Monday, December 5, 2011

This is a week of miracles...

Lions love gifts, too...

Late night meows, my jingle-bell, holly jolly Big Beautiful Cats... brrrrr... the cold is shivering the tame prairie and it doesn't look like it's leaving anytime soon... yuck!

This is a week of miracles...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #170

For the following week, and during the month of December, the wild ride into the year, 2012, begins. To have an idea of what that means, picture the difference between riding a reluctant pony versus being atop Secretariat, the Triple Crown Champion, as he's racing for the finish line.

This is because 'everything' ramps up. The massive arrival of energies from the galactic center will cause planet-wide turbulence and worldwide turmoil. Or in other terms, this means bigger and badder weather, more land changes, and also societal changes that will burst forth like storm waters over and through a broken dam.

From this point forward the idea of freedom and free humanity will become even larger in concept. Strong action toward this goal begins in many major population areas, and there will be no let up by the groups who embrace this Awakening.

As well, discontent erupts like an angry volcano all over the globe, and rises beyond what is taking place currently. In general, humanity is enraged by the huge amount of inequalities they are suffering. This will only be exacerbated as the face of evil becomes like a neon sign in the darkness, all while their past horrific deeds are being constantly revealed.

On the disastrous economic front, the bankster gangsters will be moving monies back and forth like ping pong balls. As their criminal fraud continues to be exposed, they will be pointing fingers at each other in an attempt to become king of the financial pile. That is, once their OverLord banking system is established -- beginning with Europe.

Right now, too-big-to-fail banks as a way of doing commerce are being brought down by many forces. First and foremost, by their incomprehensible and psychopathic greed. Second, by certain secret groups devoted to the welfare of human beings. And thirdly, by the demands of the Aquarian Age. This process, of course, will be brutally ugly. Take care.

At this point in time, there are benevolent beings who have taken up humanity's cause against the soulless ones. However, it is up to each and every one of us to take a stand, and keep on standing against those who would steal our lives, our livelihoods, and our very souls.

The best strategies for the upcoming times are simple. As has been encouraged before, form like-minded communities. Learn the ways of trade, barter and creating your community's own currency. Bring forth the talents and abilities that will best serve you and everyone else. And don't forget large doses of love and caring for All who are truly deserving.

Remember, as the world changes around you, how fast you adapt, along with those you love, will be the key to bringing forth a good life. Learning to live on the land, and with the land, is also a key. And, as has been talked about before, the ability to communicate with animals will increase, and be helpful.

Trendwise, beyond the seasonal holiday festivities, it's all about getting off the grid. Any service, advice, product offered that will assist folks in accomplishing more self-reliant living will become all the rage, especially once the year, 2012, begins.

This is a week of miracles, gifts from the angels to let all of us know they are present. Smile, and say thank you, when one comes your way.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar is blogging at THE ROMANCE STUDIO BLUE on Tuesday, the 6th. And, yep, she'll be posting in her usual slot at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS, as well.

And... the Indie adventure saga continues for this Big Cat. Will she get anything uploaded successfully, or not? Okay, the Kougar signed up at Amazon to publish, and also downloaded the recommended Mobipocket Creator.

On the GOOD NEWS front, the cover art for SANTA BABY, SEVERAL STARS AWAY has been finalized and yes! Yowls! the Kougar adores it, and hopes readers do too. Once again, the cover art goddess has been very, very good to this Big Cat author, and IS SHE EVER grateful.

Also accomplished today, the Kougar signed SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS up for the Christmas Blog Hop. More info to follow later, but the big prize is a Kindle Fire. Since this Big Cat doesn't do FB, here's the link if you want to check it out. ~ ~


by Pat Cunningham

“Elly, my good woman.” Mayor Link strolled into the Bighorn Diner and took his favorite booth, along the wall where he could survey the interior and anyone else who came in. “A plate of your finest apple flapjacks and a side order of Fakin’ Bacon. And wrap me up a banana muffin to go.”

Vernon MacMahon, currently the diner’s only other patron, snorted from his table by the window. “Just can’t stay away from the bananas, can you, monkey boy?”


**Permission to forward granted**

Join us Saturday December 10th as we celebrate the holidays with an open excerpt day.

All day Saturday I am opening the cafe up to some wonderful excerpts to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be a member of the LRC Loop to participate

WHERE: LR Cafe Loop (

TIME: Midnight-midnight EST (USA time)

What is allowed: Excerpts only. No promos for new contracts, reviews, where you are blogging/chatting, etc. Save those for Mondays.

Some things to remember for this day:

*You are allowed to put "Promo/Excerpt" in the subject line.

*All heat ratings, all genres are welcome. From sweet and nice to everything spice.

*It does not have to be a holiday book to join in the fun.

*If you posted an excerpt this day, you are welcome to post a contest announcement if you are involved in one, want to give something away at the LRC, etc. It's up to the author/publisher to select winner, etc.

If you have any questions, please email me before December 10th at dawn_roberto@ yahoo dot com.


Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

11:22 pm... 2:22 am... 1:11 pm... connect to others with your heartfire...

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! ALL POWER TO THE FREEDOM OCCUPATION!

~ Have a happy and magickal holiday season ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Jingle-bell, holly jolly kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Wow, it sounds like you have to download lots of different formatting programs... Very interesting!

Not that this helps in the now, but by the second book you indie pub, I'll bet you'll be a pro! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I can only HOPE! No, doubt if I'll be a pro, but if I can do this, then it should get easier. That is, unless they change things up.

I did do a test EPUB of Santa Baby. And it looked good, except that it put a space between the paragraphs, and they're already indented.

Savanna Kougar said...

Actually, if you use Word .doc, NOT Word .docx, then it seems like it might be simpler. Although Word does funky things to the code at times. Still, you need a way to view what it looks like in the different formats.