Monday, June 1, 2015

Yet Also Liberating...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #352 

The Superstorm Winds of Change Continue -- Unceasing, Often Deadly, Yet Also Liberating 

WWF style, the gloves come off, and the psycho craziness of society now versus the phoenix-rise of spiritual compassion.

From the July 6, 2014 forecast: The Superstorm Winds of Change Are Upon Us ... the transition into the Aquarian Age becomes ever more intense.

From a previous forecast: "That is, the 'rule of law' cannot and will not be re-established. It is gone with the superstorm winds of these times.

The coming times are about 'being your own boss' while 'working alongside' each other for the GOOD of All."  

On the AWAKENING front, Now the Age of Religion Storms To a Great Halt During the Next Seven Years... For, the Spiritual Renaissance Based On True Revelations Begins, and Spreads Like Holy Wildfire

In droves, people AWAKEN to their higher angel natures, both gradually and in miraculous bursts of insight. Out of this, the dogma of religion steadily and rapidly loses ground.

However, many of those who remain trapped in the old paradigms of religion,  of thought, and material beliefs, will be used by the dark-side controllers as zombie soldiers against this rising tide of cosmic universal AWARENESS.

Further from the July 16, 2014 forecast: "On the AWAKENING front, a paradigm shattering week ahead for many  as they AWAKEN and arrive at new, ah-ha 'realizations'. What seemed like the wildest sci fi and/or dystopian scenarios to them will now become all too believable. Because it unfolds before their very eyes.

At this point in the timeline, old belief systems shatter like plate glass windows attacked by raging, non-stop tornados. Mentally, many will now be severely challenged by their AWAKENINGS. Offer a helping hand, a listening ear whenever you are able."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' battle a massive and monstrous turbulence in 'the force', whirling their lightblades to dissipate these evil-building and tornadic energies. For now, the Viper elite not only unleashing their black-ritual spells, but are loosing new advanced-tech weapons to keep rulership, then seize final control of Earth. 

Currently, one of these turbulent tech-frequencies is warming the oceans in key spots that will cause torrential downpours against those countries/nations and city-states who defy the Viper elite's continued, brutal-despotic rule.

On the personal front, this week there 'could' be shocks to the system from happenings in your personal life, and from evil events on the worldwide stage. If this occurs, focus on solutions from the vantage point of your life, and come together with others with the idea of helping each other out.

However, this week is also a good, good period for improving your home life, and for greatly improving your relationships. For many, the 'Aquarian Age heart of goodness', or the compassion of humanity, now rules our lives -- and this will impact, in wonderfully positive ways, how we relate to each other, and how we improve our corner of the world.

Also, stay aware of your higher self this week, for that is your best guidance at this time.

On the paranormal front, Beware of Food and Drink... Beware of Reptoids In Caves... and Watch Out For Those Fearsome Canine Cryptids

BLURB: "Date: Sunday - May 31, 2015 ~ Host: George Knapp
In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by Fortean researcher Joshua Cutchin who discussed his analysis of the food and drinks offered to humans by aliens, faeries, and Sasquatch. Based on his research, the most common offering from these entities is some form of liquid, whether it be ales and wine from faeries or mysterious drinks forced upon abductees by their captors. Additionally, he said, many contactees have reported receiving sweet fruit juice when encountering a 'space brother.' Cutchin suggested that the longstanding faerie lore, which warned that accepting food from these entities would trap the recipient in their supernatural world, may have a connection to the after-effects which befall ET abductees who are administered liquids or 'medicines' during their experience.
Regarding the foods provided by these entities, Cutchin noted that faeries have been known to offer baked goods or other elaborate items which are later revealed to actually be detritus, such as leaves, twigs, and worms, that has been seemingly "cloaked with this sort of glamour to make it appear appealing." He connected this observation with the famous UFO case of Joe Simonton, who allegedly received pancakes from his ET visitors but, when attempting to eat the food, described it as tasting like cardboard. Therefore, Cutchin surmised that these food exchanges may be part of an agenda which goes beyond merely providing sustenance to hungry humans. On the other hand, he observed that the simpler food offerings from Sasquatch, usually raw meat, indicate that the creature is more likely to be a flesh and blood animal rather than a paranormal entity using food for nefarious purposes.

