Monday, June 22, 2015

"I was born on the prairie...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #354 

 BACKFIRE! Against the Dark-Side Globalists On Two Fronts ... People Are and Will Be Returning to the Sacred Land ... and the Race Baiters Fail

"I was born on the prairie where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures." ~Geronimo, 1829-1909

And, the People of Charleston Stand Together and Hold Hands Across the Bridge ~ Report by Jakari Jackson of Infowars.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' twirl like madmen and sizzle their lightblades through the dark thick blanket concealing the worldwide economy. Thus, exposing the Viper Elite's true sinister plan for humankind.

Out of this, more become AWAKE and AWARE, and pockets of the population take positive action toward rejecting the mega-bankster cartel, while building their own local economies.

On the personal front, this week is likely to be a roller coaster, cartwheeling series of events in your personal life, and on the world stage. Wherever you can avoid potential trouble, do it. In fact, it 'could' be wise to limit your activities for the next two weeks.

Also, the maxim *Home is Where the Heart Is* could play a huge role in your life during this time after the summer solstice. While this could play out in any number of ways, the important move to make is understanding your heart, and your ability to LOVE, in a whole new way.

Further, keep your family ties strong wherever and however you are able. This is a time to work together, not fall apart at the seams.

On the paranormal front, INSIDE PROJECT BLUE BOOK, a Treasure Trove ... the UFO Past Revealing Itself

BLURB: "Rob Mercer of the Miami Valley UFO Society told how he came across a man on Craigslist selling a box of Project Blue Book files (view images) he'd bought at auction. Mercer tracked down the original owner, a former officer assigned to Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson, who didn't realize that he'd left the files behind when he moved, and was able to give Mercer additional materials he had stored. A lot of the Blue Book files were put together for the press, and accordingly there were no redacted pages in what they were shown, the retired officer explained. One of the items Mercer received was a grainy UFO film recorded in Tremonton, Utah in 1952.
Rob Mercer sent us several images to accompany his appearance on the 6/21/15 show.
He writes: "Last fall I was doing a UFO search on Craigslist (because of my location and what may have been collected by locals over the years), and I came across a guy selling a box of files he had bought at a sale. I purchased the box and tracked down the original owner, it turns out he was an officer assigned to Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson and didn't realize that he had left them behind when he moved. He saw how much I enjoyed the subject, and has since given me the rest of his work."

On the UFO front, Article: "THE POUGHKEEPSIE BLACK BOOMERANG UFO - 1985 BY GREG BOONE ~ By Robert D Morningstar
This story should serve to provide our readers with proof positive with a first hand account *and a 2nd corroborating witness* of the huge UFO coverup regularly conducted during the 1980s by so-called "mass media news" sources as a matter of course, but in this case specifically, as practiced by news media in New York State and the northeastern region of the country as a general editorial policy.  This is really "how it goes" when the skeptical news media is confronted with "UFO Reality," even in their own editorial offices with their own officials as the principal and primary witnesses:
On August 25th 1985, I along with 10 other newsmen were on duty at the Poughkeepsie Journal, New York's oldest newspaper and one of the flagships of the Gannett News Service."

On the *alien abduction* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Abducted by aliens? Neurologist finds similarities in alleged victims
New patients, including several from the Big Island, came in with similar complaints about being abducted, leading Russo to wonder if there was anything the patients shared in common when it came to brain wave activity.
“The patients were just coming to me, and I started noticing patterns across the patients. I’ll see three or four patients with something that’s similar, and then I’ll try to find an explanation for what it is I’m seeing,” Russo said.
Each of the patients who claims to have been abducted by aliens and believed that a transmitter was implanted in their brain has shown abnormalities in brain wave activity in their parietal lobe.
“That’s the area that does visual and auditory integration into higher order thinking,” he said."

On the aura, ectoplasm, astral body front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scientist Finds Strange “Bioenergy” Field Surrounding Humans
Joshua Krause | For centuries, various cults and religions have suggested that human beings exude a kind of energy field that can’t be perceived with the five senses."

