Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bedazzling UFO

The Kougaress absolutely adores wearing velvet capes!

Late night October yowls, my splendid and spectacularly spooky Big Cats... the first thing when the Kougaress got up today and was peering out her fave window, she saw a large red robin girl who was feeding on poke berries... another lovely blue-sky day on the tame prairie... but, where, oh, where is the rain?

The Bedazzling UFO... okay then, my darlings, this is going to sound really out there and downright unbelievable to some... and, yes, the Kougaress will likely be labeled a kook, or worse... maybe even a liar, or simply someone who desperately craves attention and who is obviously off her nut...

However, here goes... about four thirty in the morning this Big Cat, being a night owl, was throwing some popcorn kernels out the back door because there are some critters who always eat them up so you can’t even tell they were there... anyhoo, she looked up at the night sky like she normally does and spotted what she thought was a really bright star or a planet almost straight up... after that she went to let her pups in, which is in a different part of the house. Well, she looked for the star or planet again, and she saw it from that vantage point also, so it must have been fairly high in the heavens... at that point, the object increased in color as if it had become a giant prism in the night sky... being fiercely curious now, the Kougaress went and got her glasses for a clearer look out the back door. The glasses are only used on rare occasions... this Big Cat won’t go into an explanation here as to why... suffice it to say, she donned the glasses and found the bright celestial object which had become a blazing shimmer of red, white and blue lights, and was definitely larger than a star or planet could be... so, of course this Big Cat continued watching... oh, the beautifully colored lights began flashing and sparkling in such a gorgeous way... and the shape of the object became triangular... not only that, the lights, at one point, were only white and outlined the triangular shape... then moments later, the triangle UFO turned on beautiful golden lights like it was putting on a display... well, at one point the Kougaress waved and said, hi... in seconds, the triangle became color-bedazzling and larger in appearance, then blinked out... there was only darkness... well, the UFO blinked back on, but in a slightly different location in the sky... after that it blinked out and returned to the original position... and after a short spectacular bedazzling display of lights, it blinked out for good... nothing but black sky... nope, it wasn’t an object covered up by clouds.

So, oh sure, that was a meteor... hey, how about swamp gas [no swamps here] or a satellite... sure, yeah, a satellite could put on that performance and remain stationary... sure, yeah... and guess what, the Kougaress had a witness who shall remain nameless.

Feeling-wise, this experience, that particular UFO felt magickal, magically bedazzling... and was nothing like the UFO this Big Cat saw shortly after moving to the tame prairie. That UFO was slow moving and at treetop level, and while it was triangular, it wasn’t all that big and was likely a black ops stealth craft because of the rectangular band of lights.

Given UFO sightings are at record levels across the world, and have been for at least a couple of years now... and, that’s all sorts and types of UFOs sighted all over Mother Earth... well, this Big Cat is glad, happy she saw this spectacular beauty. Thank you! to whomever was in control.

Authoress news and mews ~

Yes, a typical authorly busy day. On a whim, thought, the Kougar spent part of today checking out the costumes at the Pyramid Collection website. She would love to spend the entire month of October going to Fantasy Costume Parties... however, no such possibility... so, she’s taking the vicarious route, and is planning on posting costumes she would like to wear... unless, something major comes along, or gets in the way... who knows with this world...

BTW! A BIG ROAR OF THANKS to everyone who has purchased KANDY APPLE FOR HALLOWEEN. Sparkly witchy good vibes coming your way.


...I'm Screwed
by Serena Shay

“Hello, Ranger, I’m screwed.”

Riker stared at the little bit of a thing in front of him and prayed he could maintain his stalwart expression when all he wanted to do was smile. Though her voice was cultured and she looked to have been pampered most of her life, she had a sense of humor. She’d have to have, to be standing in front of him bare naked, trying to cover the bits and pieces all the while cracking funny with her introduction. He could like this woman…gawd, he hoped she was a woman.

“Well ma’am, you don’t appear to be screwed—yet, but you definitely have some questions to answer.” Like what the hell she was for starters. Was she human or alien? Did alien’s blush? ‘Cause right this moment she was redder than a currant berry and not just in her cheeks.

From ~

Your October Forecast is Here!

The leaves may be changing and the weather becoming cooler and crisper, but the stars see no reason to let the start of Autumn dampen your spirits!

October kicks off with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn residing in equitable Libra. On October 3rd, aggressive Mars and lucky Jupiter will square off, giving you a dose of enthusiasm and overconfidence. This is great for getting your way, but be careful not to get carried away thinking rules don't apply to you!

On October 6th, chatty Mercury will line up with severe Saturn. This may bring a hint of gloominess and a slight negative tone to conversations, but nothing too difficult. Then, on the 7th, charming Venus will meet with fanciful Neptune. Your good intentions could bring romantic fantasies to life, as long as you're not too impractical with your plans. When Venus moves into intense Scorpio on the 9th, you'll experience blissful closeness with your sweetheart. Just beware of unreasonable jealousy!

The full Moon will rise in Aries on the 12th, making you feel high-spirited and impulsive, but this will be tempered by a distinct cautiousness. Meanwhile, Venus will pair up with Pluto on the same day, creating a sexy and seductive mood. October 13th will be another cosmically active day as Saturn tips its hat to the Sun and Mercury moves into Scorpio. Saturn will ensure agreements are satisfied to their most minute details. Mercury in Scorpio will bring a couple weeks of deep, meaningful conversations, peppered with forceful and exuberant opinions.

After a few days of rest, the stars kick into gear again as the Sun shines a soft light on Neptune on the 21st, creating an aura of compassion. On the 23rd, the Sun will move out of wishy-washy Libra and into decisive, resourceful Scorpio. After spending the last month hearing every side of every issue, you'll now be able to act with confidence.

The new Moon, Mars and Saturn will all play a role on the 26th to give you a military discipline, which will help you force through new plans with unrelenting determination. Finally, October will end on a high note, as first Jupiter and then the Sun line up to shake hands with Pluto on the 28th and 29th. You'll experience incredible confidence blended with a sense of empowerment. Anything and everything is possible!

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:12 am... 2:22 am... 2:22 pm... 11:11 pm... October looks like an action-packed month...

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Spooky October ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Splendid and spectacularly spooky kisses from the Kougar...

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