In the latter half, Lon Strickler, paranormal researcher and creator of the website Phantoms and Monsters detailed a handful of weird stories he's been following including credible reports of people witnessing reptoids living in caves. Strickler shared one account which was personally reported to him by a man using the pseudonym 'Jerry.' According to Jerry, in the Summer of 1995, he was exploring a cavern in Missouri when he spotted an entity described as standing about seven feet tall, with brown, scaly skin and a head that was shaped like a human but had no nose or hair. While Jerry spied on the creature as it examined a downed ATV in the cave, the reptoid seemingly noticed his presence, looking over at him and hissing. Frightened, Jerry scrambled out of the cave to his vehicle and hastily returned home.
Beyond reptoid encounters, Strickler shared a number of stories related to possible bidepal canine cryptids spotted in the southern Ontario region of Canada. In one such instance, a man was driving and noticed a dark shape cross the road. When he got closer, he saw a creature with a small head that sported bright yellow eyes. This witness, Strickler said, claimed that a coworker had also recently seen a wolf-shaped creature bound across the road in front of his vehicle. "For whatever reason, people in southern Ontario are coming up with these sightings," Strickler marveled, noting that he'd also received a third account from a man who reported seeing "a large dog that looked almost like a wolf, but it had straight legs like a human" and stood upright on the side of the road.
Book(s): A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch, Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters

On the UFO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "First UFO Spotted at Recent Japanese Volcano Eruption
One of the most predictable places to see a UFO is at the site of a volcanic eruption, so it’s no surprise that one was spotted passing the eruption of Mount Shindake on Japan’s Kuchinoerabu Island on Friday, May 29th, 2015. What was this UFO and why was it there?
The 9:59 a.m. eruption of the 2,000 foot (626 m) peak shot a plume over 5 miles (9 km) into the air, prompting the highest level alert and forcing the immediate evacuation of the sparsely populated island. Mount Shindake hadn’t erupted since August, 2014, and was dormant for 34 years before that, so its eruption this week was a surprise.
Except possibly to the UFO which appeared shortly after the eruption."

On the Bigfoot front HEADLINE: "Sasquatch Carving?"

On the *Egyptian past revealing itself* front, BLURB: "Egypt Discovery ~ Dr. Carmen Boulter revealed an astounding new discovery in Egypt found using a state-of-the-art, satellite-based deep penetrating radar scan. The scan reveals 82 enormous chambers on two distinct levels at great depth near a largely unknown pyramid south of Cairo (view related images: The history of the deep underground site stretches from Herodotus in 450 BC to an excavation in 1881 by William Flinders Petrie There are four distinct layers-- with the first layer Roman, the second layer Ptolemaic (Antony & Cleopatra era), while the two lower, older layers, remain mysterious and go down 60 feet, and 130 feet.
The find is 107 acres-- the equivalent of 81 football fields, with five of the rooms bigger than Olympic-sized swimming pools. "I don't think it was at the surface and all that sand accumulated over the top over time. I think it was meant to be underground from the get go," she surmised. If you look at the scan, the chambers and the two deeper levels are not connected, which suggests they may be from different time periods, she noted. Boulter theorized it's possible that ancient ET visitors used the underground chambers to initially orient or acculturate to our planet. She also spoke about the advanced technology of the ancient Egyptians and how they were a seafaring people, with evidence of visiting and trading with the Americas."

On the alien-genetic speculation front, HEADLINE: "The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Were Alien Hybrids, New Genetic Study Suggests"

On the tech zombie front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Tech Zombie Continues Texting After Crashing Into Car
Prison | This is what happens when you get addicted to electronics.

On the land changes front, from the prior forecast: "Once again: Intensify, intensify, intensify... Shake, Rattle, and Roll... Droughts, Floods, Superstorms... and the Coming Fire In the Sky

For the coming week likely there will be more extensive, superstorm flooding in the country, and there 'could' be a major quake in the western half of the country. If so, damage will be mostly minimal. However, this quake will be partially created on the back of a natural quake, and there is a 'significant' target. Watch, wait, and look for the real truth behind the truth." 

