Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Red Dawn-Type Invasion Is Happening... Get it...

Thursday yowls and roars from censorship-landia, most favored of KitKats ... the Kougar has been yowling her head off for years about the horror that is our southern border. Murder, killings, torture, and rapes are off the proverbial charts. Cartel armies of men are pouring across the border. GET IT, PEOPLE, we are NOT SECURE. Mexico is a failed state. This is not about poor families looking for sanctuary and a better life... yes, some... HOWEVER, the real TRUTH is WE ARE BEING MASSIVELY INVADED!!! There should be massive levels of troops on our southern and northern borders, right now!!! If WE THE PEOPLE don't stop this now! we will not have a country. We will not have sanctuary. We will be raped, pillaged, and plundered at the pleasure of the United Nation globalist criminals ... at the pleasure of the evil globalist cabal ... at the pleasure of the deepstate/darkstate sociopaths and psychopaths running our country.

As both Dave Hodges and Alex Jones, and now the Daily Caller [and others] have explained countless times Chinese troops are stationed in Mexico, in Central America, in South America, hordes of them. Hordes of Chinese Commie front men, posing as business owners, etc., are here in the States ... whatever, do your research ... Google and Apple have sold out to China, and on and on...

We are also infested by UN troops ... so, yeah, keep your battle weapons locked and loaded, and ready.

You ask: Where is the proof? Staring you right in the face ... hours and hours of vids of these armed and dangerous cartel armies crossing the border... 


Soros and the United Nations have publicly organized this criminal invasion to collapse our border just as they have done in Europe

Footage shows heavily armed men pouring into Arizona from Mexico in what looks like a scene out of Red Dawn.

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Below is the footage of the camouflaged men invading America:
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