Sunday, September 25, 2016

What MK Alter or Body Double Will Hitlary Use???

Hey Sunday Darling Kittens ... So, How Many MK-Type Alters And/Or Body Doubles Does Hitlary Have? This is the only conclusion this Big Cat can come up, given what's she observed so far of the recent videos shown by the media of the democrat presidential candidate. Okay, only the Divine knows for sure amongst us little peons what's really true, except it is easy to discern Hitlary is in front of a blue screen, and NOT on the campaign trail... also, one must ask, given the current HOLOGRAM tech, is that what we're seeing sometimes? ... but really, if the Hildebeast makes the PRIZE-FIGHTER LIKE debate on Monday night, who and/or what will show up??? Are there clones of Hitlary Rotten Clintonista? Are these clones operational enough to debate coherently? You just know billions in taxpayer dollars have gone to these mad-scientists' cloning experiments for several decades at least. Not to mention all the life-extension technologies that are currently available to the globalist elite -- like the obvious example Kissenger ... AND the other question: is the Benghazi Witch still alive, as in being on this plane of existence... or could she be in a coma at some undisclosed medical facility??? ... anyhoo, likely something bigtime wonky will happen on Monday. Stay tuned, as they say.

And gee, isn't this just too disgusting???!!! Michael hugging Bush-Idjit Jr. YES, the Kougar doesn't care what anyone says, like Joan River revealed -- and was murdered for -- that so-called woman IS A TRANNY ... it's ONLY TOO OBVIOUS!!! SHE/HE LOOKS LIKE AND WALKS LIKE A MAN!!! ... and who cares about that, except that it's a BIG FAT DECEPTION... what else is Michelle/Michael hiding??? And, if the dark-side establishment tries to FORCE Michael/Michelle down our collective throats as the democratic replacement for Illary/Killary, this Big Cat will claw with her words in an effort to stop that treasonous-horror, that schoolchild abuser, from being designated as president.

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