On the earthquake front, HEADLINE: "M5.8 - Off the coast of Oregon"


Headline: "MAJOR QUAKE -M 7.8 - BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION - 2015-05-30 11:23:03 UTC; REUTERS POSTING IT WAS 8.5!"

On the strange drought front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "One of California's biggest sources of water just disappeared: The worst drought in recorded history just got worse.
The worst drought in recorded history just got worse.
California's main source of surface water during the state's dry summer months is the remaining snow on its highest mountains. But it has officially melted. The snowpack levels, which hovered at around 7% to 15% of normal for this date in 2009, before the four-year drought began, are currently at 0%..."

On the killer heat front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Over 1100 Dead in India Heat Wave
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
A record-breaking heat wave is currently gripping India, killing hundreds, with temperatures hot enough to liquefy asphalt."

On the WEATHER WARS front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "HAWK: 'This Thing Is Gonna Go Down!' - Texas Weather Wars ~ On May 26, 2015 ANP published an article asking is Texas was under attack by the US government for resisting the controversial  Jade Helm military exercises slated to start in July and end in September (More on Jade Helm here), via weather manipulation, and in the 4 segments of Friday night's Survive to Thrive show hosted by the Hawk, that question is expanded on and he speaks to the documented technology used in weather warfare, highlighting the "earth changes" we are seeing across the globe and specifically the extreme weather events hitting Texas.
Hawk reminds listeners that there are 72 HAARP-like devices scattered around the world under the control or partial control of the US government and recommends "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters by Steve Quayle," who detailed the proof of weather manipulation and the type of weather events that would occur from it, many years ago.... things we are seeing happen right now in the increased earthquake activity and severity and volcanic events."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Texas Floods and Loss of Life Caused by Weather Weapons
Several satellite images strongly suggest electromagnetic activity combined with strategic aerosol dumps energized a sudden release of catastrophic rainfall amounts over flooded areas of Texas. Notice the thumb-print clouds (electromagnetic gravity waves) and massive aerosol dumps to the left of frame."

On the real economy front, Headline-Snippet: "VELOCITY of Money is Below Great Depression Levels
Martin Armstrong | The New York banks have destroyed banking."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Fed Has Been Horribly Wrong” Deutsche Bank Admits, Dares To Ask If Yellen Is Planning A Housing Market Crash
Zero Hedge | Here is Deutsche Bank admitting that not only the Fed is lying to the American people."

On the worldwide economic front, The Eurozone In Domino-Collapse... and the Rise of Demonic Technocrats Who Would Be Savior-Kings

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "A First-Hand Account Of The Greek Bank Run: simply each little municipality is spending every cent it has as fast as it can. The Greek State asked all the town halls to hand over spare cash a few weeks ago to help with the debt repayment. Submitted by Tom Winnifrith of Share Prophets
Witnessing the great bank run first hand as I deposit money in Greece
Jim Mellon says that the Greeks should build a statue in my honour as on Friday I opened a bank account in Greece and made a deposit. Okay it was only 10 Euro, I need to put in another 3,990 Euro to get my residency papers so I can buy a car, a bike and a gun, but it was a start. But the scenes at the National Bank in Kalamata were of chaos, you could smell the panic and they were being replicated at banks across Greece..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ex-Im Bank is Welfare for the One Percent
Ron Paul | Ex-Im Bank’s primary beneficiaries include some of America’s biggest and most politically powerful corporations."

This week's UPDATE: The Secret Trans Pacific Treaty [TPP]... In the Guise of Free Trade, the Prison Lockdown of the Planet Is On Our Doorstep

Consider this obvious paradox: ignorance of the law is no excuse... however, you are not allowed to see the SECRET TPP, thus, to know what the laws-codes will be. This makes rounding up the sheeple all too easy. Doesn't it?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "This Is How Little It Cost Goldman To Bribe America’s Senators To Fast Track Obama’s TPP Bill
Zero Hedge | Fast-tracking the TPP was only possible after lots of corporate money exchanged hands with senators."

