Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Internet Slugdom and Facebook Fascism

Greetings from thunderland, my frisky and fabtastic Kittens... yep, more loud rumblies are occurring with thunderstorms in the forecast. Oh, the frustration mounts to furious-clawing level in trying to deal with the current internet slugdom.

Despite the so-called ‘common mainstream wisdom’, yes, there is relatively inexpensive technology that would solve the current problems with the internet, and would have solved it years ago. However, the Bad Boys and Girls don’t want ease of use. The truth about them would *lightning* across the world wide webbie and they would be shone for what they are... cockroaches scurrying when a light is switched on, with apologies to the cockroaches.

With tongue stuck firmly against her cheek... on to more *good news* ... yeah, hurrah for Facebook Fascism... oh, yes, this Big Cat realizes she is stepping on many toes, painfully stepping. And there will be those who snicker, or hold there sides with laughter. There will be those who despise moi, or simply believe she’s ready for the asylum. But in all good conscience she can’t withhold this info.

Don’t believe this Big Cat, though, listen on streamlink to this show, or check out Bill Waggoner’s book and website, links available on Coast, or just use that other Big Brother search engine, Googlie.

On Coast to Coast am, nighttime radio ~

Host:George Noory
Guests:Bill Waggoner, Daniel Estulin

In the first half of the show, Internet security and marketing expert, Bill Waggoner discussed privacy on the Internet and how people's personal information is vulnerable, as well as his own controversial background. The author of Confessions of a Spam King, he spoke in front of the Federal Trade Commission in 2003, to help differentiate spam from email marketing (Waggoner said that what he did fall in the latter camp, and was not illegal). Internet companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, are collecting users' personal information or scanning their emails and using it for purposes they haven't agreed to such as targeted advertising, he declared.

Further, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are being surveyed by criminals, who can use status updates to determine if a person isn't home, and then potentially rob their houses, Waggoner asserted. Additionally, Facebook owns all the data and photos posted on their site, and has not been forthcoming about protecting people's privacy, he noted.

Also Bill Waggoner said that there is reliable info that there are approximately 90,000 child predators on Facebook.
Plus, look, somewhere down the line Facebook will say they own your personal photos, for example, and you can no longer display them anywhere else... it’s all in the legal works. These are not nice people! despite what they’re saying now about backing off. They are predators of the worst sort.

Note: The thunderstorm moved through and the sunset was an amazing wash of tangerine extending high above the horizon... and, yippee, skippee, the internet speed has improved.

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Liana Laverentz: Create a Collage.....Zen Moments.

A couple of weeks ago I was flipping through some old Oprah magazines, looking for pictures and quotes I wanted to use to make a collage of all the goodness I want to bring into my life.

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My Avenging Angel Release Day
by Madeline Ford

I'm running around like crazy today as my daughter graduates from 6th grade today and it's my birthday. But it's also release day for me. My Avenging Angel is now available from Samhain.

To save her life, he must break a covenant—and lose his heart.
An Angels and Demons story.


Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 513 ~

Sylva surveyed the spacious room as a lovely illumination filled it. Set up in a utilitarian manner, it also had warm and fuzzy elements. And the bed was nice and huge with a thick blue comforter the shade of a watercolor blue sky. Scooping her up playfully, her cowboy whirled her around a few times. Sylva giggled all the way to the bed. “Wahoo!” she softly shouted, once they toppled on top. As they bounced a bit, Zeke positioned her on top of him. Their gazes locked with a sensual intensity that caused molten tides to move through her. “Zeke.”

Zeke swept his hands over his Sylva. “Darlin’, if your curves aren’t the perfect fit.” Her gorgeous eyes became mist and sparkle. “I know something else that’s the perfect fit... even it is too large.” Like a gully washer a torrent of ache and need rushed up his loins. His cock hardened to a fence post. “Too large?” he growled through his gritted teeth. “Let’s find out how ‘too large’.” Rolling her beneath him, Zeke feasted on her passionate face for a moment. Leaping up, he maneuvered off the bed. Stud-raging for his woman, he peeled down the cover. “Sylva.”
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Serena Shay said...

Slugdom indeed. My connection was really slow and catchy yesterday as well...I'm hoping today is better. :)

We also had storms last night, but not until after dark. It made for a fabulous light show though.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I wondered. I didn't think it was coming from my end... it's so catchy, it's difficult to get things done on the Net.

Oooh, a fabulous light show! I love watching thunderstorms. We had another one threaten today, but it dissipated.