Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Autumn-like day...

A small, but cool warrior pic of Adrian Paul.

Saturday into Sunday yowls and howls, my bold and beautiful Big Cats... another Autumn-like day on the tame prairie... the Kougaress is becoming spoiled, though probably not for long... oh, this Big Cat has been up way too long, but because of her circumstances will be up for a lot longer... is she ever tired. ~sighs~

Authoress news and mews ~

Yep, another day of learning about Indie pubbing, and checking out ways to git ‘er done. Maybe. Also, it was organizing day, as far as computer files. Plus, the Kougar is way behind on keeping track of all her heroines and heroes names in her big stack o’ WIPs and Flash Scenes. So, there’s another organizational task to be done, then kept up with. Everything feels like its coming down on this Big Cat author’s head. Yeee-owwws!

Plus, she’s working on another short story... a Halloween surprise. Maybe...?


Poly Loving Were Style
by Solara

Sam looked over at the two couples in the booth towards the back of the Josh’s bar. Two men and two women shared the rounded booth as though they were together. The men had changed seats twice during the course of their dinner. Each had share a rather passionate kiss with the women present. Quaffing more of his beer, he turned back to Sally, the bar keep.

“Damn that must be nice.” Sam jerked his thumb in the direction of the couples. “They seem to be arranging some hot time for the night.”

From ~

Planetary Alignments and Perfect Connections!

A dash of passion here, a sprinkle of enthusiasm there -- all blended together with spoonfuls of power, persuasion and imagination. Indeed, the planets are coming together to spice up your life!

More specifically, you've got two days of sugar and spice coming your way. It all begins on September 11, when elegant Venus sends a flirtatious wink to fiery Mars. This is the ideal yin-yang combination, and it's sure to bring not only fun and excitement, but also balance to your love life. Disagreements will work themselves out almost magically, leaving you with a practically perfect connection.

Then on September 12, chatty Mercury, in equally talkative Virgo, sends a friendly nod to powerful Pluto. This will lead to some intense discussions, but your powers of persuasion will ultimately win everyone over. Just remember to use this strength as a means to influence rather than control; if you do, you'll achieve great success!

Also on September 12, the full Moon in Pisces rises in the sky opposite the Virgo Sun, at which point you'll be torn between getting lost in your dreams and taking a more practical approach. Your best solution? Apply that practicality toward realizing a dream!

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

12:21am... 1:11 am... 2:12... 2:22 am... 4:44 am... 5:55 am... 2:12 pm... 4:44 pm... 11:11 pm... 12:21 am... nothing will be real, but is merely a stage made to appear real, a theatrical drama designed to fool those who watch, and care not for the truth...

Pakistan seeks foreign help after monsoon floods Reuters - 2 hours, 1 minute ago

Reuters - Pakistan's Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani sought international help on Saturday after weeks of monsoon rains killed 141 people and displaced more than 4 million in southern Sindh province.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Snappy September ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Another Autumn-like day kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Yay that you're getting to computer files organized! It will be so wonderful when it's done...well it is for me anyway. ;)

I'm still trying to reload all of my lost, then happily re-found files. What a nightmare of a job!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, so glad you re-found your files!!! Organizing mine is an ongoing big ole task. That, and trying to get a handle on the Indie thing. Whew, there's so much to know.