On the IRS Gestapo *we get to make big ugly mistakes; you don't get to make any mistake* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Tax Return Info Accessed in IRS Hack ~ Thursday, May 28, 2015
The Internal Revenue Service has temporarily closed down their "Get Transcript" service that was available on their website, due to the theft of taxpayer information from about 100,000 households by hackers. At least, so far about a hundred thousand returns have been compromised.
The accounts were accessed through verification questions from February through May of this year, using personal information gathered from a variety of other sources, such as social media sites.

On the truth front, Now a Bubble-geddon of TRUTH Surfaces, Stunning the Masses, Both the Sheeple and the Non-Sheeple ... At the Same Time, the Bubble-geddon Economy Begins Seriously Bursting

Hold onto your hats, and the rest of your sanity, it's about to become not only the bumpy ride from hell for the rest of year, 2015 -- but the bumpy, stomach-hurling, head-rattling flight from deepest, darkest hell.

On the WHISTLEBLOWER front, Edward Snowden : “The Biggest Revelations Are Yet To Come” HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who stole thousands of classified documents before leaving the United States recently made an unexpected and unscheduled appearance at a TED conference in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday night. It was done so VIA satellite robot, where he emphasized that there is still a lot of reporting to be done."

On the big-brother surveillance front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The NSA’s Technotyranny: One Nation Under Surveillance
John W. Whitehead | We now have a fourth branch of government." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Face-scanning software on school-issued iPads worries parents
EAG News | A California school district wants to use facial recognition to automatically log students in and out of their school-issued iPads, but parents aren’t convinced it’s a good idea."

On the war front, Weapons-Supplied By Western Governments and Their Regional Allies, the Reign of Terror By the Green-Screen Terrorists Is Rolled Out For Prime Time TV

This week, the dark-side establishment unleashes their free-range, CIA-made jihadi terrorists, thus to frighten the sheeple into instant submission and obedience. However, their Machiavellian plans go seriously awry.

On the *one more way to diabolically fuel the clash of civilizations* front, HEADLINE: "Nashville Schools to Begin Teaching Arabic–Mostly To Arabs"

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Military Versus the American People... the Sinister Setup

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Defense Official warns that DoD Directive allowing the use of military force against American citizens is latest step towards martial law
By Alex Thomas ~ (INTELLIHUB) — In a stunning revelation published by a mainstream news outlet, an anonymous Department of Defense official has revealed their belief that a DoD Directive outlining military support to civilian authorities is the latest step towards President Obama eventually using military force against the American people.
The quote from the defense official was published in a now viral report that detailed the 2010 DoD Directive and how it could be used, under authority from the President, to unleash the might of the US military onto the civilian population.
“This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,” a defense official told the Washington Times."

On the *federalizing of police departments* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ten FBI Agents Joining Oakland Police Department ~ by Darwin Bond Graham
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is committing $110,000 toward the creation of a state-of-the-art center for investigations in the Oakland Police Department, according to a briefing provided by OPD and the FBI at the Oakland City Council's public safety committee meeting last night. The FBI funds will support the buildout of a $173,000 work space inside OPD's Police Administration Building, and officials said the center will utilize the latest technologies to analyze social networks and track persons of interest across state lines. The joint effort will bring as many as ten FBI agents into OPD’s criminal investigations division to expand the department’s investigative capacity.

On the Martial Law Amerika front, COVERT OP: The Big Bad Wolves Are Howling and Almost On the Doorstep... Time For *Enemies of the State* To Disappear Into Ghost Mode

HEADLINE: "Call For US Veterans And 'Red Listers' To Go Into 'Ghost Mode' With Obama's Martial Law Plans Exposed And 'Strange Happenings' Increasing Across Country"

On the *if you're not rich enough you don't get to protect yourself with a gun* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "House bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance
House Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.) has introduced a bill that would require gun owners to carry liability insurance.
The Firearm Risk Protection Act, unveiled Friday, would require gun buyers to have liability insurance coverage before being allowed to purchase a weapon, and would impose a fine of $10,000 if an owner is found not to have it. Service members and law enforcement officers, however, would be exempt from the requirement."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama Announces Draconian, Unconstitutional Gun Regs by Executive Fiat
Kit Daniels | Justice Dept. wants to ban more Americans from owning guns."

