Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowmageddon... Yasi, the cyclone... Egypt Apocalypse

Late night meows, my snuggly wuggly Big Cats... this Big Cat hopes all is warm and cozy for you... yep, the Kougaress had to do a bit of digging out since the drifted snow was over two feet... the digging out was okay... but, unfortunately, the day went downhill from there... mostly from lack of sleep that triggered certain health stuff... however, it seems like all is better now... praise the Divine. Oh, darling KitKats, this Big Cat loves you!

Snowmageddon... Yasi, the cyclone... Egypt Apocalypse ~ Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, those are just two of the new words the Kougaress has heard describing the snow-bear monster storm that took over our beloved country... not only are more such weather storms, of all kinds, on the horizon, these superstorms are a reflection of what is occurring here, and planet-wide... so, please, prepare on all fronts... your day-to-day life, stock up for the future as in ‘hoard’, and take care of yourself emotionally and spiritually... remember, a community of like-minded folks is the best ally for you and your loved ones.

Yasi, the horrendous ‘superstorm’ cyclone in Queensland, Australia... and ALL the raging floods, the storms that are occurring constantly... we’re in the midst of it... what is it? Some call it the endtimes... this is the time when TRUTH triumphs over the dark lies used to keep humanity down, and unaware of who we really are... did you know UFO sightings are happening at an amazing rate now... all different kinds, types... ones that have been seen many times before now and throughout history, and ones that have not. No, we are not alone... regardless of what each individual UFO is, or is not. This addle-brained crap about it would take ages to travel from another planet... yeah, right... dimensional travel, for example, is all too easy... just for one example... and, of course, there are all the shadow gov crafts, the ones that DON’T use petroleum for fuel, all the ones that DO NOT use rocket propulsion.

Kiddo Kittens, for a REAL look at what happened in Egypt, and is happening, or the current state of the world-wide Apocalypse... instead of the TV news white-washed crappola... click on over to UNKNOWN COUNTRY and listen to William Henry’s Revelation radio show. William was over in Egypt at the inception of the revolution and had one devil of a time getting himself and his group out of Egypt, with NO HELP from the American Embassy. Gee, big effing surprise.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

2:12 am... 2:22 am... 3:33 am... 5:55 am... 4:44 pm... 11:11 pm... 12:12 am.. SUPERSTORMS!!! Armageddon... Apocalypse... now is the time. The time for real freedom.

Authoress news and mews ~


Monster Storm Bears!
by Rebecca Murray

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday fix of Shapeshifter Seductions! Rebecca here with a funny typo and a bit of flash fiction. Look really close at that picture, my friends. Apparently this round of blizzards is being accompanied by monster storm bears! Mark Stevenson at, the guy who is responsible for all the weird news stories on that sight, posted this on his Face Book page. The writer in me took one look at that and away went my imagination!
Featured at Lindsay Townsend’s THE PINK BLOG ~

My 2009 NaNoWriMo Project is now released - The Count's Lair
by Stephanie Burkhart

"The Count's Lair" just released yesterday with Desert Breeze Publishing. It's a "sophisticated" paranormal romance set in Budapest, Hungary during Christmas time in 1901. I had never participated NaNoWriMo before 2009, so the novel was my first project. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal? Write a 50,000 word novel in 1 month. A challenge for sure, but definitely a motivator for me.

Erotic Novella Release: Room 11
By Dawne Prochilo

My newest erotic romance short story Room 11 is being released today- it's been 18 months since I had a release so this novella really inspired me to get back to writing. It seemed like life got in the way most days of writing. Since Room 11 was accepted, and now published, I've had two more books accepted and I'm anxiously awaiting their releases in March and May.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011
It's Groundhog Day
by Kayelle Allen

Did you see your shadow this morning when you rose from bed? No? Let's hope the local groundhog didn't either or it'll be six more weeks of winter. Brrr... I shiver just thinking about it.

WATER ~ Interesting Info

When Water is Weird
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When water is too "weird" to drink, you can clean it up with OYSTERS (just don't eat the oysters). We've used bacteria to clean up waterways in the past (even major oil spills, like BP--NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this special report), so why not bivalves?

Chronic water quality problems caused by agricultural and urban runoff, municipal wastewater, and atmospheric deposition from the burning of fossil fuels leads to harmful algal blooms--and algae is what oysters like to EAT. Researchers found that a farmed oyster to can remove over 2 times the algae of a regular oyster.

Researchers are discovering new things about this familiar liquid. First, they discovered that salt water burns if zapped with the right radio frequency, meaning we may eventually be able to run cars on water. Researchers also discovered that you can make water stay frozen at warm temperatures if you coat it with a special diamond mixture. It has also recently been discovered that water in two separate containers will rise up and join together, forming a "water bridge," when exposed to a high-voltage electric field. No one has figured out any practical uses for these new discoveries yet, but doubtless they will in the future--especially in medicine (since our bodies are primarily made up of water).

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 765 ~

Sylva curled the sole of her foot against her cowboy’s handsome-feeling foot. “So, Joe got some of the good stuff.” Zeke nodded lazily. “He surely did, darlin’. And, ole Joe savored every last drop. Course, he tossed most of it into his mouth, and let it burn real good. But, that last swallow, he chewed on for awhile. Since he’d already paid for his ale, Joe figured he’d find out what Barth would do if he simply got up and sauntered out Pinkerton style. Rising slowly, he grabbed his hat up, and then pointed to his day’s growth of beard.”

Zeke gradually stroked his toes down the length of his Sylva’s dainty foot. He figured one of these days soon, he was gonna kiss all over her feet, driving her loco with passion. “Hmmm... good move, handsome. My foot is hankering for more.” Her little imitation of his lingo teased his loins. “But,” she continued, “why did Joe think his beard would make the cut, so to speak?” Zeke grinned. “Make the cut. Sounds good. Though, I ain’t heard that expression here before.” His woman sweetly tormented his foot with hers. “It means you made the team. Made the grade.”
The Kougar’s prior flashes are also available at the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~ Or, The Romance Studio Forum, JANUARY 2009 through JUNE 2010 flashes ~ ~ Click on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Fantasy Lair ~

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


May you live the dreams of your heart...

Apocalypse kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Oh my, those sound like monster drifts to have to deal with. I'm glad you were able to get everything taken care of, but bummer that it kicked up some health issues. :(

Absolutely praise the Divine that you're feeling better! ((hugs))

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, HUGS to you, too! Yep, the path got made and now has lots of yellow decorating. Fortunately, even though the drifts are high, there are passage lanes for the wild critters. I see their tracks.

I'm hoping melting will occur since the long drive is impassable. Though, we're all fine with enough of everything.
*knock on wood*

Stay warm and safe.