Thursday, June 23, 2016

Consciousness...Fly To the Stars, Or Crash and Burn

Summer evening yowls, Big Beautiful Cats ... so, for those of you who are Alex Jones haters, or believe what the presstitute media  spreads as gospel about Mr. Jones... well, that's your choice, of course. 

However, Alex is a deep thinker who has profound insights about humanity and the human condition. His realizations about consciousness mirror much of what this Big Cat has experienced, her AWAKENING process lo these past several decades. 

In fact, one reason the Kougar went on her long journey -- since age 13, then made a large leap forward in 1979 -- of raising her consciousness was because a rising tide lifts all ships. That is, the more of us who AWAKEN, and continue awakening to greater knowledge, and spiritual truths... then, there is the hundredth monkey effect... and the whole world AWAKENS eventually. That was the plan, anyway. 

Truth told however, back then this Big Cat didn't know about the new world order creepazoids, and their ruthless determination to dominate, to tyrannically control humanity and Mother Earth. She didn't realize the nightmare dystopian future she would now be living in... but enough said, for now. 

Take a look if you dare, if you care about our future as a human population on Mother Earth. 


Find out how to unlock true consciousness

Alex Jones uncovers what it means to be truly awake, and how to break out of the controlled paradigm of limited information in order to unlock the true consciousness of humanity. Will You Escape The Mark of The Beast, The Matrix? Alex Jones breaks down the cultural construct that the globalists have created in order to keep humanity dumbed down and oblivious to the wonder of the world.

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