HEADLINE: "ObamaCare Could DISARM MILLIONS of Gun Owners ~ Video"

On the *bad cops destroying Americans* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "American Police Are Shooting And Killing More Than 2 People Per Day In 2015
Zero Hedge | Cops are disengaging from discretionary enforcement activity."

On the *mountains of corruption piled on top of the mountains of lies -- all while the SPIRIT OF AMERICA SOARS* front, HEADLINE: "Five Reasons Why America Is Done"

On the energy front, The Global Terrorist Bid To Control Humanity With Energy and Water, Via Codes Such As the ***International Property Maintenance Code*** ... Thus, Usurping Regional and National Laws-Codes ... Beware! Unknown To Most This Code Beast Is Chomping Up Precious Lives Everywhere 
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal – Mandates All Homes Must Be Connected To Electricity & Water Grid
Robin Speronis lives off the grid in Florida, completely independent of the city’s water and electric system. A few weeks ago, officials ruled her off-grid home illegal. Officials cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which mandates that homes be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source.
That’s like saying our dependency on corporations isn’t even a choice. The choice to live without most utilities has been ongoing for Robin, the self-sufficient woman has lived for more than a year and a half using solar energy, a propane camping stove and rain water.
In the end, she was found not guilty of not having a proper sewer or electrical system; but was guilty of not being hooked up to an approved water supply.
Speronis is still being hassled by the municipality of Cape Coral for not having a connection to city water, nor proper sewage. That. regardless of the fact the city capped her sewers themselves."

On the communication front, One of the Useful-Idiot Suits of the Media Industrial Complex Speaks... What Happened To the Media-Journalist Watchdogs Reporting For the People? 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Stunning Admission By Retiring MSM [mainstream media] Journalist - States MSM Should Decide Relevancy Of News And Determine What People 'Need To Know,' Laments The 'Revolution Of Communications' Schieffer also laments the "revolution of communications," that he believes has turned Washington, DC upside down.
Alternative Media, like ANP, believe the exact opposite, it isn't our job to determine what is and is not relevant, we believe our job is to bring all the information to readers, provide links to the original sources, embed documents when possible, give readers everything and anything, trust them to click the links, read the information and determine for themselves what is relevant to them, what they need to know."

On the home front, EXPOSED: The Biker Killing Field ... Or the New War On Bikers By the Feds Just In Time For the Massive Military Drill, Jade Helm 15... Question: Who Else Will the Fed Be 'Warring' Against?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Waco Massacre: Peaceful Bikers Rode Into A Killing Field. By Brooks Agnew ~ May 27, 2015 ...It turns out that the ATF claimed they had an anonymous tip that the dreaded Black Widow biker gang—you remember those scoundrels from the Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way but Loose—was going to arrive looking for trouble. It’s too bad Clyde wasn’t around to throw those guys in the used French fry oil tank. The ATF was there with their Federal guidance to make sure that justice was swift and absolute.
No shots were fired by anyone inside the restaurant. No shots were fired by anyone at the police. When bikers decided to leave the restaurant and enter the parking lot, the police began shooting full-auto equipped M-16’s into the crowd. Patrons began diving under tables and screaming for their lives. Little waitresses dropped their trays and ran with terror in their eyes behind the chef’s counter. A twice decorated Viet Nam War veteran was shot in the head and neck, although he was a highly respected pacifist, was unarmed and not involved in any of the scuffle inside the Twin Peaks establishment. Eight more US citizens were gunned down in cold blood. More than 500 rounds were fired by police, hitting cars, buildings, and injuring other innocent bystanders who happened to look like bikers. Two shots took seven of the nine people assassinated in the parking lot; one in the neck and one in the head fired by expert police marksmen.
Within an hour, the police press statement belched lies about “criminal biker gangs,” dealing drugs and other things that never happened; not once in the 18 years bikers have been meeting peacefully at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant..."

On the thug-perv-moron TSA front, Headline-Snippet: "GUNS, BOMBS and IEDs Allowed Through Security As TSA Fails 95% Of Tests
Steve Watson | Agency still claims it has “robust security system."