On the *seeding life* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Was Life on Earth Seeded by Aliens? Scientists Find a Strange Device ~ Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Researchers in the UK say they may have discovered a miniature device that was used to seed life on Earth.
Analyzing samples taken from the stratosphere by a high-altitude balloon, researchers from the University of Buckingham discovered a tiny metallic sphere imbedded in the sampler.

On *is this a secret spy plane?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Is this 'UFO' on the MOON proof of a secret spy plane the US won't admit it developed?
UFO hunters claim to have proved that the US Air Force has hidden a secret spy plane in a crater on the Moon which has been captured on camera. ~ By Jon Austin
Now, according to a YouTube video posted by the Secureteam conspiracists, images of the Moon's surface obtained from a camera mounted on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft reveal a Black Mantra-type craft sitting in a crater.
The narrator claims it "must be" an alien version of the US craft or an Earth-built newer version of the "secret spy plane".
Secureteam's findings are supported by another prolific UFO hunter."

On the 'quantum' front, It's All In the Observer

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Quantum Weirdness Just Got Weirder: Reality Needs an Observer ~ Wednesday, June 17, 2015
A new physics experiment has verified the concept of quantum indeterminacy, where a particle exists as both a particle and a wave until observed. As well, the experiment also shows that the "decision" made by the particle can travel backward in time."

On the land changes front, Yes, Once Again: Superstorm Drenching Rains, the High Winds Continue, Cool Weather Prevails In Some Regions While Massive Heat Waves Sear Other Regions... the Weather Goes More Bizarre-Wacky-Extreme ... the Record Number of Volcanoes and Earthquakes Will Keep Accelerating... Oh, and Watch Out For Those Sinkholes

Also, the sun is likely to do some significant lashing out within the next four weeks. This 'could' affect communication devices, and the power grid. Prepare.

HEADLINE: "The third major quake of this week: A mag 6.4 - 76km NW of Talcahuano, Chile"

HEADLINE: "Another major quake....A mag 6.0 - 42km ENE of Ndoi Island, Fiji"

HEADLINE: "Thousands of villagers flee as Indonesian volcano continues to spew rocks, ash and hot gas up to 15 kilometres away" ASTONISHING PHOTOS

VIDEO: Massive Hail, Tornadoes Tear Up South Dakota
June 20, 2015 6:50 PM ET Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer was chasing massive supercells across South Dakota on June 19. Grapefruit-sized hail crashes down around him as a tornado touches down nearby.

On the *dark-side globalists destroying Mother Earth* front, YOU Are Now Part of the Food Chain ... Wild Animal Attacks Will Increase

HEADLINE: "Jaws alert: Multiple great white shark sightings just ONE MILE off the coast of Maine prompts police to shut down beach :Shark sightings are common in the area, but not at this time of year!"

On the AWAKENING front, Replacing Rage With the Power of Love

In the midst of the GREAT UNRAVELING, the power of love, and the right to protect yourself and your loved ones, becomes the true salvation of humankind and Mother Earth.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "No “Summer of Rage” or Shooting Hysteria in Charleston, SC Aftermath
Prison | Contrary to unrest seen in Baltimore and Ferguson, shooting tragedy brings community together."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘No Obama. No Sharpton.’ Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray campaign
Bizpac Review | Wherever racial divisiveness rears its ugly head, you can be sure DeRay Mckesson is not far away.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "SC’s Gun Laws: Background Checks, Gun-Free Zones, No Open Carry
Truth Revolt | State’s gun laws sound “remarkably similar to the agenda gun controllers have been demanding for years"

On the *how to become rich in Amerika, land of the cowardly brown nose* front,   HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Disgraced, Demoted Pathological Liar To Collect $10 Million At MSNBC
Zero Hedge | Williams will still earn a stunning $8-10 million."

On the economic front, Tornadic Turmoil On the Worldwide Economic Stage... Meanwhile, the Mega Media Whores Keep Americans In the Dark Spin of Obfuscation and Lies

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States
Michael Snyder | As we move toward the second half of 2015, signs of financial turmoil are appearing all over the globe.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘It’s time to hold physical cash,’ says one of Britain’s most senior fund managers
London Telegraph | It may be time to money under the mattress. High profile fund managers explain how to prepare for a ‘systemic event’."

