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War in the heavens...?

The Kougaress just found this cool 'romance author info' over at the TRS BLUE Blog

Coming up on midnight mews, special-est Kittens in the world... warmer on the tame prairie, and the sky was amazing today... except for the chemtrails being made during the late afternoon... ~huge sighs~

So, does this Big Cat share what's truly going on with her emotionally, and deep down? Or, is it best left unsaid?

At this point, suffice it say, the path of seeking the Truth, then knowing the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH... or, the years and years of walking this path--since the mid eighties--of being absolutely committed to knowing the truth no matter what, has taken its toll, and it's a gigundis toll.

That is, knowing the truth about herself, and also knowing the truth about what is really going on in the world, or the hidden off-limit realms... and constantly learning the real truth about history/herstory. Well, learning about the real truth, especially when it comes to war, has become a monstrous burden of late.

Although, it's also true that learning the truth sets you free. For this Big Cat this is particularly true when it comes to our REAL antediluvian past. No, civilization DID NOT begin in the so-called cradle of civilization. That's just all propaganda. And, it always was because the ruling-class bastards didn't want the commoner to know the real truth. It was about keeping people ignorant and enslaved.


Yesterday, the Kougaress forgot to mention the strange tingling of her house's floor that happened two nights ago, now. It was similar to what occurred before, but wasn't as strong, and didn't last near as long either. But, it's still really eerie. Here's what this Big Cat wrote before:

From the Kougaress's December 21, 2012 blog ~

What's up with the vibrating ground and floor? Last Tuesday, on the 18th, the Kougaress blogged about this very weird experience. So, yesterday she checked out a site that tracks HAARP activity Well, datewise, it's close to when her area of the country was being targeted and slammed with HAARP energies, or in the red, as it's shown on the map. So, this could be the explanation of what was happening. Or, perhaps, it was a countermeasure to something else, as in the continuing weather wars. Whatever, it was beyond strange, and this Big Cat hasn't had a similar experience afterward... however, with all the nasty 'powers that be' and their nasty advanced tech... well, who knows what's next???  And here's a headline from today.


Authoress news and mews ~

Yep, once again... still editing, and making slow but good progress on HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS.


Take Two: Been Down to the Crossroads
by Solara

Gill opened his mouth to curse. . .And not a damn word came out.  Shriller squirrel barks echoed until canine barks answered.  Gill slid the minute guitar off his shoulder ready to toss it down and stomp off.  He glanced around.  No one—not any one of significance—would notice.  So friggin’ much for being the Peak’s most sought after ambassador.


War in the heavens...?

So, what's really happening in these times, that is hidden from most of us, by psychopathic design of the dark-side controllers? That is, beyond the obvious wars raging across the planet. The wars destroying Mother Earth, her precious animals and her plants. The wars destroying humanity, and destroying the precious and galactically-prized human, animal and plant genomes.

For some insight into the 'war in the heavens' check out this week's more-than-fabulous online show at UNKNOWN COUNTRY. [Info below. ]

However, there is an issue that needs addressing. Sadly, since the Time of Great Destruction, or the fall of Atlantis, THOSE on the malevolent side have done everything in their power then and now, to DIVIDE the people from the bosom of Mother Earth. To that end, there has been this major propaganda push to make us believe we're destroying Mother Earth, and, thus, SHE wants to get rid of us. It's the old divide and conquer strategy.

If this was actually the truth, humanity would have been wiped from the planet a Millennia ago. There is, in fact, a symbiotic loving relationship between humanity and The Mother Goddess, Gaia.

Gaia, the Earth, *could not* survive and thrive without humanity, a human population, or those of us on the GOOD SIDE. She would cease to exist. It's a mutual exchange of loving energies, a mystical thing that began ages and ages ago.

That said, Earth is a golden planet, a paradise planet in this galactic realm, that many--other beings and creatures--would like to either possess, or destroy.

THOSE who manipulate us into believing the Earth would be far better off without us, are the ONES who are doing everything THEY can to destroy The Mother... endless wars that dump toxins, and deadly DU radiation into the land, the water, the air... THEY chemtrail the skies. THEY force the planting of crops that destroy The Mother instead of healing her, frankenfoods that kill her soil and her creatures en masse. And this is just the bare tip of the DARK ONES' life-murdering, plunging swords.

THEIR foul incomprehensible-reprehensible deeds THEY blame on humanity. No one this Big Cat knows would agree to treat Mother Earth this way.

So, in essence to save Earth, good humanity must be saved. To save good humanity, Earth must be saved. We are in an eternal love relationship. We cannot survive and thrive without each other.



 Friday January 25, 2013  
Strange Explosions Sweeping the US: Are They a Threat?

A rash of unexplained explosive sounds is sweeping the United States. This week, we continue Linda Moulton Howe's high strangeness reporting with her story about this phenomenon, it's background and what, exactly, people are hearing. For the last two years, Linda has been reporting on strange booms, flashes of light, ominous trumpet sounds and similar unexplained phenomena worldwide. A phenomenon of unexplained flashes of lights and booms has manifested itself across the United States since October of 2012.

Hundreds of people at the same time are hearing the sounds of explosions accompanied by huge flashes of light, but no explanations are forthcoming from the authorities. In one case, a powerful boom was heard in Alaska, followed 26 hours later by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Not long after midnight on the same night (January 5), residents of Massachusetts flooded 911 switchboards with reports of a huge boom and flash of light, which was also recorded on at least one security camera.

Listen as a witness who saw something amazing in the sky in connection with the booms reports on what he and his family observed.

Subscribers, don't miss the provocative special discussion between Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe that asks the question: are we witnessing the side effects of a space war, or even a war that is being fought in a parallel universe? Powerful stuff!