On the food front, One Reason Why Factory Farms Will Fail While Small Free-Range Farming and Ranching Will Ascend As a Lifestyle Choice

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Free-range backyard chickens seem immune to the massive bird flu outbreak in chicken factories (NaturalNews) An ongoing bird flu outbreak that has devastated the U.S. poultry and egg industries seems to be leaving backyard chicken farms mostly untouched in what experts are calling an epidemiological mystery.
Bird flu is a highly lethal strain of influenza that can kill a bird or human within days. Fortunately, the disease is not transmitted very easily, and it only tends to infect human beings who work in close contact with birds. However, epidemiologists fear that the flu could be only a mutation or two away from a strain that spreads easily from person to person.
When birds are kept in close quarters, as in factory-farm operations, the disease can run wild. For this reason, the standard practice among poultry operators has been to kill an entire flock at the first sign of infection.
The current North American outbreak is the biggest in history, and it has led the poultry industry to kill 40 million birds in Canada and 16 U.S. states.
Conventional wisdom overturned
According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), as of May 14, only about 10 percent of confirmed bird flu cases have come from backyard operations.
This is true even though the official response to any confirmed case is to search the surrounding area for birds (including people's homes) and then quarantine and test any birds found, including those in backyard flocks.
In Iowa, for example, all flocks within 6.2 miles of an outbreak are tested. Of the 400 flocks tested to date, more than half have been backyard operations. Yet the trend continues: it's the factory-farmed birds getting sick."

On the *victory over frankenfood* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Victory! Federal Judge Rules to Uphold GMO Ban in Oregon
Christina Sarich | Sorry Monsanto, no GMO cultivation here."

On the *pesticiding and poisoning you to death* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "These ‘Big 6' Chemical Companies Now Make 50,000 Different Pesticides
Christina Sarich | No wonder we’re getting sick."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Chemical Companies to Write Own Chemical Safety Standards
Christina Sarich | Does this sound safe to you?"

On the life-destroying vaccine front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Thousands of UK Girls Injured by HPV Vaccine
Adan Salazar | In a ten-year period, more than 2,500 females reported “serious,” life-threatening reactions."

On the Fukushima-Nukushima *never good news* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Officials: ‘Nuclear fuel material’ leak at Fukushima — Japan TV: Record levels of radioactivity detected in seawater — Spiked 'more than 200 times' at sampling location — Highest concentrations ever measured in 11 different areas"

On the really bad news front, The Endgame Moves To Crush Freedom Beneath the Jackboot of Totalitarianism ... Prepare, Lock and Load Mentally

While keeping most of the ba-baing sheeple in a mind-controlled haze-daze -- corralled inside a pretend reality that America the Beautiful still exists -- the dark-side empire moves in the shadows to ops-destroy those who *would and could* victoriously eliminate the evil global cabal's influence, and their presence.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Former State Trooper Warns Of End Of The World As We Know It And The Final Move To Enslave The American People ...Evensen shares that what we'll be witnessing in the next few weeks and months will be the 'ultimate outpouring' of what he believes the final move to end the way of life of Americans in this country by a government determined to subjugate (yes, to ENSLAVE!) the American people and there is now nothing left except a possible confrontation with the government initiated by the American people, a confrontation that Evensen believes will likely never come unless there are mass deaths of Americans initiated by the government.
Telling us that the government has been moving for years towards this moment in time, Evensen warns that Jade Helm is a next step in overthrowing our God-given and Constitution-guaranteed rights."

On the *Trojan Horse Occupation of Texas* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Veterans Warn Jade Helm Not A Drill As ANP Receives Disturbing Email And FEMA Invades Texas ~ By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
With the official kickoff of Jade Helm 15 still weeks away, the 'hostile' state of Texas has suddenly been invaded by the biggest and most powerful arm of the US government, FEMA, and they're going door to door 'handing out water and acting like saviors' according to ANP reader 'Snake Plissken' who tells us that the federal government isn't just 'knocking on the door' of the state of Texas, THEY ARE IN IT!
In fact, Texas governor Greg Abbott has now declared a state of disaster for 46 different Texas counties and, according to a story on ANP yesterday from Susan Duclos, Texas appears to be being 'softened up' a bit prior to Jade Helm 15 with weather warfare attacks upon much of the state and the govt being welcomed in with open arms by a state that generally is less than trusting in federal agencies.
While 'Snake Plissken' goes on share that FEMA will likely preside over the coming martial law and most Texans are blind to the entire thing, the very disturbing email that All News Pipeline recently received from one of our readers that we are sharing with you in full below regarding Jade Helm 15 and the military exercises that we are now watching unfold across the country is enough to chill anyone about the events we'll likely soon see coming. ANP has also received the photograph below from a reader who saw this at a Washington Wal Mart." 