On the *hang the odious bankster-gangsters* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Greek Debt Committee Just Declared All Debt To The Troika “Illegal, Illegitimate, And Odious”
Zero Hedge | Greece has effectively just declared that it will no longer have to default on its IMF debt."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Bank Holiday” Preparations Begin In Greece, Lines Form At Athens ATMs
Zero Hedge | The writing has been on the wall for quite sometime."

BREAKING NEWS: Jun 21, 2015, 02:15 PM GMT
Greek pre-orders for deposit withdrawals have already reach 1 billion euros, Frankfurt and Brussels sources say - @Reuters

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "As he waits beside an empty Greek cash machine, student Stavros Lappas is asking the question that the whole world urgently needs answered ... WHERE'S THE MONEY?"

On the *dark, exploitive underbelly of Walmart* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How Walmart Spun an 'Extensive and Secretive Web' of Overseas Tax Havens
Common Dreams - Walmart has built a vast, undisclosed network of overseas tax havens—accounting for more than $76 billion of assets—that allows the multinational corporation to shirk public disclosure laws as well as its fair share of both foreign and U.S. taxes, according to a groundbreaking report published Wednesday by Americans for Tax Fairness. All told, the retail behemoth has established at least 78 subsidiaries in 15 offshore tax havens, none of them publicly reported before."

On the *massive endless corruption* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Traffic Camera Exec Confesses to Bribing Politicians ~ As time goes on more Americans are becoming aware of the fact that many of our laws are not written for our safety, but exist as nothing more than tools of revenue generation for the government. But what we often forget is that the police departments aren’t the only ones making a buck at our expense. When it comes to traffic cameras, the manufacturers have a lot at stake, and they’re more than willing to bend the rules if it means making a new customer.
At least, that seems to be the case with Redflex Traffic Systems, whose former CEO Karen L Finley, recently admitted in court that she had bribed elected officials in Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, to maintain the contracts her company had with these municipalities."

On the truth front, TRUTH Battles The One-World Order Religion As Now Dictated By the Pope, and Several Protestant Denominations

The monstrous push is here to convince the global sheeple that RELIGION knows best, and they need to bleat approval, and merely follow.

However, TRUTH and SPIRIT moves like a mighty whirlwind, bringing a true connection to the Divine. Thus, many more people become independent, and ram-charge against this evil, one-world control.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity
Michael Snyder | Pope Francis says that global warming is a fact and that a new global political authority is necessary in order to save humanity from utter disaster."

On the *there is no justice in America, only kingpin persecution* front, The Dark-Side Establishment's War on Your Digital Liberty

Evidently, Silk Road Founder, Ross Ulbricht, cut into the CIA's big-banking, drug-running  business to the point, they brought him down with illegally gained info. The so-called justice system has sentenced him to two life sentences with no parole, including some humongous fine. That is, after tying the hands of his defense team. One of Mr. Ulbricht's other great sin's against the government, he gave a voice to political dissidents, to freedom in the style of pure libertarianism. Oh, and his other great sin, a free marketplace the government agencies, and the central banking cartel, couldn't control.

BLURB: Date: Saturday - June 20, 2015 ~ Host: George and media researcher Jamie Bartlett talked about the Dark Net and the conviction of Silk Road drug website founder Ross Ulbricht.

HEADLINE: "Silk Road founder hit with life imprisonment"

HEADLINE: "One of the government agents tasked with taking down Silk Road will plead guilty to stealing $820,000" Business Insider

...“JADE” is an A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments.
The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones through the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system.
In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM."

On the war front, How The Dark-side Globalists Manufacture a World War ... In the Next Two Weeks Watch and Learn ... But Remember This: What If They Gave a War and Nobody Came?

At this turnpoint in history/herstory, humankind has a choice: Believe corrupt lying leaders... or, believe the message of their own hearts. Believe the 'incoming' false-flag events are real, or understand this is about nefariously forcing humanity into destroying itself.

THE UKRAINE FLASHPOINT In the Bear's Backyard: HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Will Provide Weapons for NATO Commandos to Attack Ukrainian Separatists
Kurt Nimmo | Effort to bolster failed bid to defeat resistance in Eastern Ukraine.
Pentagon boss Ashton Carter has announced the United States “will contribute weapons, aircraft and forces, including commandos, for NATO’s rapid reaction force” to defend against “Russia from the east and violent extremists from the south,” according to the Associated Press."

