Friday, September 16, 2016

Pepe the Meme Frog Takes On the Hildebeast

Yes, Kittens All, our large green friend who seems to be more popular that Kermit the frog ~ a fave of the Kougars ~ has denied Hitlary's charge of racism... ya know, it's not easy being green... ~grinz~

Internet Strikes Back After Clinton Defames Pepe


Pepe defends his honor in viral video

The meme universe has struck back against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a viral video showcasing “Pepe the Frog,” the now infamous cartoon character Clinton accused of being racist.
According to, Pepe, created by artist Matt Furie, first appeared in the comic series “Boy’s Club” in 2005 before becoming popularized on imageboard website 4chan in 2008.
Earlier this week the candidate dedicated an entire page on her website to Pepe, labeling the amphibian a “sinister” symbol of Trump, the “alt-right” and white supremacy.
“That cartoon frog is more sinister than you might realize,” declared
In reality, as noted by Infowars’ Kit Daniels, “the alt-right isn’t a clearly defined movement, and it’s certainly not controlled by white nationalists.”
“If anything, the alt-right is a decentralized, spontaneous reaction against political correctness, social justice warriors, uncontrolled immigration, limitless government and third-wave feminism.”
In Clinton’s attempt to strike down Pepe, the green frog has become more powerful than she could have ever imagined.

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