Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Peacemaker, Yep...

How this Big Cat wishes she’d learned how to shoot a real Colt 45, since she loved shooting her cap pistols that looked like a Colt 45. Wahoooo...

Late night crazy meows, my lovely and incredibly brilliant KitKats... another ultra-lovely day on the tame prairie... now the moon is sheer absolute brilliance in the night sky... in fact, this Big Cat isn’t certain she’s ever seen the moon looking this bright... hmmmm...

Darling Kittens, all love to you, and be careful on and around 9/11. Not good stuff is in the wind and on this Big Cat’s radar.

Authoress news and mews ~

It was history-research day for the Kougar that began because of an excellent blog at the SWEETHEARTS OF THE WEST blog by Kathy Otten, titled GUNMEN AND PEACEMAKERS. [see the blogroll to click on over].

And, yep, chocolate entered the picture today since this Big Cat didn’t realize it was taken by some who pioneered West during 1850.

Later the Kougar was looking for a cowboy, who had a man’s man look to him to compare to her hero, Sloan, who stars in her ‘crazy little futuristic’ WIP. There’s an image lurking in this Big Cat’s mind, however she can’t quite pin it down... but, dang, no results. She did find lots of new sexy cowboy pics! YAHOOOOOOOOO!


Wolven... Sometimes the darkness overcomes me.
By Savanna Kougar

Sometimes the darkness overcomes me.

It didn’t used to be this way. These dark moods that come upon me, and feel like black thunderclouds have taken over my insides.

This darkness that rules and makes me prowl the night seeking out a kill.

No, once upon a time I was Miss Sunshine, a look-for-the-rainbow kind of girl. I still go euphoric over rainbows... but...

The dark moods come more frequently now.

Why should that matter to you?

No reason.

Except that somehow I have been turned wolven. I don’t say werewolf because when the fur sprouts like crabgrass, when the snout and tail erupt, it’s not during the full moon.

EROTIC ROMANCE AUTHORS, you want to know about this...

The French Court Embraces Chocolate

In 1643 the Spanish Princess Maria Theresa was betrothed to Louis XIV of France, she gave her fiancé an engagement gift of chocolate, packaged in an elegantly ornate chest. Chocolate became extremely popular with Louis XIV and the members of his Court at Versailles.

His foresight led him to appoint Sieur David Illou to manufacture and sell chocolate, which not only created a new income stream, but also it is said to have inspired erotic pleasures. It was well known that in Louis’ 72nd year he was making love to his wife twice a day… Chocolate?

~ madelainechocolate.com/index.php/consumers/know ~

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 am... 2:22 am... 3:33 am... 4:44 am... 2:12 pm... 2:22 pm... 5:55 pm... over thirty volcanoes are active currently, with more are becoming active... over ten thousand earthquakes occurred...

Earthquake (10,000) Swarm Rattles Germany-Czech Republic Border Region: The Geophysical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic says it has recorded 10,000 earthquakes during the last 10 days in Nov? Kostel area of the Cheb District, a region located close to the Czech Republic’s western border with Germany. The earthquake swarm started on Tuesday 23 August and continued Saturday 03 September. While many have gone unnoticed by the local population some of the larger tremors, including more than two dozen quakes exceeding 3 magnitude have been felt in the towns of Chemnitz, Karlovy Vary, Birch, Bukovany and Luby. ~ stevequayle.com~

Here’s News you can actually use, if you dare...

Blurb about last night’s radio show on COAST TO COAST AM...

Global Turmoil/ Alchemy

Date: 09-05-11
Host: George Noory
Guests: Jay Weidner, Steve Quayle

In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle offered commentary on current events and global turmoil. There are many disruptive earth changes all converging this month such as volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires, he said, adding that the quakes in Colorado and the East Coast were rather anomalous. Strange sounds or hums have been heard in Kiev, as well as in Colorado before the quake, and he connected them with the possible use of what he called "shockwave weapons." There's a lot of manipulation going on, and "there is technology that can not only steer or direct hurricanes, but can initiate volcanoes and earthquakes," according to two former Secretaries of Defense, Quayle cited.

The New World Order has a goal to depopulate the planet, possibly using contagions, as well as a plan to sink the economy, he said, adding that both the Euro and US dollar are going to be heavily devalued. He also talked about Henry Gruver's vision of an invasion of America by the Russians. Further, Quayle said that his sources told him there could be a devastating EMP attack on the US that will occur between 9/11/11 and 11/11/11.


In the latter half, author, filmmaker, and hermetic scholar, Jay Weidner, discussed his recent work on how alchemy can return us to a golden age where people can have extended lives and enhanced abilities. He researched the lore of the Philosopher's Stone, an alchemical elixir said to increase lifespan, and found much evidence for it across ancient cultures. Alchemy, he noted, affirmatively answers the question-- can you condense chi (life energy) into a highly concentrated form that can be consumed?

What were formerly secretive alchemical formulas are now being shared openly via the growth of the Internet, he continued, adding that the Book of Aquarius is available as a free download, and is one of the best guides on the subject of alchemy. Weidner also talked about his study of alien visitors, using Mac Tonnies' term "cryptoterrestrials" to describe them. Such beings believe there's going to be a catastrophe on Earth, and have been migrating to underground bases on Mars, he contended. He further suggested that some of the Apollo moon footage was faked, and that the late film director Stanley Kubrick helped create this material in a studio.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros, Bill Birnes



Kubrick's Odyssey Part 1


The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye
Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters
Angel Wars


Fires rage across Texas, turning drought-stricken state into raging inferno
High winds whipped up devastating fires across Texas Sunday and sent them coursing through the tinderbox landscape at record speed. Across central Texas, spanning Austin, Waco and even approaching Shreveport, wildfires leapt across the drought-stricken state with astounding speed.
Lee's remnants cause twisters, flooding in South
AP- 39 minutes ago

AP - The destructive remnants of Tropical Storm Lee slithered farther north Tuesday morning after spawning tornadoes, flooding numerous roads, sweeping several people away and knocking out power to thousands. Record amounts of rain have fallen in parts of Tennessee, and more was expected.


Big Cat Note: If anything says ‘smart’ on it, run like hell in the opposite direction!!!

From THE POWER HOUR newsletter ~

Long-time TPH and GCN listeners JOHN and PAULINE HOLETON have been so inspired that they now travel a lot getting other people involved! At the top of their priority list is SMART METERS and how this incredibly relates to AGENDA 21. Smart meters are being placed without consent and without knowing what happens to the receivers in the process.
'Smart' meter radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization (pdf), at least 100x the exposure from a cell phone, say UC Nuclear experts. Like living within 500 feet of a major cell tower, according to Sage Associates. Thousands report adverse health effects to the PUC, yet installations continue as if nothing is wrong.

Do not loose your Constitutional "Reasonal Expectation and Right to Privacy"

Do Not Give Them Consent by NOT OBJECTING to the installation of Smart Meters!

You must SAY NO to the installation of SMART METERS to protect your Freedom! It is under the Lack of "CONSENT" to enter into a "New Contract" that most of the violations of the "Consumer's Protection Act" are derived and you can fight for your Privacy and Freedom!

What to Do:


Website: W4AR.com

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Snappy September ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Dark Wolven kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Oooh...I bet Maria Theresa always made sure there was chocolate in the house! Muahahahah

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I bet she did! Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac, and it keeps you healthy too.