Friday, October 28, 2016

Hey, How About a World War...Wouldn't That Be Fun?

NOT ... Late morning yowls ... yeah, this Big Cat is NOT a fan of world war, or of a nuclear holocaust, in general...she really doesn't want war, given she loves Mother Earth, all the creatures, all the plants... given she loves humanity as a we really need to be nuked into nonexistence? while the cabal elite go into their hidey-holes, only to emerge and take over what remains of Earth??? Sure doesn't sound fun at all to the about you?


Do you stand "with her" nuclear holocaust?

Do you stand “with her” nuclear holocaust?
Hillary Clinton has vowed to use military assets against Russia if Moscow is merely suspected of having engaged in a cyber attack.
Hillary Clinton has already proven that she is a sociopathic warmonger. Her bloodthirsty zeal to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya directly led to the rise of ISIS, the international migrant crisis and a wrecked continent.
If she is elected, Hillary will push for arming jihadist rebels in Syria with even more sophisticated weaponry and a no fly zone over the country – an effective declaration of war on the Syrian government and its ally, Russia.
A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for world war three.

Hillary Clinton is George W. Bush 2.0 – that’s why she is supported by a plethora of ‘Never Trump’ neo-cons who are salivating over the prospect of getting back into power and launching new wars of aggression.
Except this time the enemy won’t be Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi or any other third world nation with a flimsy, virtually non-existent army.
The enemy will be Russia – a country with a 3 million man army and a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons.
It is important to not fall prey to normalcy bias. Just because there hasn’t been a major conflict in most our our lifetimes doesn’t mean it can’t happen. The history of humanity is the history of warfare.
A vote for Hillary is a vote for World War 3.
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