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Hello Kitty, you've been very, very bad...

Late night mews, contrary and cute KitKats... still milder temps on the tame prairie... always good for this Big Cat... last night, the moon was a lemon wedge hanging in the midnight sky... tonight, Luna is a silvery white wedge, and looking splendid.

So, yeah, behind the scenes in our country... or, what you'll never hear on the insipid, tabloid evening news... The Great Divide is here, and becoming ever wider, as forecast by Volcano in his Weekly Angelic Forecast. That is, an updated version of America1775 is occurring... the Kougaress heard Dr. Waterman on Kerry Cassidy's radio show at Revolution Radio ... this was a very enlightening show about what is REALLY happening with those who are organized and determined to keep their freedom... their peaceful plan of action is quite amazing, law-abiding as in a constitutional republic, and fundamentally sound.

What the Kougaress knows about these times ~ we, the good people, need miracles!


Authoress news and mews ~

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Play...Play...Play Time!
by Serena Shay

I only wish too much play time was my excuse for not having a flash ready this week, but alas it was not.

Nope, seems I over extended myself and forgot to add in time to flash ya'll.  ;)  Fear not, though, I did hear from Glenn over at the Talbot's Peak Pet Shop and he sent me the little ditty below...


Hello Kitty, you've been very, very bad...

To preface: apparently a five year old kindergartner was suspended from school, but only after being interrogated by school officials for several hours, without either one of her parents present. Likely, the little darling was simply having fun talking about her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun. Or, being playful as children are wont to do.

So, is it a five year old who is at fault in this situation? Or, the company who manufactured and sold the notorious bubble shooter? You know, as a mere toy. Why, yes, HELLO KITTY, you've been very, very bad.

Before Hello Kitty is addressed on this all-important issue, here are some headlines:

5-year-old kindergartner with pink bubble gun suspended from ... 5-year-old kindergartner with pink bubble gun suspended from school ... and spoke about her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun, which shoots bubbles.

Threat of using 'bubble gun' - CNHI News Service cnhins_news/ x964878442/ Threat-of-using-bubble-gun-gets-5-year-old-suspended~ Threat of using 'bubble gun' gets 5-year-old suspended ... with two friends and spoke about her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun, which shoots bubbles.

Prison ~ Five-Year-Old Girl Suspended For “Terroristic ... es-with-pink-bubble-gun.html~ Who knows, maybe she has manufactured anthrax in her parents basement and put it in the Hello Kitty bubble gun? Can't be too careful. /s ...

 Five-Year-Old Girl Suspended For “Terroristic-threat” To Shoot Classmates With Pink Bubble Gun
Steve Watson | Kindergartner grilled for three hours, forced to undergo psychological testing.


Rise Up! The Children Must Be Saved From Bubbles

America, rise up! Smell the pink bubble gum that threatens to take down everyone of us with bubbles. After all, bubbles are the gateway to bullets. Aren't they?

From every corner and cranny of our beloved country, from purple mountain majesty to golden fields of grain, rise! Rise in protest. Rise with your demand. Speak with a united voice.

We must prevail in protecting our children from bubbles. Inundate Hello Kitty, bury this irresponsible toy company beneath an avalanche of righteously furious phone calls, email, and snail mail.

Use Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media venues, to spread this crucial message. Tell the CEO, and the top executives of Hello Kitty, to stop selling the Hello Kitty Bubble Gun immediately, or face more than dire consequences.

Tell them! We will not have our precious children bubbled.

Demand the immediate recall and destruction of every Hello Kitty Bubble Gun, or you will not buy any of their other Hello Kitty products. Let them know, if they refuse to comply with your demand, you will start a nationwide boycott that will bring them to their corporate knees.

Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, concerned citizens, contact your local news shows and your local newspapers. Let them know about this dangerous bubble shooting. The fate of our country lies in your hands. You know what to do.

