Monday, January 14, 2013

Now, the old dreams vanish into the mists...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #228

Now, the old dreams vanish into the mists of time, while the new brave dreams of the Aquarian Age arise. On the wings of the cosmic fire dragon, these bold dreams spin the world into a brighter existence, once chaos and evil extinguishes themselves.

This week, it's rage against rage, and many now go head to head. And, so it begins -- the rage of the people against the insane rage of the establishment.

On the personal front, this week could be a wild roller coaster ride for some of us. If so, hang on and try to make sense of what is happening. Otherwise, this will be a time to notice the details of your life, and take appropriate action where needed.

New career paths will be opening up for some, in concert with the changing and collapsing economy. The following month is also a perfect time to look for the opportunities that will benefit you and your loved ones. For, now is the time to seize the day.

On the paranormal front, strange creatures rise from the depths of the previously unknown, to be revealed to the world at large.

UFOs crowd the skies, and are being reported like crazy. Meanwhile, the brain-drain media ignores this ongoing phenomena. For the most part.

All while, pyramids located across the globe, most of them unknown to the public, are now activating. That is, sending out a frequency web which assists the Earth in stabilizing its land masses. However, this is not the only function of this energy webbing.

On the magickal, mystical front, the rise of the Templar mysteries. The real truth behind the Knights Templars comes to the fore at this point in history. This will radically change how many view the past, and their own spiritual heritage as human beings.

On the economic front, this week there will be even more revelations around the massive criminal behavior of the BIG BANKS. The attitude of 'Too Big To Fail Means Too Big To Jail' will continue to prevail -- and so will the economic raping, pillaging, and plundering of the people.

Meanwhile, more of the people will wake up, and get out of the system any way they are able, while creating new ways of doing business with each other.

Worldwide, the economic collapse speeds up with terrible ramifications, especially in Europe. Stock markets begin tumbling, and become erratic this week, and for the next three months.

On the truth front, as the TRUTH on every front imaginable continues to pummel the people, activism takes another huge leap forward. This will be particularly true regarding the REAL TRUTH about history/herstory -- what has been intentionally hidden from humanity for age upon age.

On the war front, a nasty situation is developing in the Middle East war theater, beyond the daily horrific events. While most of the brutality and mass killing is not being reported by the presstitute media, likely this week or next, the headlines will be all about catastrophic war events.

This will happen for two reasons. The first, and foremost, is the smoke and mirrors trick -- or doing dirty deeds behind the scenes -- while everyone's attention is placed on the tragic situation. The second reason is to promote war itself as a viable option to solve the problems of the world.

On the tyranny-at-work front, in these times, 'being reasonable' is the killshot being used by the dark-side establishment. That is, the endless mantra of BE REASONABLE & STAY CALM OR LOOK CRAZY is the strategy being used to beat down and beat back the real TRUTH.

This sinister method of propaganda is about making people give up their ability to DEFEND themselves with weapons. It's always 'we can be reasonable, can't we?' It's *reasonable* to ban this, stop this, make a law against this and that.

Meanwhile, those who shout the loudest have well-armed bodyguards, and armies of protection.

On the AWAKENING front, Cometh the Super Fury ~ The Phrase For Our Times. As the quality of life degrades, and gets worse on every front for people -- in general, that is -- this  will cause a widespread FURY of the people across the country, and also worldwide.

On the communication front, 'we're all in it together' becomes the global mind set this week. As well, 'those of us who love and cherish freedom, and want an earthly paradise' come together in a universal mind meld. So begins, the Aquarian Age new world.

On the home front, the spirit of 1776 soars, and liberty takes root once again. Meanwhile, the new gun culture goes nova.

In opposition, the bankster gangster crowd accelerates their plan to bring in hard martial law. Brutal, unjustified raids via SWAT team will be used to make 'the people' cower, and obey.

On the food front, battles are being won against the GMO Frankenfoods. This will continue at a high cost to humanity, as the corp-gov and BIG AGRA strike back with terror tactics.

At this point in time, in ever-increasing numbers, the people will rise and demand 'back to the land' natural foods. Seeds will become the stock and trade for many, and home gardens will start to become the norm.

On the land changes front, HEADLINE: New German Island Appears - Size of 25 Football Pitches Off ~ "A new German island has appeared about 15 miles off the coast of Schleswig- Holstein in the North Sea, according to reports."

For the coming month, earthquakes, beyond the usual number and size, continue, and will be almost nonstop.

The increase in volcanic activity continues, especially beneath the oceans, and there will be more major eruptions on the near horizon.

The sun lashes out with ever larger coronal mass ejections. These 'energy fields' will affect weather patterns on Earth, causing superstorms and more flooding around the world. Many coastal areas will be adversely affected.

On the energy front, the subtle changes begin as the Aquarian Age energies pour down, infusing the Earth and everyone, along with every creature. The web of life itself vibrates to a bolder tune. The meekness of the Piscean Age fades in favor of 'standing out' amongst the crowd.

On the really bad news front, the cyber geniuses of our time who are activists against the dark-side establishment are now deemed to be enemies of the state, and are being purged. Beware, take care, and prepare to go underground. May the Force Be With You!

On the good news front, the snakes come slithering out of the woodpile, and will now be easily recognized by many of the people, at this point in history. With the arrival of the Chinese Year of Snake, those who are yellowbelly sidewinders will have the cosmic spotlight shone on them.

On the global mafia cabal front, From the prior forecast: "with the over medication of Americans, the day and night of the walking dead is here. During this time of zombification, the new world order crowd is moving in for the final kill. That is, this anti-life force is making its bid to bring humanity down to its knees, and bury us."

On the freedom front, from Ron Paul: "Brushfires of Liberty Sweeping the Nation"

This week heralds a major turning point, not only in the call for freedom, and the defense of freedom, but a wholly new 'freedom of the mind' emerges.

Of course, the soulless ones will counter this AWAKENING with the blackest and foulest of deeds, meant to be seen on the world stage.

Trendwise,'Iceland is the way out'. That is, many more of the people worldwide realize throwing the bankster gangsters out, along with the crooked politicians, works to restore the overall prosperity of the people.

More important, ACTION is taken. Because many of the people rise, and will no longer be beaten down by lies, fraud, and tyranny.

This is likely to be a crazy week for many of us. May we all have the miracles we need, and desire.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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