Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Split Asunder by the Times

Still *shivers* cold on the tame prairie, my clever and coy KitKats.... nope, the Kougaress is not a cold weather cat... unless, it’s playing in the snow... or lounging in front of the fireplace.
Split asunder by the times... the Kougar is feeling torn between the good and amazing possibilities available in our times, in this year of 2010... and the nightmarish, prison-grid world we are now surrounded with... truth to meow, it’s worse than the novel, 1984.
The utter shock of living in these times is so profound, so deep, it’s a matter of always living with the unbearable, or bearing the unbearable... and, living with the knowledge that Earth could be a paradise for us all, if we step up to the spiritual plate... if we have the courage, as human beings, to grab the brass ring and take it away from those who serve the dark forces, those who deny us paradise.
We have such a gorgeous planet. We have the most splendid brilliance and creativity as Human Beings. We were designed to travel to the stars. To bring Who are to the galaxy, to add the divine miracle of who we are, to the intergalactic community. We are that special.
Yet, there are some who are now saying those of us in the US are a broken and beaten down people. That we are now like an abused spouse who won’t or can’t leave the abuser. That we are like a dog that’s been so beaten, he can only quiver and cower.
They are saying we only quiver and cower before our own government.
Only, it’s not our government. It no longer serves the people. It no longer listens to the people’s united or majority voice. It only serves its own out-of-control corruption. There’s been a coup by the foulest of criminals among us. And the coup only appears bloodless.
Yet, within our deepest hearts, lives freedom. We are the daughters and sons of liberty. We are 1776. We are the descendants of all those who have died and lived for freedom. Our souls are the ‘freedom’ needed by the world and by the galaxy.
Ultimately, it’s our choice. Do we live for freedom, and for freeing everyone on our beloved Earth... or do we die broken, beneath the boot of the foulest criminals, that now use every psychology and technology to control us?

Still, the Kougaress remains split asunder... pulled apart by the glorious magic of our times that invites us to create and live in paradise... and by the cruel ‘smoke and mirrors’ magic being used to enslave us all, and take away the possibility of paradise on Earth.


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Part 373 ~

Sylva felt the ephemeral energies part like the sheerest of curtains. Once again, she gazed at the Stone Gateway. “I was here?” Still, she vaguely remembered, as if it was a dream she couldn’t quite recall upon awakening. “You were here. As one of our High Priestesses you were part of creating Avalonia.” For an instant, she saw a group of women, dressed in long ceremonial cloaks, walking inside the stone circle. Then, it was gone. All too soon. “My daughter of the mists, it is time for you to rest.” Sylva became aware Zeke rubbed her feet. She slept.

Zeke studied the tonics available, finally choosing what he believed would help his Sylva’s health the most. Then, he ordered them a simple breakfast, foods that could be kept warm and ready. Hoping his bride would continue her slumber for as long as possible, he checked with his foreman, discussing a few decisions that needed to be made for his horse business. Once he’d settled into his favorite chair with his steaming coffee, Zeke summoned up the International Library. Searching for the Avalonia Stone Gateway stories he’d told his woman about, he researched their historical origin and the various interpretations.
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To fly, or not to fly... on a commercial airliner. Nope, for several reasons... now, there’s one more... this Big Cat ain’t going nowhere near an airport, let alone get on one of those Nazi concentration camp planes where child pornography is about to become the norm.
Not only that, those body scanners ruin DNA strands, thus, severely compromising health... oh, and more mews, you might as well just go get yourself radiated everyday, as if you were being x-rayed daily... yeah, Cancer up the wazoo... yep, just, more business for the Big Pharma industry.


Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Asunder smooches from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Oh Savanna,
I do so agree, we are losing our voice of freedom. It struck me again the other day as I listen to the news about now a third person who "crashed" the state dinner. When did Mary and Bob American become so unwelcome in the eyes of our government. The Office of The Presidency use to gladly meet with the hard-working citizens of this country, but alas...no more. :(

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ you are so right. No more.
Currently, it reminds me of the excesses of the French aristocracy before the French Revolution.
So many are starving and homeless, now, while those in the Executive, Judicial and Legislative of the government travel in their own personal jets and have unbelievable perks and a whole lot get regular corporate payoffs.

Serena Shay said...

yep, the division between the people and its government have exploded and what's truly sad is most on those branchs have no idea why we complain so. Hey, it's not their kids that go hungry... *shakes head at the cruelity of it all*

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ I'm shaking my head with you... the cruelty is far beyond what I can comprehend there's a constant place of agony inside me... as I know there is for lots of folks...