Friday, February 18, 2011

Bright Sky at Sundown

Cowboy retro cool, meows!

Friday into Saturday yowza yowls, my dance-spin and spectacular KitKats... wowser, the Kougaress has never ever seen the sun this bright... even a glimpse is too much... a whole
portion of the afternoon sky was just a huge white circular blaze of light... so what is happening with Mr. Sol?

Bright Sky at Sundown... also, some bloggies back, this Big Cat talked about the gorgeous sapphire sky above the sunset... that’s happened again... then, yesterday, as sundown the sky was so bright it looked like afternoon rather than closing in on twilight... there was absolutely no appearance of dusk, or any dusky look to the sky... there’s been recent discussion about a brown dwarf companion star to the sun... and some astronomy murmurings about another major object, or objects, out there... then, the Kougaress heard another lady call in and talk about seeing the bright sunset sky... it was her opinion that there must be another light source in the heavens... like the brown dwarf star. THERE IS SOMETHING out there that is an additional major light source. There has to be. The sundown sky simply couldn’t remain bright as afternoon without it. Oh, and like the gov would let the people know... and NASA is nothing but a black-ops front organization pretending to be good... NASA is not for the people, doesn’t care about the people, but takes the people’s tax money.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 am... 1:11 am... 2:12 am... 2:22 am... 2:22 pm... 3:33 pm... 11:11 pm... From Yahoo News ~ Temperature swings 100 degrees in one week in Okla. town by Liz Godwin

Residents in the Northern Oklahoma town of Nowata experienced a stunning 100-degree shift in the weather this week after a cold front brought temperatures down to a record-setting -31 degrees.

Today, it's a balmy 72 degrees in Nowata. Yesterday, it reached 79 degrees.

"Isn't it crazy? I love it," Nowata resident Julie Koupe told local channel News on 6.

On Feb. 10, it was slightly colder in the region than it was on the South Pole, notes Tulsa World writer Cary Aspinall. More than 3,000 Nowata homes lost power and residents spent the next few days digging their cars and homes out of the snow. There was so much snow in Tulsa last week that city officials began debating provisional plans to truck it out of town.

On Thursday, the 79 degree weather tied for the warmest Feb. 17 since 1907.

Authoress news and mews ~

Featured at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ The Kougar is becoming spoiled by all the fab-furry Flash Scenes!

Who Really Won the V-Day Alpha Challenge?
by Serena Shay

Zeva eased the tiny g-string over her hips, covering the excited bare flesh of her mound. She was ever so thankful that the bit of fabric in back went between her cheeks and not over them or she would have had to leave the club sans undies on the cold Feb night.

Flirty Friday - Worst Pick-Up Lines
by Mary Quast

Guys who use corny pick-up lines are usually not the brightest light bulbs in the chandelier, and unless you want every girl you pick up to think you're a moron, don't use these lines. Yes, they're sometimes funny and they are usually clever, but they won't get you anywhere.

From ~

The Rose-colored World of Neptune and Pisces!

With the Sun entering Pisces on February 19 and Neptune partnering up with Mars and Mercury on February 20, you'll suddenly be seeing the world through rose-colored glasses!

Pisces is a spiritual, artistic and dreamy sign, and with the Sun moving into its realm on February 19, all its intuitive qualities will light up and shine down on the world. If you can trust and follow your own intuition, you'll find it will lead you to all the right places at all the right times. You'll also have a much better feel for what others are thinking and feeling.

The downside is that you'll have a much better feel for what others are thinking and feeling. Why is this bad as well as good? Pisces doesn't just sense what's going on it also absorbs. When someone else is troubled, their burdens become Pisces's burdens, and it's easy to become saddled with too much stress. But if you spot this happening early on, you can easily set up a few boundaries to protect yourself and still benefit from Piscean influence.

The following day, February 20, Neptune will drop by both Mars and Mercury for a visit. These three planets contradict each other: Mars is all about action; Mercury thrives on speed and communication; Neptune likes to slow down and look inward. Befuddlement can ensue, as finding the right words and taking forward steps on projects aren't quite what Neptune has in mind for you. Instead, if you close your eyes and let your imagination go, you'll suddenly see your lifelong dreams appear before you, and you just might figure out some ways to make them become reality!

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 781 ~

Sylva watched her small child self walk down the hallway of the modest suburban house she’d lived in until six -- when they’d moved into a larger home. Some of her favorite toys remained on the floor, and she happily moved toward them. “Who are you?” she asked the tall man who didn’t look quite real. His body crackled in a strange way. Electricity, she thought, as her dad called it. When he grinned at her, she tilted her head, fascinated with the color of his hair, and his handsome face. “Just call me a friend. What’s your name, little one?”

Zeke stared down at the beautiful little girl with a long mop of red-gold hair. She gave him a frown. “You didn’t tell me your name. Why should I tell you mine?” With another smile, he offered, “How about you call me Uncle Zeke?” She’d tried out his name, saying it two times. Then, her face lit up like the mornin’ sun. “I’m Sylva. But my sister calls me Sylvie. Why are you in my house?” Zeke mentally jerked like a roped mustang, yet didn’t awaken. The experiment he’d been involved in while at university – the exploration of next-door dimensions.
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Serena Shay said...

Hmmm, I didn't notice the sun being extra large or bright yesterday(perhaps because I'm further north) but I did wonder at the size of last nights moon. Wow, large and tinged with yellow.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, oooooh, I didn't get to see the moon. It clouded over. I'll have to check tonight, since it's the night of the Full Moon.

Maybe, it is because you're further north. I dunno, it's bizarre though. Something is going on, and I don't think it's just because of the recent solar X flares.