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...a natural woman in a natural world...

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Nighttime mews, puddle-splashing Kitkats... no rain on the tame prairie, just steamy warm... the last several days were cooler and have seen intermittent rainshowers which have created swampy areas where the water collects... but no real flooding, thank goodness... so, this Big Cat has been under the weather with some type of energy-stealing virus... yep, no wind in her sails... now, except for the lack of energy, the virus seems to be leaving... and good riddance... anyway, doing all that extra physical lifting earlier in the week likely lowered the Kougaress's immune system... anyway, only the absolutely necessary stuff has gotten done, which this Big Cat is grateful she's been able to manage.

Hugs and snugs, most darling kittens. Keep a watchful eye out, and keep watching out for each other. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

So, the Kougar spent what little energy she had reading over Rebecca's manuscript, WITCH'S MOON... wonderfully entertaining, indeed!

Also, this Big Cat isn't certain she's up to penning Volcano's Angelic Forecast tomorrow... she's so physically depleted right now.


Book Binge Time! Oh, And "Witch's Moon" is at the Editor's.
by Rebecca Gillan

Whooh! "Witch's Moon" is officially being edited by the lovely ladies at Wicked Dragon Writing Solutions. Words cannot express how manically I was working on it because, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't figure out what was bugging me about the ending until after I commited to an editing block. So I spent the entire month of May frantically re-writing the last third of the book.


Census Day and City Song
by Solara

Census day was not far off.  Gill looked at the calendar and grinned.  To have an idea of how many species of shape shifters called the Peak home would gain them a foothold in the supernatural world.  Not that many wanted it known they existed or resided amongst humans.  Many welcomed their counter part as the humans calling the Peak home did.  Those on the outskirts ventured into town knowing the unusual was normal there. 


Doctors Agree: Roswell Slides Show a Nonhuman Body
Monday, June 1, 2015
Jaime Maussan has now provided testimony from doctors, all concurring from different viewpoints that the slides he presented at a Mexico City conference on May 5, do not depict a human body. The fontanelles are observed to be closed like those of an adult.


UFOs and the Robertson Panel
Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Nick Redfern writes about why the contactees of the 1950s – such as George Adamski, became the subjects of extensive, official government agency files. — Mysterious Universe


Demons and the Defense Department
Friday, June 5, 2015
In November 1991, a Nebraskan priest had a clandestine meeting with a pair of physicists working on a top secret program for the US Dept. of Defense. — Mysterious Universe 


Mysterious Clumps of Worms Line Texas Highways
Friday, June 5, 2015
The deluge that flooded parts of Texas over the past week created a strange sight on a patch of the state's highways. — Discovery News

Eel-like fish falling from sky in Alaska city
Saturday, June 6, 2015
An ugly eel-like fish has been falling out of the sky this past week in Fairbanks, Alaska. — CBS Seattle

Biblical scenes filmed in China as tens of thousands of toads descend on town
Saturday, June 6, 2015
A scene of biblical proportions descended upon China’s Liaoning Province following heavy rainfall. — Mail Online

...a natural woman in a natural world... wouldn't that be lovely??? ... okay, even though this Big Cat is the gender called woman, in reality she has no clue what that is, or how it truly feels... not really, not in this present world... she has no earthly clue, other than basic biology -- a bit of inner knowing, and some bright spots that come from her spiritual core -- that is, what being a natural woman would look like, be like... yeah, it's mostly been a confusing, nasty mystery, this journey on Earth... plus, given the *age upon age* layers of societal, repressive programming, of what it 'supposedly' means to be female, to be/act like a woman... and now!... in these times, with the onslaught of endocrine-system disrupting chemicals like pesticides, food additives, plastics, and including the GMO frankenfoods... well, our woman's biology is being totally screwed, and screwed with by the dark-side powers that be... and thus, we have reached the epitome of this gender destruction... at least, we have a poster girl, one Caitlin Jenner, previously Bruce Jenner... wow, there's an ideal to aspire for, SNARK! Gosh, wanna follow in this high-heeled footsteps... NO, NOT EVER!!!

But yeah, really, who cares about Bruce Jenner/Caitlin being a tranny... hey, have a good life, Kaitlin-Bruce, really... this Big Cat only wishes you the best ... yep, from the very bottom of her heart... but honestly, your sexuality is your business, not this Big Cat's ... 'cause, she has far more important things going on in her life than worrying about being force-fed this unmitigated, corp-gov CIRCUS-CIRCUS assault bullcrap, meant to destroy humanity, meant to keep dividing and conquering women and men, meant to keep us apart, and always fighting with each other, always hurting each other... what pure baloney.

But, really, a big yawning ho-hum to the whole tranny thing.


