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On the magickal, mystical front...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #227 

On the magickal, mystical front, The Year of the GREAT MOTHER is 2013. That is, the energy of the universal mother arrives -- both the good nurturing aspects of THE DIVINE FEMININE, along with the ferocity of a mother bear defending her cubs.

The 'neutral' side of this sacred energy is also being co-opted, and translated into the 'nanny state', currently being forced on the people by the dark-side elite. However, the act of saying 'no', and reclaiming our divine sovereignty will stop this mental enslavement.

For the next six months of 2013, the battle lines form. Also, battles begin on many fronts. Featured this week, and this month:  Anti-Life, the New Decadent Society versus the Rise of the True Romantic Who Loves Life.

Simply notice how this is represented in the world around you. For, both the anti-life trend and romantic trend will show up in various guises.

On the personal front, dazed and confused, it's going to be that kind of week for many of us. At the same time, a new kind of clarity grips many of us, about the events of these times. Thus, we begin making permanent changes in our lives.

Likely, this week will also be one of action. That is, take action wherever and whenever you can to make improvements in your life situation. If there's any uncertainty, think about what tactic to take, then leap.

Love is in the air, as well. Now is the time to nurture your good relationships, to make them even more fulfilling. And if a new love possibility arises, take it at a leisurely 'let's hold hands first' pace. You won't regret it.

On the economic front, now accelerates the 'deliberate' destruction of the U.S. economy. The bankster gangsters suck out more of the peoples' substance with an onslaught of taxes, fines, and fees.

Gold, as a commodity, could take a prominent position this week. Watch for it.

From a prior forecast, this theme continues: "Economic Warfare Against the People. Or, This Financial Holocaust Brought to You by the Bankster Gangster Crowd.

With the ongoing slow collapse of the economy, more and more of the people will be forced to owe their souls to the BIG BANKS, and the BIG BOX company stores.

Meanwhile, the middle class is being taxed into oblivion. Meanwhile, oil wars, gold wars, and currency wars, now rage between blocks of nations.

To fully bring in the new world order, what is termed 'forced debt creation' is being implemented. In simple terms this means 'the people' are being suckered and defrauded -- intentionally turned into debt slaves.

Despite the endless promises, there will be no relief from Big Gov, only more pain. As one spiritually aware individual stated, "time to abandon everything gov related." This advice is wise. If you are able to free yourself in any way. DO IT!"

On the paranormal front, a wacky week and month ahead in the supernatural world. The planet, Mars, stays in the lead as far as 'real' space news, even though NASA's lies are thicker than ever. Anthing to keep the truth about the red planet hidden.

As usual, some of the 'high strangeness' happenings will leak into the brain-drain news, but be disguised as much less important than they are. Most of this will revolve around UFOs, currently a worldwide, ongoing phenomena.

Here's a head shaker: HEADLINE from Giant Cube Recorded By NASA, Bigger Than Earth, Near Sun On Dec 21st & 23rd. NASA Source, Alien Cube First Seen In 2011~ Reported on Monday, December 24, 2012 0:19.

On the truth front, it's time to look for a life raft in a sea of lies. With many of the people now in revolt over the second amendment, the trade and stock of the establishment becomes bigger deceptions and better, badder lies.

TRUTH wins in the long run, however. This is because hypocrisy does not fly well with the common folks. If the elite own weapons, and have bodyguards to protect themselves...well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, as the old saying goes.

On the war front, in the Middle East theater, key changes will take place, that in essence mean, the dark-side controllers who want WWIII to begin full-out, are currently losing that fight. This is because of so many prayers for peace.

Although, the horror-killing fields will continue in the Middle East, and the strategic countermoves escalate at a frightening pace, GOOD is *slowly* winning.

At this time, the dark-siders are pushing 'the people' into civil disobedience and civil wars by imploding every economy on the face of the globe. As always, this is basically a DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy.

However, ultimately this strategy will backfire. For, the dragon of war, the evil ones have conjured, now whips around to devour them. This will not occur overnight, of course.

This week, there will likely be news about another war that has begun, or is being waged in secret.

On the AWAKENING front, The time of intention is here. That is, humanity's ability to INTEND the future as an act of *common will*, is now much stronger than it was before. This is due to many forces, one of them being the Aquarian Age itself.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week, The Hammer is Being Brought Down... again and again. At this point in time, every type of false flag operation is being planned, and setup.