Become activists against the Hello Kitty Bubble Gun. If needed, march on Wal-Mart and Target, on Toys R Us, on any and every store who continues to sell this dangerous bubble weapon. The bubble gun culture must be stopped now!

Workers of America, do not support this bubble tragedy. Stop! Hello Kitty from manufacturing and selling any more of these immoral toys. Inform them you will no longer be their employee, if they dare to continue.

Those of you who are employed by other companies involved with Hello Kitty products in any way, now is the time to take a stand. Give them the 'pink bubble gun' slip. Tell them you are firing them. Follow through. Quit if you must. America's children are at risk from millions of bubbles.

Dock workers, inspectors, you too can stop these bubble-generating weapons,  pouring in from China. Refuse to unload Hello Kitty imports. Impound their products on any legal technicality. Keep them out of the hands of children. You will sleep well at night.

And, to completely rid this great country of Hello Kitty Bubble Guns, shut down vendors on ebay, and other selling sites. Use your power as consumers, by sending a barrage of complaints.

Here's just one typical example that endangers our kids:

Sanrio Hello Kitty Bubble Gun Bubble Fun Funny Toy | eBay ... Animation Characters, Hello Kitty
Description : Sanrio Hello Kitty Bubble Gun Bubble Fun Funny Toy. Made in China. Made of Plastic. Batteries included. Press the trigger, millions of bubble come ...


Note: In case, dear kitten readers, if there's any confusion, this is *satire*.

Nearing midnight: The Kougaress first heard this story reported on the Alex Jones show by Steve Watson, who was hosting the show. After reading the article at this Big Cat has to wonder if the world at large has reached a whole new level of complete and utter insanity. And, certainly, if that little girl had been her child, the Kougaress would never allow her near that freakin' effing so-called school again!!!


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

11:55 am... 2:22 am... 2:22 pm... 10:10 pm... 12:12 am... toe-to-toe with the dark-side controllers, it's here, it's on, it's now...



HEADLINE Flu Outbreak 2013: Many Americans Caught Off-Guard; CDC Unveils Updated Numbers: The current flu outbreak, "epidemic" is to not only weaken the population physically, but cause a change of mindset: No longer are we a healthy people...we are vulnerable.

 Mortality Rate 50% Higher with More Vaccine Doses
Gaia Health - The deaths of children from multiple vaccine doses can only be called carnage. This study demonstrates that giving 5-8 doses instead of 1-4 doses at a time has resulted in an extra 51,750 to 103,500 child deaths in the last 20 years.



HEADLINE The Great Awakening: ten volcanoes awaken in one week! This is Huge with Potential Ramifications for West Coast and Alaska!

HEADLINE Panic buyers strip shelves across the country as Met Office warns almost whole of UK will see snow and Wales will be hit by blizzards

HEADLINE Storm Could Dump 6 Inches of Snow on NC, Va.

HEADLINE Town Dries Up, States Scramble to Save Every Drop of Water

HEADLINE British Columbia Hot Springs Warming Up Again After Earthquake Damage

HEADLINE Dock in Washington Is from Japan Tsunami



Smallest U.S. Cattle Supply in More Than 60 Years Idles One of America's Largest Beef Plants – HOLLY NOTE: Translate this to significantly higher beef prices.



HEADLINE Red Alert: Nationwide Plan for Gun Confiscation Exposed

 DHS Declares Gun Owners Terrorist
Alex Jones | Homeland Security established to confiscate guns from the American people.

 Cops Complain About New York’s Draconian Gun Law | Former cop admits law will do little to nothing when it comes to crime and violence.

 Big Sis Snitch Program To Help Enforce Gun Control
Steve Watson | ‘See Something, Say Something’ program to enforce Executive orders on firearms?

HEADLINE Obama turns doctors into gun control snitches running health care spy network:Doctors will be transformed into gun control snitches who are ordered by Obama to ask patients about guns they might have at home.