THE PROBLEM: Article Analysis: "Why Won’t America Fight Back? NWO Brainwashing Techniques Designed to Promote Acceptance of the Coming Genocide
...Americans have been conditioned to lose the war for freedom through a set of psychological techniques designed to brainwash an entire nation and promote the belief that there could never be any such thing as a conspiracy theory. This all starts with controlling the mechanisms that dispense the “truth” about today’s world. With all that is going on in California, the residents should tearing the doors off of the Governor’s office in Sacramento as they demand change and I do not mean” hope and change”. Instead, we only hear crickets chirping as people are being conditioned to accept their fate.
The Corporate Controlled Media ~ Six, count them six corporations control 98% of the media. They virtually control everything you read, see and hear. These six corporations are intertwined with controlling forces of big oil, the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. They control who gets elected through campaign donations and more importantly, they have brainwashed an entire nation to accept serfdom at the hands of their corporate masters.
The corporate controlled media uses specific psychological techniques to control the belief systems of the public. This article is a brief example of how the nation is brainwashed to question the abject criminality coming out of Washington DC."

On the *evil empire* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Paul Craig Roberts: “Washington Is Impotent To Prevent Armageddon”
Paul Craig Roberts | The United States has pursued empire since early in its history, but it was the Soviet collapse in 1991 that enabled Washington to see the entire world as its oyster."

On the energy front, The Golden Frequencies of Ascension Increase, Sweeping Throughout the World In This Time of the Great Unraveling

For those with the sensitive eyes to see, the world around them will take on a slight golden glow. For others who are tuned in, there will be a new ease in living from their spiritual center.

On the tyranny-at-work front, HELL YEAH TEXAS!

ARTICLE: "Texas Just SLAMMED Obama By Passing Toughest Border Security Bill In America
Again, I will say HELL YEAH TEXAS! Why? Texas takes care of business time and time again! This is huge.
As we all know, Obama has created an immigration crisis unlike any other. He has intentionally weakened our southern border to bring in Democratic voters as well as for other destructive reasons. It’s all a part of the big plan to bring down America. That is what he wants and he is doing one hell of a job!
Obama’s illegal amnesty has caused complete chaos for Texas and Governor Abbott has had enough!
LANA SHADWICK at Breitbart reports:
Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a ceremony to sign the toughest and most comprehensive border security plan of any state in the United States of America. The legislative package provides historic levels of funding to secure the border, establishes a Child Sex Trafficking Prevention Unit, strengthens penalties for human traffickers, increases funding for the border protection unit, and seeks reimbursement from the federal government for Texas funds spent on border issues."

On the *gun-control backfire* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "#WeWillShootBack: Blacks Issue Call to Arms in Wake of Charleston Shooting
Adan Salazar | Attempts to demonize firearms backfire spectacularly."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Charleston shooting prompts gun-rights supporters to call for more concealed-carry at churches
The Washington Times | A dozen states continue to restrict the carrying of concealed firearms in churches — including South Carolina."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama’s Gun Control Will Kill More Blacks
Kit Daniels | Just look at “gun-free” Chicago & the U.K."

On the police-terrorism front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ohio Cop Shoots 4-Year-Old Girl While Trying to Shoot Family Dog
PINAC | A 4-year-old girl is in the hospital tonight after being shot by a Columbus police officer who was only trying to kill the family dog."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Witness Records LAPD Handcuffing Man After Shooting Him in Head
PINAC | A yet to be identified man was shot by two Los Angeles police officers Friday evening with the gruesome aftermath captured on video and posted to Twitter by a witness."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Video: Cop Previously Fired For Excessive Force Beats Suspect With Shotgun
Steve Watson | Could face excessive force charges for second time."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Study Finds That EVERY Police Department in US Failed To Meet Use Of Lethal Force Standards
Steve Watson | ‘Shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life.’"

