Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Hey Summer-ending Beautiful Kittens ... for full disclosure, this Big Cat didn't know a thing about the amazing herb Kratom... even though, she's been studying herbs and their healing properties for the last 30 or so years.  Of course, her particular health challenges don't involve drug addiction, and other conditions Kratom is being very successfully used for... However, after perusing an article by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams at and listening to the personal stories on Clyde Lewis's radio show... well, THE WAR ON DRUGS AND HERBS IS THE WAR ON HUMANITY ... ON THE DIVINE, WHO GAVE THESE HERBS TO HUMANKIND... Kratom is a miracle healing herb for many who depend on it... but that means NO PROFITS for Big Pharma... and NO CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE by the darkside establishment, who want to enslave-murder us with prescription drugs, and IMPRISON us -- make the people CRIMINALS -- for so-called illegal drug use --- but yeah, more prescription drugs KILL-MURDER far more people than any street drug... and people rarely, if ever, die from use of an herb. KRATOM IS ***NOT*** HERBAL HEROIN... the MEDIA IS STRAIGHT OUT LYING TO YOU... just like Hearst lied in his newpapers so he could sell trees for paper rather the use of renewable hemp for paper, and fuel.
Yes, as she's stated before, the Kougar does NOT smoke marijuana because she can't stand the smell of it, and because it doesn't have the effect she likes ... other than once in 80s when she did try Maui Gold, and that was some good stuff ... other than that one experience, she doesn't care about using Marijuana, although the brownies were good ... HOWEVER, Marijuana is a miracle healing herb for many... and HEMP is what we need to help this country recover economically... in fact, our country's original economy was built by growing HEMP and MARIJUANA [look up the true history] ... truthfully, this Big Cat loves the taste of Hemp oil and it is really good for your health.
But back to the point: I AM KRATOM, which is a meme for those who are desperately fighting against the DEA, the black-hearted gov, to keep Kratom from being classified as an illegal drug by the end of this month. With FANG AND CLAW, the Kougar HATES, DESPISES, LOATHES Big Pharma, and all the gov agencies in bed with these mass murderers, those money-grabbing torturers of the people... the DEA/FDA have tried to get rid of the herbs, like Ephedra, that make all the difference for this Big Cat's health, and are some of the most disgusting soulles heartless trolls on this green Earth.
Not to mention the United Nations started all this with Nixon, with their drug classifications... it's all about CONTROLLING YOU AND STEALING YOUR MONEY, folks. It's NOT ABOUT saving you from some nasty drug or herb.
So, many people have gotten off street drugs, and prescription drugs by using Kratom. Their lives have been improved immeasurably, by their own testimonies. WHEN ARE WE THE PEOPLE GOING TO STAND AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE RULED BY YOU AND YOUR SOULLESS DICTATES???
When are we going to say LET'S PLANT HEMP AND MARIJUANA... let's save our lives, the quality of our lives ... let's save our beloved country, and forget about cruel-controlling gov dictates that ruins lives, and ruins the economy of this country???
TO GET ON BOARD, GO TO ... These folks NEED all the help they can get.


Kratom to be Illegal Nationwide: Why You Should Care and What You Can Do About It 
Chronic pain sufferers across the country are about to have a very rough time starting next month. The DEA has just announced plans to make Kratom, an herbal supplement typically used to treat  chronic pain and opioid addiction, illegal to possess or sell. After Sept. 30th, Kratom will be classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. Other Schedule I controlled substances include heroin, ecstasy, LSD, and more. Once this happens, Kratom in all forms will be banned in the country and possession or sale of said Kratom will result in serious legal consequences... 
...Kratom has been called a “hazard to public safety” by the DEA. However, the number of people claiming a better quality of life, void of harmful or destructive side effects, seem to far outweigh those who claim the opposite. As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I have been narcotic-free for years and have experienced a far greater quality of life than I had prior to taking Kratom; back when I was taking prescription pain killers for my chronic pain. For more information, please view the video at the top of this article.

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