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Pampering the Heart ~ Some Heroes Know

Nearing midnight meows, my fabulously furred Felines... nice and rainy on the tame prairie, and fairly mild today... these getting-darker days are no fun, though... what a whirlwind of a day per usual in these times.

Pampering the Heart ~ Some Heroes Know ... the Kougaress never thought of it in this way until she began considering how Cait expressed it in a promo for her blog [see below]. That is, the emotional connection between a woman and a man, or between any lovers, if they are to have a happily ever after, is absolutely crucial. In life, the more ways you can connect with your partner and those you love, the better and more fulfilling your relationships will be. Both women and men need connections with each other to thrive, to live, and not merely exist. That is the human heart, and who we are as beings in this grand universe.

In truth, emotional pampering is something this Big Cat knows little about and has not experienced that often... except, through the heroines and heroes she writes about... and by being around couples and families who do pamper each other emotionally... whether by instinct, intuition or by learning how... or all of the previous.

So, the great big ah-ah realization... the more a hero knows how to pamper his heroine's heart, or his lover's heart... the more the heroine/lover will respond, and at some point she/he will return that way of loving, and pamper the hero in ways that mean the most to him.

The Kougaress believes this is especially true for all of us goddesses. Most of us, no matter how tough we are, have a huge ole tender spot in our hearts. It beats strong and real and despite our personal trials and tribulations. As well, some of us are die-hard romantics, and we crave that type of attention to our hearts. It means the world to us. It means we are loved.

Heroes who appeal to that tender spot in the heart, heroes who pamper our emotions, and show real caring... well, if betrayal doesn't occur... then, love blossoms full flower, and keeps on blooming for a lifetime... and, even into eternity for immortal heroines and heroes.

Authoress news and mews ~

Kinda cool. The Kougar just checked her Amazon page and SANTA BABY, SEVERAL STARS AWAY is her bestselling ebook right now, with that particular vendor.

Promo and, yes, more promo... today the Kougar updated her author page at Romance Reviews, also.

Going with her authorly mood to write about Christmas Stallions, the Kougar created more characters for Talbot's Peak ~ Black Diamond, Dream Catcher and their heroine, Serenity.


Stallion Shifters for Christmas
by Savanna Kougar

"Whinny, whinny," Dash answered the stable's phone. Merry rolled a disapproving eye at him -- the very reason he'd done it. Later he would give her a spirited ride to make up for his stud ornery ways -- as she phrased it.

Dash flicked his inner horse tail as he checked out caller ID. "Yeah, what are you huntin' for?" He'd stressed 'hunting' since Zance was a wolf shifter. "By the way, never did buy you that tankard of Dante's finest ale for chasing off the pack hanging around the back pasture. Knew they weren't any of the locals."

"Nope. Not why I contacted. Got a situation here, and a favor to ask." Zance didn't take even take a breath, and Dash heard the near desperation in his rumble-raspy voice.

"Yeah, owe ya. What is it?"

"Sherilyn, one of the human ranchers. She got hurt real bad. Saved her, and me and Dontoya are carin' for her. But, she's got some extra fancy horses..."

"Seen 'em," Dash interrupted. "For a human she knows how to breed equines, bring out the best qualities. Hurt, did you say?"

Fun and Fascinating blog. Cait expresses herself beautifully about the importance of emotional pampering in her promo, as well.

Old world beauty...or how to pamper yourself a la Catherine de Medic
Posted by: "Cait Reynolds"
Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:30 am (PST)

Today on Artifex Amor, we talk about beauty, and specifically the amazing beauty products I discovered from Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy.

One of the reasons we all enjoy romance so much is that it's an emotional pampering. Well, time to pamper your body as well as your heart. Take a bubble bath today, put on a whiff of perfume, or just simply moisturize (how many times do we forget to do that? I know I do!). ~ ~



Portrait of Desire, Book 1, La Belle Epoque
Duet of Desire, Book 2, La Belle Epoque

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

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An interesting article from ~ ~

How to Grow a Salad in Your Window
By Bill Weir, C. Michael Kim & David Miller

First pass under a rumbling elevated subway and then walk up five flights of stairs, there you'll find a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables growing in an apartment window. Chives, red leaf lettuce, sage, basil, even strawberries, all growing above each other and next to each other like Hollywood squares.

We're in the Brooklyn apartment of Britta Riley, the founder of Windowfarms and she's invited us to her Brooklyn loft to check out the future of urban, home farming.

A Windowfarm is a vertical hydroponic farm that's set up in a window and can grow certain fruits, vegetables and herbs year round based on the season, even in winter. To feed the plants, a clear plastic tube is connected to a pump on a timer that circulates a nutrient rich solution directly to your plants root systems.

Up until now, Windowfarms have all been homemade, crafted from plastic bottles and other materials listed on the open source Windowfarms website free for anyone to use. There are already nearly 25,000 window farmers, but due to $250,000 in funding raised by a recent Kickstarter campaign, a commercially manufactured Windowfarm will be available for pre-order this weekend, and delivered in March.

Growing your own food at home is rewarding, economical and as fresh as you can get. Literally rip a piece of basil or sage and cook with it while it's still alive. Pledge $99 to the kickstarter campaign and have a window farm mailed to you when they begin shipping in March. If you can't wait, visit the website and learn how to make your own.

~ ~ Windowfarms lets indoor farmers grow indoors with a window garden using organic and sustainable products. Window farm and indoor garden ...

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! ALL POWER TO THE FREEDOM OCCUPATION!

~ Have a happy and magickal holiday season ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Pampering the Heart kisses from the Kougar...

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