Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Befuddled Amazement... yowls, you betcha!

Tuvalu, Pacific Ocean ~ from Yahoo News ~ news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Endangered-Places-Around-World/ss/events/sc/042011climateplaces ~

Located between Australia and Hawaii, in one of the most remote areas of the Pacific Ocean, lies the nation of Tuvalu. Only 10-square miles – made up of tropical reef islands and narrow coral atolls encompassing blue lagoons -- Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world. Only 12,000 people inhabit the nine-island nation. At 16 feet above sea level, the country has one of the lowest maximum elevations in the world, making it extremely vulnerable to storms and changes in sea level. Tuvalu is also affected by the King Tide, a high tide that raises the sea level higher than normal. Coupled with the expected rise in global sea levels, the entire nation could ultimately become submerged. “I don’t care whether the place is big or small,” Hogh concludes. “It’s the same thing with people. No matter if you’re black or white or Chinese or whatever. It’s about treating each other with respect and it’s the same thing with these small islands.'
Note: Wouldn’t this Big Cat adore traveling to Tuvalu... she’s always had a thing for islands, whether tropical or off the coast of Scotland.

Nighttime maows, my Springtime storm-dancing Pussycats... oh, the storms! First, it was rain, and for the last couple of hours it was lightning-stormy on the tame prairie... still, no tornadoes!

Befuddled Amazement... yowls, you betcha! ... the Kougaress heard Alex Jones say this term ‘befuddled amazement’ on his radio show today... yeah, how perfect? When daring to gaze around... when having to check out what is happening in our world, yep, this Big Cat is definitely totally absolutely befuddled and amazed, and usually not in a good amazed way... sadly! When did it become okay for the gov and the so-called authorities to brutalize folks in every way possible? Including daily molestations at the airports?

Oh, if only the Kougaress could use this term to describe miracle after ‘divine miracle of grace’ instead. Befuddled amazement at the Goodness bestowed upon humanity, upon the Earth and her animals, her plants, her lands... oh, if only...

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #138

For the following week, and for the rest of the year, 20ll, there will be a dizzying pace of major, on-the-world-stage events, including weather catastrophes and the destruction of escalating wars.

As the AWAKENING gathers momentum, becoming an ever-faster avalanche, THOSE who would stop it, hyper-increase their opposition. However, their veneer is dissipating. They are being exposed for who and what they are. Psychopathic monsters to the core.

At mid-point during the week, there is likely to be a shift in how the world at large has been operating. Some will see it as all hell breaking loose. And, they won’t be wrong.

The universal force of love will take a huge jackrabbit leap this week. Love is the air. Love is everywhere. This divine force is infusing human hearts as never before. This is ‘not’ the gooey, warm fuzzy side of love. This is fierce, all encompassing love. Love that is about humanity as a whole. And, deep love in personal relationships, as well.

A strange dynamic is now rising that will muddle up the economy, and could eventually cause a wide divergence. That is, depression and prosperity will be side by side.

While the economy is still tanking for most folks, there is a new tide of individuals who are generating wealth because of their innovative genius, and because they are willing to share their discoveries without concern for patents and trademarks.

This generosity is one key to the future well-being of humanity. At this time, the more sharing that takes place, and the more folks utilize these discoveries, the faster life on Earth will return to a paradise.

As the Civil War over ideas is fought, sides will be have to be chosen at some point, sooner rather than later. Choose wisely, for this will become the future of the younger generation, and of life on Earth.

Trendwise, it’s a time of bright-light parties. With summer approaching entertainment is likely to take on the characteristics of fire. All flame and flash and high frenzy. Or, warm and glowing and home-centered.

This week it is wise to stock up on good water, as much as you are able to store. Also, a radio that will run on batteries because the storms of life are always with us.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ sirenbookstrand.blogspot.com ~

Authoress news and mews ~

While doing an internet search for Western Erotic Romance blogs, the Kougar found this site, sponsored by her publisher, Siren-BookStrand ~ westernauthors.com/default.asp ~ however, this is a site for Western lovers, in general. And, if you’re a Western author, and you’re not listed, send them your info. This Big Cat intends to do some exploring of the site in the near future. There’s all sorts of Western goodies.

And... some fun and fascinating Unicorn research today, that will hopefully translate into getting the Kougar’s SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS bloggie done for Tuesday, the 26th. Hopefully...


That Little Extra Magic
by Pat Cunningham

“I’m telling you, I saw a unicorn.”

