Friday, June 10, 2016

The Consistent Beliefs of Wildcard TRUMP

Temps rising on the tame prairie, most darling kittens... heck, the social-political temperature is rising at an alarming rate across the country, and of course, across the world. And why not? The GOOD among us are under a horrific Dystopian attack is gawdawful what the darkside globalist psychos are doing to us ALL...and way beyond belief. 
However, back to Trump, the wildcard candidate. Full disclosure: this Big Cat has never been a Trump fan mainly because she doesn't like his showboating hype, and she didn't like how Trump treated those, one a little old lady in New York, when they wouldn't sell out to him, and he brought in the hammer of eminent domain. Also, at the beginning of his campaign, the Kougar believed the Donald was a shill for Hitlary Rotten, given their cozy association. 
That said, yes, way back when, this Big Cat did watch the Donald's interview with Oprah. and was impressed with a lot of what he had to say, at the time. Clearly, the man is much, much deeper than he has let on all these years past. 
The link below is to a well done video, which demonstrates the consistency of Trump's views and beliefs. And in the Kougar's view is impressive. 

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