On the good news front, Be Really, Really Happy You're Not a Hollywood Star

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Insider Exposes Hollywood's Satanic Underside; by Sasha Spencer
( Sept 28, 2013)
We all know that Hollywood is perverse but an insider has posted new information that is beyond the pale. It confirms everything I encountered when I flitted along the margins of show business in the 1980's and much more, including human cloning and child sacrifice.
Film sets are sexually highly charged. My own encounters with show-biz strangeness ran the usual gamut of offers to sleep and play with producers and other power players, group sex and so on.
Or, upon being cast as the lead in a play, in a fairly large city (which could have really helped me along), I realized that I needed to "live with" and "sleep with" the octogenarian director for the duration of the theater run.
I declined the part...
...That is why you have never heard of me! The author of the expose and I both shared the moniker of right brain, creative types who were idealistic and naive about the world. It's what saved us both in the long run.

Further note: If you read this article, know you're going deep-deep down the hidden, dark-side-Illuminatti rabbit hole, and it won't be fun or pretty. Or believable.

On the global mafia cabal front, Monstrously Nastier, the Warring Conflict Between the Dark-side Cabal Factions

Look for the news release of more hideously 'dirty laundry' as the battle wages and berserker-rages. Also, as stated before, this 'burning of their minions' is being used to distract and cover the Viper cabal's most horrific sins... that is, by exposing the lesser sins of others -- as in the recent Soccer indictments.

Plus, the following is just the pedophile-tip of the Washington DC, Caligula iceberg, where blackmail reigns.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Flashback: Investigative Journalist Broke Ex-Speaker Hastert Blackmail Sex Scandal in 2006
Wayne Madsen | In 2006, Hastert was involved with the cover-up of a major sex scandal involving Republican congressmen." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Secrets of the Dennis Hastert Indictment
Alex Jones | Obama burns compromised politician in latest power grab."

And *another one bites the cement* front, HEADLINE: "NYPost: Banker jumps to his death from luxury apartment"

On the Sky Net Terminator front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Autonomous Killer Robots Almost Here: '3rd Revolution in Warfare After Gunpowder, Nuclear'
The warnings have been sounded for decades.
It won’t be long now: all the parts and systems to create lethal machines with a mind of their own, deciding who and when to kill without human oversight are conceptually already developed. It is just a matter of time, and by all accounts that time is short.
At least since 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the public has known (through Hollywood, anyway) of the dangers posed to humanity by artificial intelligence, robotics and the computer revolution.
But today, they are more real than ever.
Researchers are issuing a red alert, as the industry stands at the cusp of developing Lethal, Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS), an acronym for machines with a mind of their own, capable of cutting humans out of the loop in determining who is a threat, who to target and when to kill."

On the heroine front, all the incredible women who are working behind the scenes to help heal, and assist others who are in need of healing.

On the hero front, He Gave It the Ole College Try On the Congressional Floor, At Least

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: " Video: Rand Paul Declares “Big Victory” For Privacy
Steve Watson | Obama ‘will be rebuked’."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Rand Paul: My Opponents ‘Secretly Want’ Terror Attack ‘So They Can Blame It On Me’ [VIDEO]
Daily Caller | One of the people in the media the other day came up to me and said, “oh, when there’s a great attack aren’t you going to feel guilty that you caused this great attack?"

On the freedom front, Americans Shoot Cameras Back: Blue Bell Ice Cream Joins With Jade Helm 15... You Can't Make This Bizarro-World Stuff Up... Oh, and Does Darth Vader Like Ice Cream Like Warren Buffet???

