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As the world turns, burns... Terminator Kougar

Late night yowls, my firecracker-hot Felines... the Kougaress hopes you are enjoying whatever time off you may have now, and are having a good time with family and friends... yeppers, hot as peppers, the fireworks are flying high here on the tame prairie.

It was gather up the necessities today, and moi traveled into town. On her way back, she saw three gorgeous hawks winging against the beautiful blue sky, looking for dinner on the farm fields below. Driving is often good think time and this Big Cat began remembering certain turning points in her life, and reflecting on them as compared to the current reality of life.

So, as the world turns, burns... *now*... this is what the Kougaress should have done with her life... turned her body into a lean, mean, killing machine like Sarah Conner did in the Terminator Two movie.... made certain her lifestyle was ultra healthy... that means owning an organic farm/ranch with like-minded friends, one that is completely self-sufficient as far as water, food, energy (solar, alcohol, windmill, etc.), clothing and transportation... oh, and a machine shop along with other necessary crafts like making shoes and boots... also, a place that can easily be transformed into a fortress against the baddies and used as a refuge for the good folks. And, okay, art and entertainment... musical instruments, lots of books, fiction and non-fiction, survival books... and yep, doctoring stuff, medicines, growing the healing herbs, everything natural and good for you... oh, and developing psi abilities, in order, to repel any and all attacks. Heck, bring on the super powers. And, let’s all turn Ninja.

Authoress news and mews ~

Yippee, yahoo!!! The Kougar e-sent the edits back for BRANDED BY THE TEXANS... ahead of schedule.

Gypsy Wolf
by Serena Shay

Happy Friday everyone,

As I near the end of my current story, I find myself thinking about new characters and I give the ideas that have been germinating these many weeks a chance to flow onto the paper as scenes or scene-ettes. :)

Flirty Friday: Good Bookstore Pick-up Lines
by Elise Hepner

So, I'm going to admit something here--I've always wanted to be hit on in a bookstore. Now, on husband and I's first date he kissed me in a Barnes and Nobles, but that doesn't count. So in honor of my PG fantasy here are some of the amusing (fake) bookstore pick up lines.
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Thirteen Rules for Guys!
In no particular order..
PAT CUNNINGHAM posted this on the Siren-BookStrand loop ~

Happy Birthday to Coyote Moon

It was one year ago today that my first romance story, COYOTE MOON, came out from Bookstrand. In honor of the occasion, here's an excerpt:

She straightened and stretched, from her toes to her tongue, then used that tongue to swear. She squeezed her eyes shut, opened them, scrunched them shut again. Yellow eyes loomed behind her lids. She lifted them and swore again. Still there.

If only the wolves were the actual culprits. Unfortunately, her concentration had been shattered by a two-legged wolf with a Texas twang who wouldn't get out of her head.

Okay, give him major points for cuteness. The big bullfrog grin, the shaggy mop of sandy hair, that lean, wiry frame. He'd be all supple muscle under his clothes, not an ounce of fat. She rested her hands on the fender of the Chevy she was working on. That's how his body would feel. Smooth and hard, not cold like metal but warm and restless. And the smell of him! Sun-warmed summer grass. She wanted to lie down and roll in it, blend his scent with her own.

Jeez, girl, will you get a grip? He's no big deal. Just different. A fresh face in a small town. Something to break the monotony. Every girl in Coopersburg will be panting after him for at least a week. Until the next diversion comes along.

Willy didn't have time for diversions. She had her hands full with her job, dealing with Beth and her bad behavior, and those itchy full-moon cravings. There, see? It wasn't Cody at all, not specifically. Just that he was male, and new, and he and his delicious, intoxicating scent had shown up right at the wrong time of the month. Her hormones had taken it from there.

Angrily she shook her head to shake his face away. Everything went but the eyes. Those piercing, bizarre yellow eyes. Something bold and uninhibited lurked in their depths, and held out a hand to invite her inside. It sang to the wildness inside her, the part she fought to keep buried. It made her want to howl. But hell, when she got like this, what didn't?

Two days. You can stand it for another two days. Which, at this rate, would go down as the longest two days in history.

She yanked her hands off the fender and slapped them against her thighs, to knock off the dirt and any other lingering tactile sensations. In the process she dropped the dipstick again. "Crap," she announced, and bent over.

In this position, peering upside-down between her spread legs with her jeans-clad butt in the air, she spotted the dog.

If this wasn't the same dog that had followed her howls out of the woods last night, then there'd been twins in the litter. Long tawny legs, tall ears, brush of a tail, muzzle sharp as a Bowie knife. It sat on its haunches just beyond the bay door, with its tongue hanging out and its topaz eyes fixed on hers. No way it could have followed her from home. How had it ended up here?

She straightened too quickly and tagged her head on the Chevy's bumper. She spat out a word a lot stronger than "crap." The dog hopped up with an anxious whine. "I'm okay," she told it. She rubbed her forehead. No blood. Thank Heaven for small favors. "I'm just having the mother of all bad days. And how did you get here? How did you find me?"

Reassured she wasn't hurt, the dog yipped softly and wagged its tail. Willy felt a smile tug at her lips. She'd always liked dogs, in an indulgent, patronizing sort of way. Okay to pet, but not in her league. Oh jeez, where had that thought come from? The full moon couldn't wane fast enough.

No need to take all this out on some poor, defenseless stray, however. She hunkered down and snapped her fingers. "C'mere, boy. Who's a good boy?"

The dog practically flew across the garage and into her arms. Willy went over backwards onto her rump, narrowly missing the bumper. The dog took advantage and straddled her. It slopped its rough tongue across her cheeks and nose. She couldn't keep from laughing, even as she tried to fend it off. "You're a bit too friendly, Fido. Don't they treat you right at home?"

