Sunday, April 10, 2016

Really???! Bigfoot Statue Is Offensive...

Hey Spring Kitten Kats, there are many qualities about the human race which this Big Cat loves, adores, admires, and appreciates. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM... this petty 'offensive' act of pure cruelty... a boy who died can't even have the bigfoot statue he loved when alive at his gravesite... oh, because of ***complaints*** ... what about the simple act of caring about another who has passed on ... what about CARING about his family who love him, and are mourning him, and find comfort in having the bigfoot statue there? ... this is why the Kougaress doesn't care if she ever interacts with those who are this soullessly cruel to other human beings... and REALLY, if we as a society CAN'T be inclusive of others feelings in regards to a matter like this... well, what hope is there? Meanwhile, real concerns like being overrun by terrorists immigrants, who demand the horrors of Sharia law, who brutalize/murder women ... and being overrun by criminal illegal aliens who are killing others at will ... well hey, no problem.

Cemetery Removes 'Offensive' Bigfoot Memorial 

April 8, 2016

An Ohio family is coping with another round of heartbreak after the cemetery where their son is buried removed a Bigfoot statue at his grave because it was deemed offensive.

Trevor Zuniga passed away from muscular dystrophy this past January and, as a tribute to his love of Bigfoot, his family placed a large statue of the creature at his grave.

"It was just like so perfect, you couldn't have found anything more perfect for Trevor," his mother told WFMJ Ohio.

However, they were stunned this past week to discover, upon visiting Trevor's grave, that the four-foot statue was no longer there.

After first thinking that the unique memorial had been stolen, the Zuniga family later found out that it had, in fact, been removed from the gravesite by cemetery officials.

The reasoning behind the removal, according to those in charge of the cemetery, is that numerous families with graves nearby had complained about the marker.

Incredibly, the primary complaint about the Bigfoot statue was that its unclothed backside was offensive to mourners in the area.

Additionally, officials cite regulations surrounding headstones at the cemetery and contend that the Bigfoot statue had been improperly placed.

The Zunigas are hoping to make the necessary changes to the statue, including adding a loincloth to cover its posterior, in order to have it returned to Trevor's grave.

Source: WFMJ Ohio 

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