Linda Moulton Howe's website is


 For Subscribers

Is a War Between the Worlds Breaking Out?

The strange phenomenon of the booms must have a natural origin, but there is no clear answer as to what that might be. Whitley Strieber asks Linda Moulton Howe for her thoughts about their true nature. Linda describes incidents where, on perfectly clear nights, a flash of white light is seen by a witness, followed by an explosion. Linda has personally investigated many such reports and again and again is finding the same thing: there was either no inclement weather in the area, or no weather that would cause any lightning and thunder, let alone a single flash and a single clap of thunder.

So Whitley asks her what she thinks is happening. She says, "the situation raises the issue of other dimensions or black hole travel or bending space-time." She and Whitley go on to speculate about what sort of new phenomenon might be at work, because even as recently as 25 years ago, unexplained booms such as the ones we hear now were extremely uncommon. Now, hardly a night passes in the United States without one or more being reported.

Do they represent some sort of change in nature, or are we experiencing the side effects of a technology of which we know nothing? Could this be what it's like when a war is being fought in a parallel universe? Or is some other profound energetic event taking place?

Don't miss this terrific episode in the provocative journey being taken only in the subscriber section!


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

11:44 pm... 11:55 pm... 2:12 am... 2:22 am... 4:44 am... 11:11 pm... 11:33... miracles needed!!!...



IMPORTANT ADVISORY SAT. JAN 26: Between the 19th and the 23rd of January 2013, I posted Alerts for impending seismic activity all along the US West Coast region. In the last 7 days, the number of seismic events along the US West Coast has increased by 34% to 994, which is 254 more events than the average number of 740 per week. Thankfully it seems the seismic stresses along the coast allowed for a lot of smaller quakes rather than a small number of large quakes. However, I still advise being prepared for the next week. 



Growing unrest seen at many of the world’s volcanoes

100,000 Birds Exhibit Strange Behavior In East Tennessee, United States

Chicago gets 1st 1-inch snowfall, breaking record AP -
CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago didn't get much snow Friday, but it was record-breaking nonetheless.

Cold hangs on as wintry storm takes aim at Northeast commute Reuters -
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Frozen cash machines and canceled classes marked another day of a cold snap gripping large swaths of the United States on Friday, with a winter storm …

UN: Floods kill 36 and displace 70,000 in Mozambique



Wis. sheriff urges residents to get gun training AP -

Gun Rights Organizations in 5 States Join Firearms Policy Coalition



UPDATE 3-Russia Central Bank to keep buying gold - Ulyukayev

China to introduce gold exchange-traded funds: The move will be part of government efforts to boost the development of both the gold market and the capital market.

Silver Panic Imminent? First the US Mint Suspends Sales… Now It’s Canada’s Turn! New iMac Production Delayed Over Silver Shortage. HSBC Purchases $876 Million Worth From Poland. China Likes Silver, The World Likes Silver?!?!

Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent another email alert to subscribers today, warning that the current reaction in gold is THE BIG ONE-, and the last play by the bullion banks to denude gold and silver investors of their positions 



The U.S. Has An Even Larger Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Than Downtown Abbey Does

Bank of America issues `bond crash' alert on Fed tightening fears The return of confidence and healthy growth in the US risks setting off a -bond crash- comparable to 1994 and triggering a string of upsets across the world, Bank of America has warned.

Withdrawn: $114 Billion From Big U.S. Banks: The Fed data show $114 billion leaving the 25 biggest banks—about 2 percent of their deposit base(INSIDERS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT'S COMING DOWN--BETTER FOLLOW THEIR ACTIONS NOW WHILE YOU ARE ABLE!)



Why Bitcoin Is The Banking Industry's Newest, Biggest Threat - Bitcoin's big advantage is that it is essentially the cold, hard cash of the Internet. Instead of bills, Bitcoin's software keeps a public ledger of every transaction among users. If a buyer and seller are running the software on their computers, they can directly exchange Bitcoins, anonymously and with no taxes or bank fees. Others can pay a company to process the payment. Bitcoin accounts are listed simply as a string of letters and numbers with no names attached, giving a level of anonymity impossible with debit and credit cards or even PayPal accounts. 

Big Cat Note: The Kougaress only wishes she was savvy about this. She's not.



CCHR Exposes Psychiatry's Military Spending to Create Drugged-Out Super-Soldiers



Shock study: Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growth; Scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B, which boosts cancer cell survival.



Hacker group hijacks U.S. government website @ ABC News -


From ~

A Break of Cosmic Proportions

The universe sure kept you on your toes throughout 2012, didn't it? Surely you noticed how often you wanted everything to stop so you could simply catch your breath. Well, the cosmos is also ready for a break ... so if it feels like things are finally beginning to slow down, that's because they are. Just don't get the idea that the stars will shut down completely over the next few days!

On January 27, the full Moon rises in Leo opposite the Aquarian Sun for the traditional tug-of-war between one extreme idea and another. In this case, Leo's self-centered, materialistic love of exuberant fun will contrast with Aquarius' desire to merely blend into the crowd and help others -- albeit while still enjoying a good time!

Jupiter then turns direct in Gemini on January 30, releasing positive, optimistic energy into the atmosphere. With Gemini's influence, you'll bridge old disagreements, explore better channels for communication, and discover a new spirit of tolerance.

Also on January 30, Saturn in Scorpio squares off against the Aquarian Sun, an aspect that inevitably leads to persnickety tendencies and, thus, setbacks and delays. It may be a tad frustrating, but it also means you'll be getting rid of programs, methods, and projects that no longer serve you well. Just rest assured that once this passes, you'll be ready to move forward with success!


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ This January, may your most romantic dreams come true ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Full Moon in Leo kisses from the Kougar...

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