On the BIG BROTHER, NANNY STATE Super Surveillance front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Surveillance court moving toward renewal of NSA spying program for 6 months
RT | The secretive court has indicated that it will temporarily renew the National Security Agency’s bulk phone records collection authority."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama orders secret surveillance court to ignore lower court decision and spy on Americans illegally
(NaturalNews) Just hours after President Obama said he would sign new federal legislation ostensibly aimed at ending the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' metadata, he instructed his Department of Justice to seek permission from..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "School installs microphone network to detect gunfire: ‘Next wave of student safety’
EAG News | Officials recently installed a network of microphones around Newark Memorial High School to become the first school in the nation with a gunfire detection system."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Talking Barbies are ushering in a new era of mass surveillance
The Atlantic | Barbie accomplishes this magic by recording your child’s question and uploading it to a speech recognition server."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "School lunch program scans student thumbprints for ‘tracking purposes’
EAG News | A Pennsylvania school district is scanning students’ thumbprints, tracking all of their lunch purchases, and turning the data over to the federal government."

On the *programmed to kill* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Self-driving cars may have to be programmed to kill you
The Independent - The self-driving cars that could soon dominate our roads, perhaps even making human-driven ones illegal some day, could end up being programmed to kill you if it means saving a larger number of lives.... Though the whole point of driverless cars is that they are better at avoiding accidents than humans, there will still be times when a collision is unavoidable. As such, it is conceivable that whoever programs them will decide that ploughing you into a road barrier is better than continuing your course into a bus packed with school children."

On the communication front, This Is the Future Unless WE THE PEOPLE Stand and Band Together... and Protect Each Other

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Independent Media Under Attack - YouTuber Channel Deleted, Harassed And
Threatened 'We Are Going To Kill Your Son' - Jade Helm Coverage Cited!
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
An Independent Media personality, Gary Larrabee, has had his YouTube channel with approximately 7,000 videos completely wiped out along with his subscription list of almost 13,000 people. He has been harassed by phone, threatened,  as well as a specific threat stating "we will kill your son," his personal information, including his bank account numbers accessed and much more as you will hear in the video below on his new channel which only has 46 subscribers as of this article."

On the social media front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Another reason to Ditch Facebook: Who owns your face?
GovtSlaves - What a bad week for privacy. Consumer watchdogs gave up on government talks over facial recognition software after industry groups appeared to reject even basic restrictions on face-scanning. Meanwhile, Facebook rolled out a new service called “Moments” that expands the use of the company’s powerful “faceprint” technology.... Facebook’s Moments tool pushes the privacy envelope by making it more normal than ever for others to quickly reveal where you were and who you were with. But it does at least offer a basic check on the tagging tool: Users who don’t like the idea of using their as an ID can use Facebook’s own settings to opt out. It’s unclear, however, if Facebook will make much of an effort to tell users they can do so."

On the home front, Exposed: The Martial Law, Military Occupation of America Continues... Prayers and Mass Consciousness Needed For Divine Intervention

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'New Concertina Wire' Fencing Around Closed Prison And Guard In Tower - Are Closed Prisons Going To Be Used As 'FEMA Camps'?
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
ANP has been sent more original, new photos of the decomissioned Nevada State prison, from a concerned veteran who describes not only what he saw in the photos, but what occurred after he took the photos and concluded that "White vans seem to be a common denominator." While researching we found another very strange occurrence that happened in 2014 at another closed prison...
...The photos themselves are of the supposedly "decommissioned" Nevada State Prison in Carson City, where our keen-eyed reader notes that he once lived close to this prison, and while driving past it recently decided to take some photos, which show "bright shiny new concertina wire both layered deep on the ground and along the top of the perimeter fencing." The concerned vet also notes that in the photo a guard is seen in the guard tower.
..."I slowed to take the photos, so I know we were noticed. On the way home, on US 395, I was followed by a white Mercedes Van with markings of a flower shop. I looked up the flower shop later, and it does not exist."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Something Very Wrong Coming To America This Year' - Massive Military Movements Across America Directly Tied To Wal Marts Nationwide
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
From our northern border with Canada to our completely open southern border with Mexico and from sea to shining sea, we are witnessing a massive 'buildup to and preparation for' a still unnamed event. Every day we become more aware of a very strong but still mysterious connection between the US military and Wal Mart stores across the country as another ANP reader who calls himself 'Texas Patriot' emailed us the photograph seen above showing several US military vehicles sitting, hidden, behind a Wal Mart store in Crowley, Texas.
...We also receive a very strong warning from famed hacker Guccifer in the 1st video below that something HORRIBLE is getting ready to happen to America. Guccifer, who previously hacked the Bush family, Hillary Clinton, the Rockefellers and Federal Reserve Board members, joins at the 10:45 mark of this excellent brand new Norton video called "In Search Of The Most Dangerous Town On The Internet" and proceeds to tell us: "Every American open your eyes wide, because something very wrong is going to come to them this year."

