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Bad Sheriff Lies About Peaceful Water Protectors

Noon yowls, my most lovely Autumn Kittens ... this is SO ENRAGING, and so sad... the ongoing militarization of law enforcement is being used to wrongly!!! BRUTALIZE the brave American Indians, and many others, WHO ARE ABOUT PROTECTING OUR DRINKING WATER, and their land. Make no mistake about it, this is about the bankster gangsters and their hired goons crushing WE THE PEOPLE. This is about forcing us to use an outdated polluting energy source WE DON'T NEED!!! Ask yourself: What's more important? GOOD DRINKING WATER or an energy source that keeps us all ENSLAVED???

Protesters Still Faced With More Aggressive Displays of Military Force Against Peaceful Water Protectors

Protesters Still Faced With More Aggressive Displays of Military Force Against Peaceful Water Protectors 

The media blackout of opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline continues as widening protests, which have now blocked pipeline construction in Iowa, go unreported by the national corporate media. Police are using excessive force and display of weapons; loading shotguns as Native American women, children and elderly pray.

At issue is the $3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline that Native American tribes, led by the Lakota Sioux, say will endanger tribal and public fresh water across an area that spans several states. In a statement, the Mississippi Stand confirmed their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline:
“Mississippi Stand comes together in solidarity with Standing Rock, because we acknowledge the importance of the protection and preservation of Native Land. It’s crucial that all water protectors rise up together to fight for our Mother Earth, and all who inhabit this beautiful planet. This begins with defending our most valuable life source, water.”
Photo from Morton County Sheriff Department- Protesters block illegal construction Saturday
The “Mississippi Stand” water protector encampment in Sandusky, Iowa, successfully blocked Dakota Access Pipeline construction as of Saturday, September 24th. The protests are taking place where the pipeline is planned to cross the Mississippi River. Water protectors attached themselves to construction equipment in acts of civil disobedience until they were eventually arrested — but police failed to corral them before they halted the pipeline’s construction. Law enforcement arrested a total of 12 people on Saturday at the Mississippi Stand site.

Making Excuses for Excessive Force

This is not a bean-bag gun, which the sheriff department reported they used.
Then, on Wednesday in North Dakota, as they prayed for the protection of their water source, the Missouri River, and their burial places, from the Dakota Access Pipeline, police terrorized unarmed women, children and elderly with shotguns and assault rifles. Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier created hysteria by releasing false statements about Native Americans and their allies camped at Cannon Ball. Sheriff Kirchemeier has repeatedly lied in his statements and said those defending the water were armed and violent. The mainstream media has either ignored the situation or repeated these lies. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement, that among other things, includes this:
“Due to the current threat to public safety, law enforcement responded with specialized equipment and weapons to include armored vehicles and less lethal ammunition using bean-bag rounds.”
Video taken and photographic evidence clearly shows that there was no threat to public safety whatsoever, by the water defenders. The only threat came from the law enforcement officers in there armored vehicles and carrying various a multitude of loaded weapons. This dangerous spin doctoring by the Morton County Sheriff Department and the issuing of false information to paint a public picture of the water defenders as a violent threat, are designed to justify excessive use of force against non-violent, praying members of the public.
Click Here for more video and photos of Wednesdays militaristic display.
The Red Warrior Camp, one of the camps where thousands of Native Americans and allies are camped along the Cannon Ball and Missouri Rivers, said this militarized show of force during a prayer should have never happened. In a statement, they proclaim these words:
“The United States of America is occupying Indigenous Land and when their occupation and ruination of our lands and waters is challenged they respond with unprecedented violence, with kidnapping our brothers and sisters protecting us and our territories. They are incarcerating our Warriors, our Women, our Youth. Today’s ceremony should never have been interrupted, no arrests should have been made and certainly the military machine should not have been called in in response to our prayers.”
“We hereby call on the police, we as the public order the police toSTAND DOWN and IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST. We are not intimidated, we are angry, we are saddened and we are only continuing to build our Warrior Spirit and Resistance in the face of your violence and tactics.
Know this. “For all those reading, spread the story, we are calling on all human rights observers and advocates to take this to your networks and your organizations. We are in need of continued advocacy and documentation. Together, we will not let this stand. We are unafraid and powerful united, together, in our protection of the Water. We have no fear, why should we when we speak and act the truth?”
Red Warrior Camp urges world to come stand with them and push back National Guard. “

Construction Still Being Attempted Despite Order To Stop Work

Regardless of these threats, protests continue on near the Standing Rock camp at the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site in North Dakota; despite the Justice Department’s order to stop construction on Army Corps of Engineer land.
The protesters have been arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest, among other charges, Rob Keller of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.
The Dakota Access Pipeline has ignored an active court order issued on Sept. 16, 2016, that states that DAPL can not undertake any work in the 40 mile stretch, 20 miles on each side of the river.
14432955_1754718214780131_7840293483484722949_nWhat is the Morton County Sheriff Department doing to enforce that court order? Why are state and county resources being used to harass and arrest members of the public that have peacefully prevented DAPL from violating the court order — instead of arresting DAPL workers from violating the court order?
 Though the government is failing to offer proper protection, local Native Americans are not alone in this fight. Tribes from all over the country have joined together in one of the largest shows of indigenous solidarity in history — and they are joined by climate activists, farmers, and landowners who have had their land confiscated through the force of eminent domain in order make room for the pipeline.
The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians announced Tuesday that they will donate $250,000 to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s legal fund. “The concern about proper consultation is a long-standing issue that impacts every Indian tribe in the country,” Also in the announcement, their Chairman, Jeff Grubbe called on the federal government to rescind the permit. Grubbe previously published an open letter of support for the Standing Rock Sioux on Aug. 26.


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