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Military Confirms Jade Helm 15 Is About Infiltration Of America As Blue Bell Ice Cream Caught In Huge Lie By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Back on May 28th , 2015, in an attempt to debunk a story run on All News Pipeline called "Blue Bell Ice Cream Refrigerated Morgue Trucks Join Military Convoy In Colorado Weeks After Listeria Outbreak Shuts Down Ice Cream Production", Blue Bell representative Jenny Van Dorf (979-830-2180) sent ANP an official statement telling us the fact that Blue Bell trucks were seen in the military convoy was 'just a coincidence'.
However, the videos below from  DAHBOO777 and the Fugazi Report have COMPLETELY DESTROYED any credibility Blue Bell had remaining as ONCE AGAIN, we see Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks involved in the "Raider Focus" war games in Colorado, more proof that corporate America is lying to the American citizens as the United States Military prepares for SOMETHING HUGE in this country and as the 2nd video below clearly shows, whatever it is they are preparing for is MASSIVE as massive amounts of military hardware (and Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks) are seen on the streets of America. Additionally, we now have confirmation from a United States military representative that Jade Helm 15 is about the infiltration of America as shared below."

Meanwhile... Americans Shoot Cameras Back: WalMarts Close To Railroad Tracks

Closed Wal Marts All Within Miles Of Railroad Tracks - Massive Military Convoy In Colorado - Jade Helm Confirmation Arrives
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
In the newly created interactive map embedded below, All News Pipeline has put together a list of the events that we have been watching unfold across America in the last few months leading up to Jade Helm 15 and the 1st thing that immediately jumped out at us was the extremely close proximity of ALL of the closed Wal Mart stores in Jade Helm states to railroad tracks and specifically, to railroad access points off of streets close to the closed stores. In fact, one Wal Mart, the closed store in Pico Rivera, California is a mere 1/10th of a mile away from railroad track access, leading us to ask if this was all planned out the way it appears to have been planned out? We've also received a boatload of new pictures from our readers of military convoys including the picture above showing three rigs with military vehicles seen on it at a Wal Mart store in Chatanooga, Tennessee and many more below including a massive military convoy in Colorado.

On the *dark-side establishment traitors to America* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Barber Report: The 47 Mile Path of Entry for ISIS Nuclear Weapons Entering the United States
Today, I am releasing a report submitted by Jeff Barber and his wife, from El Paso, Texas. The Barbers decided to investigate 47 a mile stretch of “open border” between Mexico and the United States. Barber obviously examined the claims that I made, via a Judicial Watch report, which stated that ISIS had a base camp only 8 miles from El Paso. Mr. Barber provided me with the results of his investigation. Below are key excerpts from the Barber report.
...Editor’s Note: This is a who’s who list of countries containing terrorists who want to do harm to all Americans. It is also interesting to note that many of the countries listed in the Barber Report include the same countries that we see in Refugee/Resettlement programs which are bringing tens of thousands of unscreened immigrants into the U.S. Further, this reports casts the OTM invasion of the United States, last summer, in a different light. Last summer’s border invasion was a cover for ISIS to set up and camps and prepare to strike at targets inside of the United States...
...El Paso, which is the only major city in the United States where you can not leave the area without being checked at an internal Border Patrol checkpoint. It is curious that the government says these checkpoints are to enforce immigration laws yet over 84% of those arrested at these internal checkpoints are legal United States Citizens . The fines from these arrests are a source of revenue for the Obama administration. If you have over $1000 in cash on you that is legally yours, “they” (your USA government) seizes/ your money… "

Trendwise, The Unraveling of Society As Many In the Younger Generation Say *NO* To Establishment Careers

As has been reported recently, many in the younger, work-age generation are saying *NO WAY* to being employed by the *IRS*. Currently, this unlawful, private, tax collecting agency is having difficulty replacing their retirees.

Big kudos to ALL those who are saying NO, and to everyone who is standing on their principles, to everyone who is respecting their spiritual conscience. That is, instead of selling out to the man. For, these actions will turn the titanic, evil empire.

So, the question of the day: Does this mean Robo Tax Collectors? Who can immediately hunt down, then mechanically run down so-called tax avoiders?

THIS WEEK, tune into the music of your heart, and listen for the music as expressed by the hearts of others. A new joy will be yours. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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