Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Make the Disease, Make the Cure

Hey Spring-romping Kittens, the Health Rancher is one of the GOOD GUYS... he's always on the lookout for our health. Here's one more MAJOR horror-story he's uncovered about the psychopathic criminals in the Medical Industrial Complex... BEWARE!!!

The Health Ranger

It's interesting how all the criminals and con artists of the cancer industry happen to be colleagues.
Now, after the arrest and prosecution of cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata in Detroit, who falsely diagnosed patients with cancer to earn huge dollars from their pain and suffering, we discover that another cancer doctor (and vaccine pusher) is associated with the same medical group: Karmanos.
His name is Dr. David Gorski, and he's one of the most successful con artists of the present-day medical cartel. Today, we discover that he's pushing vaccines because he stands to make a killing on an autism drug he's developing.
He's also an administrator on Wikipedia, and he's the one who writes all the wiki entries trashing the VAXXED documentary, naturopathic doctors, etc. As a wiki admin, he quotes himself as the "expert" on all such matters, pretending to be two different people. (Schizophrenia?)
I have to wonder: How long before Gorski finds himself in prison, right alongside his former colleague Dr. Farid Fata?
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