Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Day After... the Jack o' Lantern Mask Repulsively Grins

Noontime yowls and screams, most precious Kittens ... so, where to begin about the so-called debate last night... in all TRUTH, this Big Cat is majorily surprised Hitlary didn't burst into flame like a big ole, All Hallow's bonfire, given all the diabolical lies she spouted forth, reminding the Kougar of a demonically trained seal ... or looking like some sort of pre-programmed automaton straight from the ninth level of hell ... and gosh, here IT [whatever Hitlary is???] was in a pure white pantsuit with a makeup-joker face painted on as if IT were some golden goddess we should all fall down and worship ... how they get that golden light on her, well, the Kougar doesn't know about that sort of TV-transmitting tech ... but the way they framed her on screen, as opposed to Donald Trump ... just desperately trying to make her look presidential, and making Trump look less than ... anyway, it's probably all in the lighting and tech the Kougar doesn't understand ... however, when IT walked out, the real Illumatti witch looked ill, sickly to this Big Cat, and at times, her eyes would start to close, as if IT was exhausted ... you will notice, during the debate, they did no CLOSE-UP camera shots of Hitlary or Trump... so, you really couldn't see her eyes up close and personal ... once again, they lowered the sound on Trump's mike to make him sound less than commanding and presidential ... and OMYGAWD, that voice ... that flat, brain-searing voice of Hitlary's, just droning on and on, spewing out lava rivers of mindless crap — crap sandwich after crap sandwich, the Benghazi Witch hopes the voters will buy, eat up, and thus deliver her to the all-important white house, so she can complete the downfall of America into the most hellish, torturous *boot on the face of humanity* globalism, even the novel 1984 couldn't fully envision ... AND really, what's his name? Okay, Chris Wallace... yeah, he asked Hitlary a few actual tough questions ... and the assessment was that he was the fairest of the debate moderators ... but, big-butt but, this Big Cat does not agree ... Wallace the bad weasal, let that burned-out, dark creepy witch keep talking and spewing beyond her debate time, and he kept cutting off Trump before he could fully make his points, before he could call Hitlary on her endless vomiting crap.

Look at it this way, the girl that Hillary was, has been so damaged by nasty events in her childhood, and likely she's a victim of MK ULTRA mind control [reportedly Hillary raped Kathy O'Brien when Kathy was child sex slave] — anyway, Hillary has been so brutalized by the dark-side controllers ,,, that her soul is missing in action ... To this Big Cat's analysis, she is determined to out mob-boss her father, who was a crime boss in Chicago... bottom line, she HATES herself so much, she can't do anything else but HATE everyone else, and take humanity down to her sad, sad level. Down to the hell she resides in. Yeah, war with Russia would be an unbelievable HELL for the entire world. And she'd laugh like she did, as a young lawyer, when she got a rapist off after he raped a 12 year old.

Anyway, you can feel sorry for her soul ... you can sympathize with her horror-life, but to make that *THING* president, to put her in as the darkside's convenient puppet ... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But hey, ***The Day After... the Jack o' Lantern Mask Repulsively Grins*** ... and thinks IT'S going to win.

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