Thursday, April 7, 2016

AmericanFreePress~My Husband Was Murdered~LaVoy Finicum

Hey Spring-dancing Kittens, yes, this Big Cat is still under the gun as far as what is happening in her life, and her time is at a premium. Here's a superb beginning to an article about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED when the American Hero, LaVoy Finicum, was assassinated.

The Kougaress will clawing-reiterate that everything the dark-side FBI, the evil establishment does against THE PEOPLE will backfire on them...more and more their heinous murderous actions against the good and the innocent, those who dare to stand for FREEDOM, will BACKFIRE on ALL those perpetrating these black-hearted deeds. And so it is.

My Husband Was
• AFP speaks to wife of iconic rancher gunned down in Oregon

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, center, was a dedicated and loving father. His family and supporters believe he was murdered at the hands of the Oregon State Police and FBI.

By John Friend
In an exclusive interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS on March 18, the wife and daughter of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, the iconic spokesman for the protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, said that the 54-yearold Arizona rancher posed no threat to law enforcement during the confrontation on Jan. 26 but was still murdered by two state police officers anyway.
In late January, while Finicum and several demonstrators were on their way to a town hall meeting, the FBI and the Oregon State Police set up a roadblock on a deserted rural road in a heavy-handed attempt to arrest them. In the ensuing chaos, Finicum was shot and killed by two Oregon State Police troopers after his truck became stuck in a snowbank as he tried to drive around police cars blocking the road. In video released to the public, Finicum can be seen leaving the truck with his hands up before he is shot by the officers, one of whom had been hiding in the woods. Finicum’s widow, Jeanette Finicum, and her supporters have disputed the findings of the investigation by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon, which found that police were justified in using lethal force against Finicum.
On March 18, this reporter spoke with Mrs. Finicum and her daughter, Thara Tenney, in an exclusive interview with America’s last real newspaper. “LaVoy was a wonderful man. He was kind and generous with his time and resources,” Mrs. Finicum told AFP. “He was a loving husband and father. His children meant the world to him, and they knew it because all of his spare time he spent with the family and with
the kids. LaVoy was the type of man that if anybody needed anything he was there. He would stop what he was doing and help them in any way he could.”
Regarding video footage of the fatal confrontation, which was almost immediately released by the FBI in the aftermath of Finicum’s death, Mrs. Finicum noted: “That video did nothing but confirm to me how he was actually assassinated, murdered, by them. I know my husband. I know what type of man he is. I know that he would care about the three people that were left in his vehicle, that he would put their lives above
his own.” She continued: “I know that when he left that truck, immediately you can see his hands going up before he’s even completely out of the truck. His hands are in the air, and he is running awayfrom the truck to divert the attention

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