The Rise of the Idiots
 by Paul Joseph Watson | June 5, 2015
Westerners are dumber than ever before
Americans are dumber than ever before. The IQ of westerners has dropped by a staggering 14 points over the last century. Our attention spans are less than that of a goldfish.
Our children are also becoming stupider. Since 2006, the average SAT score has fallen by 20 points. In Japan, high school students are at the same educational level as Americans with who hold four year college degrees.
For 2 million years of evolution, our brains grew larger, but there’s been a reversal. Our brains are now physically shrinking.
Not only are we getting dumber, we’re getting fatter as well. 70 per cent of all Americans are overweight and obesity levels just hit an all time high – 27.7 per cent of the US population are obese.
Did you know that obesity is directly linked with stupidity? Studies show that obese people have 8% less brain tissue than people of normal weight. The areas of the brain affected by this tissue loss relate to critical thinking and long term memory.
Obesity also hinders blood circulation around the brain, reducing intelligence and cognitive functioning. Eating fatty foods also has an immediate negative impact on short term memory. [Big Cat Health Note: Good fats are critical to your health, and  are called essential fatty acids. In fact, you must have these good fats in your diet to effectively lose weight. However, what are called 'bad fats' are completely detrimental to your health.]
So the fat pride movement, now being promoted by the media & fashion industry, is not only encouraging chronic illnesses, it’s institutionalizing the acceptance of stupidity.
People will accuse me and those who make these arguments of being cynical and snobbish because simply drawing attention to this appears to be an exercise in futility.
But really, the solution lies in shaming these people. Dumb people should be idiocy shamed. It shouldn’t be seen as acceptable to be completely ignorant of real issues or basic facts.
In a truly progressive society, those who are most informed about things that matter should be perceived as the pinnacle of cool and trendy.
But dominant mainstream culture has instead made cool moral relativism, dismantling vocabulary down to grunts and lame acronyms, and wearing your pants halfway down your butt.
Popular culture has been designed to create an army of morons who are dependent on bread and circuses. A generation of young people whose acceptance amongst their friends depends upon keeping up with the Kardashians and mindlessly regurgitating and mimicking the words and behavior of classless, addle brain, nihilistic degenerates.
They’ve monetized apathy and stupor on an industrial scale.
Instead of aspiring to be inventors, mavericks, and entrepreneurs – something achievable, an entire generation has been tricked into pursuing the unobtainable goal of celebrity. They all waste their lives trying to become rappers, musicians, sports heroes and movie stars, and for the vast majority it’s never going to happen.
The fallout from this is obsession with expressing their unrequited narcissism through social media – which in turn makes people more depressed and more stupid.
Our icons are fools. Our heroes are intellectual weaklings. Celebrities who express original thoughts are publicly shamed. Celebrities who parrot group-think nonsense are exalted.
We’re the product of an entertainment industry and a culture that rewards intellectual conformity and denigrates curiosity and contrarian thinking.
So it is any wonder that despite all our technology and all our progress, we’re dumber than ever before?


WOLFGANG HALBIG joins The Power hour to discuss on the latest on the Sandy Hook hoax.
Check THE POWER HOUR archives: June 4, 2015 (hour 3) - Guest Wolfgang Halbig


BLURB: Michael Daugherty... whistleblower and former CEO of a medical laboratory Michael Daugherty discussed how his company, LabMD, faced extortion from a cybersecurity company, followed by a court case against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In 2010, the cybersecurity company Tiversa contacted LabMD to tell them that there'd been a security breach and that 9,000 files including clients' names, social security numbers, and medical diagnoses had been hacked. But Daugherty realized it was a scam operation by Tiversa-- they were the ones who hacked into LabMD and were trying to force his company to hire them to respond to the breach.
When Daugherty refused to hire them, Tiversa went to the FTC to tip them off about the "data breach." Subsequently, the FTC filed charges against LabMD, when they refused to sign a "consent decree"-- a plea deal that includes years of audits. The FTC used my company as a stepping stone to build common law, Daugherty complained, so they could increase their jurisdiction over the cybersecurity regulation of medicine. His subsequent book, The Devil Inside the Beltway serves as an exposé of the government's questionable practices, and his ongoing David vs. Goliath battle with them.

Big Cat by-the-numbers ~

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[just a few] the kougaress bites back headlines



WATCH: Tornadoes Touch Down Across Colorado

VIDEO: Severe Flooding Causes Chaos, Sparks Fire in Ghana Capital


VIDEO: Police Officer Drags Man to Safety From Fiery Car


 Danish Authority Calls Glyphosate a Human Carcinogen
A Danish authority has declared glyphosate a human carcinogen and says not to use it.


Here's What Happens When Floating Farms Meet Solar Power
Have you heard of 'floating farms' that can harvest sunlight and rainwater to grow 20 tons of vegetables every day?

 Cannabis Law Would Order Farmers to Grow Marijuana
The same laws that were on the books in 1619 could be revived to inspire the growth of medical marijuana as well as hemp plants.


 Health Benefits of Pecans - Over 7 Reasons to Enjoy Pecans
Need a reason to eat pecans? From boosting heart health to preventing cancer, here are 7 benefits of pecans.

Diabetic Neuropathy CAN Be Treated! 6 Natural Solutions
Suffering from diabetic neuropathy? Research shows how these 6 nutritional supplements are capable of even reversing nerve damage.

 Study Suggests Homeopathy 'Aided Pain of Cancer Patients Ten Fold'
Research suggests that the wellbeing of cancer patients improves significantly when homeopathic treatment is given in addition to conventional therapy.


Why Bird Flu Wipes out Corporate Poultry Farms
Who would have expected backyard chickens to avoid this year's unusually decimating bird flu - which has wiped out 26 million birds in Iowa?


 Victory! Federal Judge Rules to Uphold GMO Ban in Oregon
A federal judge decided to uphold a GMO ban in Oregon after two alfalfa farms requested the ban be dropped.


 McDonald's Japan Founder: Burgers Will Make Us 'Taller, White, and Blonde'
This McDonald's Japan exec told citizens they could 'grow taller, turn their skin white, and their hair blonde' by eating McDonald's burgers and fries.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it. " -Thomas Jefferson (1791)

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." AND "Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it. - Mark Twain

"Only a fool fights in a burning house." Klingon saying.

'A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.'—James Madison

JFK... to paraphrase... Washington D.C. has the best of both worlds. Northern hospitality. And southern efficiency.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire.

~ Have a lovely magical month of June ~   


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

Puddle-splashing Kitkat kisses from the Kougar...

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