upon a day, my life worked and then—“ Nisha Griswald threw her diary and pen at the smug poster of some popular teenage star staring at her from her co-worker’s cubicle wall.

Suzy, her cube mate, had it all. Long blonde hair that didn’t frizz when it rained. Straight teeth and limbs that didn’t need shaving every full moon. And her blue eyes- - -damn, she had even a job dating famous stars and singers. Suzy was in Hollywood for two weeks of spotlights and endless hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

And Nisha . . “Well I’m stuck here in Talbot’s Peak minding the press of this lackluster gossipless freebie newspaper.” Nisha rolled her eyes as the office door of Your Local News Press opened.

Featured at Romantic Synonymous ~

The end of the beginning...
by Judah Raine

...or the beginning of the end?

"They won't come"
"They will. They must."
And so it began, the for-almost-forever ritual - the mother disclaiming, the daughter affirming, a habit so long-ingrained that neither even looked at the other as they slid into the familiar pattern.
"They won't."
For once Alexis did look at her mother. It was an instinctive thing. Her gaze wrenched from its study of the long that twisted out of sight beyond the trees and settled on Kallyn's seemingly quiet and composed folding of the laundry. She seemed wholly herself, and yet...
Did I imagine it? Just for a moment she sounded... anxious?... hopeful?... relieved?
Finding no physical evidence to confirm the odd inner resonance, Alexis turned once more to the window. Suddenly impatient, she thrust it wide, catching her breath as the cold blast of air caught her unawares.


Reading Changes Your Brain
Friday, January 20, 2012

When psychologists used brain scans to see what happens inside our heads when we read, they found that "readers mentally simulate each new situation encountered in a narrative." The brain weaves these situations together with experiences from its own life to carve out new neural pathways.

Studies have found that people who lose themselves in a book, especially a work of fiction, become more empathetic, more attuned to the feelings of others.

In the Guardian, Gail Rebuck writes that "recent scientific research has also found a dramatic fall in empathy among teenagers in advanced western cultures. We can't yet be sure why this is happening, but the best hypothesis is that it is the result of their immersion in the internet and the quickfire virtual world it offers. So technology reveals that our brains are being changed by technology, and then offers a potential solution--the book.

"The research shows that if we stop reading, we will be different people: less intricate, less empathetic, less interesting. There can hardly be a better reason for fighting to protect the future of the book.

From ~

Stop-and-Go Action!

Over the next couple days, the planets won't be able to decide if they want you to stay put or move forward! You'll experience energetic bursts of momentum, only to find yourself suddenly skidding to a halt. Indeed, if there were ever a time to be prepared for any type of pace, this is it!

The herky-jerky action begins when the Aquarius Sun partners with Jupiter and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) on January 22. Uranus's energies will be amplified, so if you've got a crazy plan you've been waiting for the courage to try, this is your day to go for it! Just be sure to watch out for Jupiter: You'll feel so confident, you may forget that you actually have to do something if you want positive results.

Things may feel sluggish on January 23, but you can expect plenty of activity to brew beneath the surface. With the new Moon in Aquarius, the seeds you plant now could lead to new friendships in the near future. Meanwhile, Mercury and Mars also get together on January 23, encouraging you to speak your mind and get things off your chest. After all, only when you clear the air can you successfully move forward!

Then, on January 24, things really grind to a halt once Mars goes retrograde. The planet of action does not like to move backwards, so the first few days of its 81-day retrograde period could bring irritability and accidents. Once Mars grows comfortable with its reverse motion, however, you'll be able to fine-tune your plans. Then, when Mars turns direct on April 14, you'll be ready to take off!

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 am... 2:22 am... 3:33 am... 8:44 pm... the dragons are here and writhing...

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a happy and magickal New Year ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Supernaturally sweet kisses from the Kougar...

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