Friday, June 24, 2016

Despite the Monkeywrench-Cheating, the Fraud and Lies...BREXIT IS HERE!

Independence Day for Britannia! May she continue down this road to true freedom. May her people thrive, and discover their peaceful warrior spirit.

Truthfully, this Big Cat thought all was lost for Brexit, given the levels of fraud and cheating that were exposed. However, a MIRACLE occurred! And it must have been absolute LANDSLIDE vote to leave the EU. This vote says it ALL...people want their rightful and righteous freedom.

What will the evil barrel of monkeys that are the globalists do? All sorts of nasty tricks, like imploding the economy even more.  But hang on, the more we resist, fight back, go our own way, and create our own local economies, the faster we get these demonic-parasite monkeys off our collective backs.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to the people of Britain. They have stood their ground, and won despite the odds. However, there is another monkeywrench looming, given their parliament could technically overrule this LANDMARK VICTORY.

So, in reality, the fight for liberty has just began. That goes for all of us, right now.

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