Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Guns, Guns, Guns...GET THEM NOW!!!


Joe Biggs and Tim Kennedy, Info Warriors

GET FIREARMS, GET AMMO, GET THE MEANS TO MAKE GUNS AND AMMO, GET ANY FORM OF DEFENSE WHILE YOU CAN...GET TRAINED, WORK TOGETHER AS A DEFENSE FORCE... Most darling kittens, it's all coming down on our his latest speech, the fake prez has just essentially threatened we Americans with more horrific JIHADI attacks, unless we *willingly* give up our right to self-defense, and become a giant and cowardly gun-free zone...yep, easily targeted for control and extermination, That's one part of the ENDGAME.
Face it. Like it or not. WAR has been declared against WE THE PEOPLE. War has been declared against FREEDOM. Against our inalienable, GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS.  Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
Okay, the Kougar doesn't have time to check this history...but she remembers reading that in the Roman army, GAY MEN were a tremendous and incredibly effective fighting force. It's TIME to resurrect that innate savagery, GLBT Community...that is, if you want to survive.  Because, like the rest of us freedom lovers, you are targeted for extermination by the darkside powers that be.  MAKE NO MISTAKE. THE TYRANNY-ESTABLISHMENT WILL NOT PROTECT YOU!!! Not in deed. Only in fake words.
Look at it in these simple terms. If there had been several people with concealed weapons in the Orlando nightclub, the body count would have been drastically reduced. You know, lives saved.
And come on, the more gun control, the bigger the black market in guns, assault weapons, whatever.  And you can bet, the Russians will take advantage, bringing in truckloads of AR-15s, whatever. 
REMEMBER, the reason the Japanese did not invade American during World War II...there's a gun behind every blade of grass. Do you really believe, that if Americans are disarmed that the Jihadis, the Red Chinese, the Russians, anybody and everybody WON'T INVADE. Yeah right, GET A BIG FAT CLUE!
Oh, and thanks again, clone clown prez, for gutting the U.S. Military forces...for attempting to turn them into gutless wimps. Yeah, thanks for sending our young men and women into endless wars so they can't be here to protect the American people. 

BELOW ARE IMAGES FROM THE INFOWARS EMAIL NEWS... If you haven't seen the vid of Rob Dew chasing General BETRAYUS, it's an absolute hoot-classic...the Kougar loves it!

Video: Reporter Chases Bilderberger General Petraeus Through Streets of Dresden

Former CIA Director quizzed on Hillary email scandal

Infowars reporter Rob Dew chased Bilderberg member and former CIA director General David Petraeus through the streets of Dresden, Germany today in an attempt to ask the former CIA director a question about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

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