HEADLINE Gun Confiscation Bill Introduced in Congress: The bill will amend the 1986 IRS code and allow a credit if taxpayers “surrender” their guns to the government.

HEADLINE Obama Goes Nuts and Offers Anti-gunners Wish List

HEADLINE Colorado County Sheriff Says He Won't Enforce Gun Laws He Considers Unconstitutional

HEADLINE NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama's Tactics

HEADLINE How Obama's Gun 'Order' Will Backfire

HEADLINE Obama's Disgusting Use of Kids as Pawns: Diana West Hits BHO for Using Human Emotions 'to Drive His Own Power Grab'

HEADLINE 65% See Gun Rights as Protection Against Tyranny

HEADLINE 47 States Revolt Against Obama Gun Control

HEADLINE 3D Printed Firearms Render Gun Control Moot

Gun Permit Forms Question Possible Affiliation With "Anti-Government" Organizations Jurriaan Maessen - In good old McCarthy-style questioning, several state- and local firearm permit application-forms have - besides questioning potential alcohol- and drug-use and previous criminal convictions - included the question whether the applicant is, or has ever been, part of an organization "advocating", or "approving" a violent overthrow of the United States government.

VIDEO/ARTICLE: Gun Control and Mass Shootings: Facts, Lies and God
Underground Documentaries - "Gun Control and Mass Shootings: Facts, Lies and God" is a mini-documentary answering the critical questions that rarely get asked amidst the gun control debate that explodes after every mass shooting in America.

YouTube: Piers Morgan gets angry after losing Gun Control debate and throws his notes towards his guest! I can only imagine the shock of this guest after being invited onto a CNN prime time show only to have the host lose it and start throwing things in her direction. This man is insane and should be deported at once for being unstable and rude towards guest while at the same time trying to undermine the U.S Constitution.

VIDEO/ARTICLE: Philadelphia Mayor Declares Economic Warfare on Gun Retailers "Mayor Nutter this morning announced something he's calling the "Sandy Hook Principles" - a list of 20 measures to curb gun violence - that companies making or selling guns and ammunition must support to avoid "economic divestment actions," reports The 20 principles (PDF) include targeting businesses who sell "assault rifles" (despite this being completely legal) as well as "the distribution of of any materials/information that may be used to assist in such conversion."

 DHS Says Gun Owners Are Terrorists
Kurt Nimmo | The real enemy is not al-Qaeda but Americans who believe in the Second Amendment

 Sheriff Mack: Constitutional Sheriffs Refusing to Infringe on Gun Rights IS the Solution
Aaron Dykes | A growing movement of sheriffs and law enforcement figures are refusing to participate in disarmament.

 ‘Gun Free Zones’ for ‘president, vice-president, and their families’ Petition Reaches Threshold
Adan Salazar | Petition calls attention to hypocritical double-standard pointed out in recent NRA ad.



Do You Want To Scare A Baby Boomer? In 1945, there were 42 workers for every retiree receiving Social Security benefits. Today, that number has fallen to 2.5 workers, plus 46 percent of them have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.



HEADLINE Russia, NATO to hold joint exercises in 2013; NOTE They are already in US under Joint Command waiting to Go For The US Citizens Guns under Martial Law!

HEADLINE TSA 'Viper' team makes appearance in Emeryville: TSA showed up unannounced to let the public, especially potential troublemakers, know that they are keeping an eye on the rails.

HEADLINE Tyranny By Executive Order – by Michael Connelly, Constitutional Attorney

Drill Characterizes "Disgruntled" Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists
Paul Joseph Watson - A safety exercise involving police, national guard and emergency management officials in Portsmouth, Ohio was centered around the premise that individuals "disgruntled over the government's interpretation of the Second Amendment" plotted to use weapons of mass destruction to terrorize the local community. The exercise, which took place yesterday, was run by the Ohio Army National Guard 52nd Civil Support Unit, Scioto County first responders as well as local law enforcement.