She caught the dog carefully by its ruff. "Let's see where that is."
The dog allowed her fingers to probe the fur around its neck. No collar, no license. "Another wanderer in off the street," Willy murmured. "This must be the week for you guys. You even look like him."

Damned if he didn't. Sandy hair, lean build, sharp nose. Brash and grinning. A scent like prairie grass in sunshine. The dog cocked its head and peered at her with yellow eyes that all of a sudden looked eerily familiar.

No. Come on. Those crazy full-moon notions were spiraling way out of hand.

"Willy? You all right? I thought I heard you—" Tony Koslinski stuck his badly-toupeed head in from the office. He and the dog spotted each other simultaneously. Both yelped. Koslinski's had words in it. "The hell!" He snatched up a wrench and flung it at the dog, which dodged expertly. "Get!" Koslinski roared. "Get out of here!"

The dog got, at top speed. Willy scrambled up. "What are you doing? It's just a stray dog. A bit pushy, maybe, but–"

"The hell that's a dog. That's a coyote."

COYOTE MOON is available from Bookstrand, along with BEST OF BREED and A LONDON WEREWOLF IN AMERICA.

ALSO: Coming next week from Siren Classic: BAD BOYS

Pat C.
From the Kougar ~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to COYOTE MOON...yip, yip, yip... happy birthday to you... where's the superglue... it's time for a prank or two... happy birthday to you... that is, once we break you outta the zoo...

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~ from the Flash Cat...

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 551 ~

Sylva kissed Zeke’s lips, a goodbye-for-now smooch. Their mouths clung, reluctant to let go. Still, they eased their lips apart and Sylva moved to roll from him. He halted her, gripping her upper arms tenderly. “I surely would like to take you home, darlin’ mine, resume our honeymoon.” Sylva felt herself grin, a quick upturn of her lips. “I wish, cowboy mine. I so wish. But, the big bad world turns on both our Earths.” Planting another fast kiss on her mouth, Zeke twisted with her, placing her beside him. Their gazes sweetly seared into each other for long moments.

Zeke felt his heart swell to twice it’s size. “I’m the luckiest son of a gun alive. I keep thinkin’ that, over and over. We’re in for some tough times, Sylva, with this Secret Circle and BP sidewinder business. But, we’ll come through this. Together.” She nodded, his woman, her eyes an enchanting shimmer. “Who knows? Maybe, I’ll dream walk and find out some more things we need to know.” Zeke whipped above her. “Maybe, my bride, you’ll get some sweet dreamin’ time. Get some real rest. I’ll be back soon.” Dang, his body was unwilling to move from her.
Part 1 - 15 ~ see blog ~ January 15th Cometh, then Part 15... and before...
Part 16 ~ 550 ~ see the Kougar’s prior bloggies... or the Passionate Ink forum, the FREE READS page ~ ~ OR! Now available on The Romance Studio Forum, JANUARY 2009 through MARCH 2010 flashes ~ ~ Click on the FORUMS, then Savanna Kougar ~ the Fantasy Lair ~

WARNING! If you breed dogs, and have show dogs, this Big Cat just heard something beyond chilling. Once upon a time, long, long ago, moi raised and showed canines... yes, felines, it’s true. She and other breeders took pride in improving the quality of dog breeds, both confirmation and temperament. However, now, the HUMANE SOCIETY has targeted breeders as THE ENEMY. No, not puppy mill breeders, ALL BREEDERS!!! No matter the quality of your canines, or how much you and others love them. For a time, breeders worked hand in hand with the Humane Society, often taking in dogs of their particular breed.
About ten, twelve years ago, this Big Cat witnessed a major shift in the Humane Society and those who began taking it over. These were not individuals who truly loved animals, or dogs. THESE were individuals with ugly souls who only cared about ‘legally’ stealing other folks’ dogs so they could sell them for a profit... all under the guise of ‘saving’ the animals. Also, at the same time, THOSE with an evil agenda co-opted the Humane Society and similar groups, taking over from folks who really did care about rescuing animals.
A long while back this Big Cat presented a documented article, on this blog, about the REAL AGENDA of PETA.... and, that is, getting rid of every pet. That is one of the *true goals* of THOSE at the top of PETA. No pets for any of us. Yep, these PETA people went out and rescued animals... and, what did they do with them? THEY KILLED THEM *ALL* AS FAST AS THEY COULD... no, no good homes for these dogs and cats. No loving care... just death and being tossed away as if they were garbage.
So, if you value your pets, be they mutts or purebred, or designer bred... remember THESE organizations who say they care, DO NOT!!! And, THEY have an *invisible* agenda to rid the world of pets and that includes your beloved pets. Of course, many individuals within these groups truly care, and care with their whole hearts. But, THEY aren’t in control of the ultimate dark-hearted agenda. DO NOT TRUST anything these ‘save the animals’ groups propose. Nothing! No matter how reasonable and logical it sounds.
Remember, many of the German people went along Hitler’s agenda because it sounded so right and reasonable.


Wish Upon on a Blue Moon New Year...
May your most romantic dreams come true...

As the world turns, burning smooches from the Kougar...


Jolie Cain said...

She definitely got buff for that second terminator movie. Made me feel positively wimpy!! Have a great weekend!

Serena Shay said...

Now that's a lovely sounding town. Ultra healthy, green, craftsy and filled with art. Sign me up!

Savanna Kougar said...

Jolie, she did! Yeah, I felt kinda wimpy at the time too.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, so wish I could sign you up! Maybe, someday I'll have time to do a time travel about second chances. This could be a good plot... just thought of that... lol...