Monday, October 24, 2016

Cat Sanctuary Being Terrorized...Who Are These Demonic Idjits?

Afternoon, most precious Kitkats ... there is definitely a war between GOOD and evil. And this is just one more example. If you live in the Austin, Texas area, please help these good folks, who are doing their best to rescue and help cats.

Racist Social Justice Warriors Terrorize Owner of Cat Sanctuary

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Leftists bombard Blue Cat Cafe proprietor with death threats, vandalize her property, send images of dead cats
Paul Joseph Watson
October 24, 2016
Racist social justice warriors have launched a brutal intimidation campaign against a cat sanctuary that doubles as a cafe in Austin, Texas, bombarding its owner with racial slurs and death threats while launching criminal attacks on her property.
The Blue Cat Cafe in East Austin serves as a home to more than 200 cats adoptable through the Humane Society – a vital community service that cares for defenseless animals who would otherwise be on the streets or dead.
However, because the cafe is located on the site of a former Jumpolin piñata store that went out of business, SJWs have launched a violent crusade to frighten away the owner, who doesn’t wish to be named because of the threats.
“The vandalism and the mental anguish they’ve caused me and the cyber-bullying they do — it’s really out of control,” the owner told theAustin-American Statesman. “They show up with megaphones and they yell profanity; they send me emails with pictures of dead cats and pigs.”
The owner also said that she had received “multiple death threats…. from protesters who opposed the demolition of Jumpolin.”
The harassment kicked into high gear after vandals daubed an exterior wall of the property with the words, “Fuck you gentrified scum,” while also gluing the doors shut, trapping hundreds of cats and kittens inside the building. Another message that read “GET OUT” was spray painted on a separate wall.
“Can’t get into work. All the locks are glued shut. Cats are crying at the door,” the owner posted on Facebook.
The group behind the intimidation campaign – Defend Our Hoodz – has a Facebook page which is replete with racially disparaging remarks about the cafe owner. They claim she “violently appropriated” the land from the owners of the piñata store.
The campaign is backed by numerous other far left groups, including the Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism and Red Guards Austin – a communist group that violently attacked a peaceful pro-life demonstration in Austin last year.
After Austin police showed up to oversee that group’s latest protest against the cafe on Friday, the group accused them of killing “black, brown and poor people on a regular basis.”
One image shows masked “protesters” surrounding the owner of the cafe in an effort to intimidate her.
Protest @ Blue Cat Cafe is extremely heated. At 1 point protestors surrounded the owner, who was debating w/ them.
Gentrification is the process whereby former run down, crime-ridden areas are regenerated to become welcoming business hubs that provide cultural outposts and employment.
Social justice warriors aren’t big fans of that and would prefer such areas to remain gang-infested ghettos where innocent people – particularly white people – are harassed and attacked.
Feel free to express your opinion about the Defend Our Hoodz group by leaving a comment on theirFacebook page. You can also support the Blue Cat Cafe by visiting their website or making a donation here.
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