VIDEO/ARTICLE: Hollywood Labels Founding Fathers Terrorists - ABC has given the go-ahead to Hollywood darlings Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Dan McDermott to produce a "drama" demonizing a fictional Texas militia.



VIDEO/ARTICLE: "CIA" Spokesman Anderson Cooper Sent by Masters to Discredit Independent Sandy Hook Investigations
Intel Hub - Anderson Cooper (known by well researched individuals to be a Central Intelligence Agency operative embedded in within the mainstream media) has seemingly been ordered by his masters to launch a massive disinformation campaign (cover-up) of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Sandy Hook Survivors Are Made to Sing "Over the Rainbow" to Commemorate the Shooting Activist Post Forum - Some of the children who survived the Sandy Hook school shooting recorded a version of Judy Garland's song Over the Rainbow, one month after the massacre. In one big media event, these young children were brought to a recording studio and made to record the song, all under the never-ceasing clicks and flashes of cameras. They then went on to perform the song on Good Morning America. The song is now on sale iTunes and Amazon.



VIDEO/ARTICLE: What Information Can Retailers Store When They Scan Your ID For Returns? Consumerist - For years, we've been writing about the now-rapidly growing practice of retailers scanning IDs when customers make returns. It's never been clear exactly what information is taken when your card is swiped, but we now know that the data could basically include everything on your driver's license.... The DMV says that it's completely legal for stores, and TRE, to collect and store this information so long as it's under the heading of "fraud prevention." One area lawmaker thinks that definition is a little too open to interpretation.

Big Cat Note: yeah, and how many are selling this info to criminals?



YouTube: Full Disclosure: Effort To Remove Liberty Republicans From Leadership Of Alaska Republican Party Ben Swann Full Disclosure talks with Russ Millette the Republican Party Chair-Elect of the Alaska Republican Party. Executive Committee members are trying to block Millette and 4 other liberty Republicans before they are seated to lead the party.

New Congress even wealthier after millionaire freshmen join its ranks RT - While US citizens are getting poorer and increasingly applying for food stamps, the nation's legislators are getting richer. Freshmen members of the 113th Congress have a median net worth that is about $100,000 higher than the net worth of all congressional members combined. All 535 members of Congress are worth an average $966,001 each, according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.



Minority Report 3-D gesture-sensing interface now a reality: Leap Motion
(NaturalNews) The gesture-sensing interface used by Tom Cruise's character and others in the movie, "Minority Report," was definitely a futuristic application when the film debuted in 2002.



HEADLINE Bank of America, Citigroup earnings disappoint investors The banks' fourth-quarter earnings, hurt by settlements and steep legal expenses stemming from the financial crisis, lead to questions from Wall Street.

HEADLINE Rosen – Expect Stunning $233 For Silver As It Begins To Soar

HEADLINE China Begins to Lose Edge as World’s Factory Floor

One in every 32 Florida households received a notice of default, auction or repossession in 2012 - American Banker- Florida's foreclosure crisis just won't end. More than six years after subprime lending and overbuilding led to the worst U.S. real estate slump, the state had the biggest increase in home seizures last year, and the highest foreclosure rate, RealtyTrac Inc. said.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Hit With $557 Million Settlement Over Foreclosure Practices
Consumerist January 16, 2013 - Earlier today, the Federal Reserve announced a settlement - worth a total of $557 million - with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley over allegations "for deficient practices in mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure processing." Specifically, the settlement involves allegations that Morgan Stanley's Saxon Mortgage Services subsidiary and Goldman Sachs' Litton Loan Servicing were just as involved in rubber-stamping foreclosure documents without any proper review or understanding of what they were signing.

Big Cat Note: yeah, and who really benefited? Not the people who had their lives ruined by criminal foreclosure practices.



Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious

Fast And Furious: Man Claims to Have Shot U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry


The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ This January, may your most romantic dreams come true ~  


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Pink Bubble Gun kisses from the Kougar...

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