Merry kept her professional smile on, while inside her mind blasted Dash. “I assure you, Mrs. Houck, there are no such things as unicorns, not even in backwoods Montana. You probably saw an elk, or maybe a mule deer. At long distances it’s easy for the eye to play tricks.”

“I saw it too. I got it on camera.” Mrs. Houck’s pimply son Harold thrust his cell phone into her face. “It really was a unicorn. Look.”

By Becca Simone

Thank God it’s…Monday? Seriously?

Now, before you think I’m Little Mary Sunshine who pops out of bed each morning with a smile on my face and is full of energy, let me put your mind at ease. That is so not me. I don’t even particularly like Mondays. It’s my busiest day in my day job. I get there early, stay there late.

Claws and hisses... this Big Cat HATES federally inspected eggs!!! She wants her much better tasting free range eggs. And, no, she has never been sickened by them, either! And, why support *factory farms* where the chickens are brutalized by their conditions? And, it’s just a-okay with the effing gov because most of them are paid off, or scared off.

~ cbc.ca/news/offbeat/story/2011/03/18/pei-free-range-egg-ban-584.html ~

Free-range egg ban shuts bed and breakfast

A P.E.I. bed and breakfast that has been operating for decades has decided to close down next year rather than stop serving eggs from its own hens because of a government order.

The Doctor's Inn in Tyne Valley, northwest of Summerside, also operates an organic farm. Paul and Jean Offer sell their organic vegetables and free-range eggs at the Charlottetown Farmers Market, and offer the produce to customers at the Doctor's Inn at breakfast and dinner time.

But after years of serving their own eggs, the provincial Department of Health has told them they have to stop. The department said it's a long-standing policy that food service operations can only use federally inspected eggs.

The idea of having to buy eggs from the supermarket, rather than use their own from the 75 hens in the coop out back, was too much for the Offers. They will operate this season, and then close the business down.

"When the Department of Health came around and said, 'No, you're not allowed to use your own eggs, you have to use store bought ones, or inspected ones,' we just turned around," said Paul Offer.

"Jean and I are getting older, we just looked at one another and said, 'OK, that's it, we're out of business.'"

Joe Bradley, manager of environmental health for the Department of Health, said the main issue with eggs that aren't federally inspected is the risk of salmonella contamination.

"The problem is that there's the potential for handling a contaminated product," said Bradley.

"You contaminate your hands, and the hands aren't washed. A food preparation surface may be contaminated."

Bradley said the rule has been the same for close to 20 years, and there's no crackdown.
The ban on free-range eggs has been in place for close to 20 years, says the Department of Health.

But the Doctor's Inn is not the only well-established business to recently learn of this rule. Six weeks ago, the By the River Bakery and Café in Hunter River was told it had to stop using free-range, uninspected eggs.

"Our work is always prevention," said Bradley.

"Why take the chance when you have the ability to purchase a product from a government-approved source?"

Offer said he inspects all his eggs and believes they are safe. He and his wife Jean eat the eggs, and have never been sick. He has never had a complaint in many years of selling them at the Charlottetown Farmers Market.

And, in his opinion, they taste better too.


Wowser, talk about shredding records like a tiger on the rampage... and rewriting history right and left, puns intended... yeah, was there ever an individual named Barry Soetoro who uses a Connecticut social security number, but never lived there???

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ May the April showers drench you in happiness and prosperity!


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Befuddled Amazement kisses from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...

Ugh, but it has been rainy and cold here today, and tomorrow they are talking snow...

I could really go for an extended stay on that beautiful island! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh no, not snow! Although, that's better than tornadoes, I think... I keep trying to appreciate 'not horror weather'. It's been rainy, gray and cold here... and getting swampy in the low areas.

Yeah, a tropical island... maybe, in these times, an anthology that takes place there... shapeshifters, other paranormals?

Serena Shay said...

Oh, much better than the terror of the tornado's lately. My heart goes out to all of the folks devastated by this recent rash of fury.

Hmmm, a tropical island antho...I like that idea. I have a dolphin/mermaid were, waiting patiently in the green room. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, I know. So many are suffering. Last night St. Louis got hit by another bad storm. I know because George Noory lost power and went on generator to finish the Coast to Coast show.

Interesting, love the dolphin/mermaid idea. I have some WIPs and ideas for merpeople stories. Maybe, we need to create a tropical isle at Shapeshifters where the under the sea shifters hang out.

Although, it's become so wonderfully complex ~ I love it ~ complex at Talbot's Peak, where would we find the time?