The goal is to force 'the people' to give up their firearms, and 'willingly' go under hard martial law, with the false belief that accepting hardcore tyranny will protect them. Beware and prepare, dear ones, for the many trials ahead.

Other than divine intervention, only constant exposure will slow down, or stop this evil brought to you, courtesy of the new world order crowd.

On the communication front, as the Aquarian Age vibes become stronger, the Call to Arms, the battle cry for freedom sweeps like wildfire across the country, and goes viral across the world. For, our souls desire freedom, and only thrive in a state of love and liberty.

In the next three months, there will be major advances in cyber communication devices, and the price will be just right for many.

On the home front, as the darkness of oppression spreads, as every attempt is made to destroy human creativity, and suppress the soul, in a step-by-step but rapid process, there will be two pathways to true freedom.

One is ASCENSION, the vibrational rise beyond the frequencies of evil. At the same time -- of equal importance -- is the willingness of humanity to stand up, stand together, and courageously battle to be free.

Meanwhile, homesteading begins the renewal of our society -- on the land, and in the rundown areas of smaller communities. To paraphrase future trends maestro, Gerald Celente: "Bring it back home... When everyone does well in a community, everyone does well."

On the food front, FOOD PRICES WARNING! STOCK UP!!! Prices on some foods are beginning to skyrocket.

Also, becoming an expert on the storage of food will become a good way to earn a living in the near future.

On the land changes front, there are several disasters ahead, during the year 2013, that will involve the force of water.

Also, the affect of the sun on the planetary weather systems will be revealed more and more, despite the attempt to keep that information from the public.

In the future, about midpoint 2013, the super windstorms begin in some areas of the planet.

On the energy front, the energetics of Mother Earth are a-changing. Thus, there will be opportunities to create and use power in new ways.

This also means, there could be major interruptions in the electrical grid, as plasma energy increases in the atmosphere. The corp-gov will attempt to cover this up, placing the blame elsewhere.

On the really bad news front, while looking for more ways to shoot the public like fish in a barrel, the despotic Caligula crowd -- the elite now in control of most countries -- continues to revel in their endless decadence. This will become more and more obvious.

Also, this week, be prepared for some off-the-charts bad economic news. This has not fully formed as a future event, but could involve the banking system.

On the good news front, We Don't Know How Different We Are. On the other side of the 2012 Cosmic Stargate, we don't know how different we are, as in the positive changes taking place within us human beings. We won't know, except as our lives progress, and we discover ourselves anew during 2013.

However, the Winter Solstice 2012 transformational vibes are kicking in. So, what does this look like at this moment in time?

STRAIGHT ON LIKE A MACK TRUCK is the vibe. People are speaking out, speaking their minds, and they are NOT holding back.

It's no longer about pussyfooting around in life. Not anymore. The tigress/tiger energy inside all of us has awakened, and is ready to roar.

Roar to life. Roar about life. Roar at life. Roar at everyone. Roar with everyone. Roar for everyone. Roar for freedom and right and good. Roar against injustice, tyranny, and evil.

We the people are roaring now. We are no longer mewing passively. This collective 'roar' will only become stronger as the year progresses.

On the global mafia cabal front, with the over medication of Americans, the day and night of the walking dead is here. During this time of zombification, the new world order crowd is moving in for the final kill. That is, this anti-life force is making its bid to bring humanity down to its knees, and bury us.

On the freedom front, Chief of Police Mark Kessler is proposing a 'Second Amendment Preservation' ordinance for his small town in Pennsylvania. Given the overwhelming interest by other police chiefs and sheriffs, this could serve as model legislation -- and as a way to uphold the right to bear arms and nullify any unconstitutional moves by the feds. Without violence.

Trendwise, Egypt rises from its ancient past to speak once again to ALL of the peoples on Earth. This will occur mostly through revelations around the pyramids, the temples, and the various sacred sites.

Also, more ancient texts will be discovered, and other Egyptian texts will be newly interpreted -- newly understood in profound and divine ways. 

Another major trend this year, is everything COSMIC, COSMOS, and COSMOLOGICAL. More of us will be looking to the skies, especially the night skies.

This week, dance through your days with a light heart whenever possible. If it's been awhile since you've held hands with a loved one, now is the time to learn the joys of clasping hands again. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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