On the *diabolical illegal invasion* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Illegal Immigration Nightmare: Obama Has Been Releasing 1000s Of Convicted Criminals Back Into Our Communities
Michael Snyder | Why has Barack Obama been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants that have been convicted of crimes back on to the streets of our cities?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Deportable Violent Sex Offenders Can Go Free when Home Country Refuses to Take Them
AllGov - Hundreds of immigrants convicted of violent sex crimes have been allowed to go free in the United States because their home country has refused to take them back. An investigation by the Boston Globe revealed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tried unsuccessfully to deport 424 immigrants who had been convicted of sex-related offenses from 2008 to 2012. But once these individuals’ home countries refused to accept their deportation, ICE had no other recourse than to let them go. The 424 included convicted rapists, child molesters, and kidnappers. The newspaper also found that ICE failed to track these criminals after releasing them, or to ensure that they registered themselves as sex offenders."

On the food front, DANGER! RED FLAG... Mon-Satan-O Locks Down More of the World's Seed Supply

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto seeks merger with Syngenta to control more than 35% of the world's seed supply
(NaturalNews) The world's most evil corporation is trying to buy out another of the world's most evil corporations to become one giant, monopolistic force of unstoppable abomination throughout the globe. Monsanto, a household name in toxic chemicals and..."

On the ONE GOOD REASON TO STOCK UP NOW front, Food Retailers Are Going Out of Business At a Fast Pace

Documented Article: Can You Imagine Empty Grocery Stores?

On the *hey, how about that health care?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Almost $3 billion in Obamacare subsidies unaccounted for in CMS audit
Personal Liberty - A new report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services reveals that $2.8 billion in Obamacare subsidies may have been awarded to the wrong people — and for the wrong amount of money. According to the audit summary, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) lacked internal controls to “effectively ensure the accuracy of nearly $2.8 billion in aggregate financial assistance payments made to insurance companies under the Affordable Care Act during the first four months that these payments were made.”

On the Medical Industrial Complex front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Prescriptions Drugs Now the Leading Cause Of Death By Overdose
Robert Harrington | As drug overdose deaths rise across America."

On the bureaucratic-fascism front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "2,666,000 Words: FDA Rules are Twice the Length of the Bible
CNS News | found 545 distinct rules published by the FDA since January 20, 2009 covering medical devices, food additives, and animal drugs, to name a few."

On the DNA front, Beware! Everything Can Be Hacked On the Cloud... Everything On the Cloud Can Be Sold By Google and Amazon... Or, Whomever

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Google and Amazon want to store your DNA in the cloud
(NaturalNews) In the scramble between the mega-information-monopolies to control every aspect of your life, Amazon and Google are now vying with each other to own your DNA. Well, maybe not exactly own it -- at least not yet, anyway -- but they...

On the *Goo-Borg Mad Scientist* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How Google turned Alameda into a mad science laboratory ~ By Matt O'Brien mobrien@
ALAMEDA -- The engineers pedal quietly across deserted roads and parking lots, passing a rusted naval cannon before they reach their secret workshop in an old seaplane hangar.
Their multicolored bicycles -- using the same palette as Google's logo -- stand out as vibrant oddities in a weathered, post-apocalyptic landscape. They are the only clues identifying this as an outpost of the global tech giant.
...Mountain View-based Google takes that privacy so seriously that none of the workers who help manage the old naval grounds would talk about the company or what it might be doing. Google also declined to comment but revealed in a May 27 blog post that a huge prototype it assembled in the hangar is ready for real-world testing."

On the really bad news front, Sadly, the Worldwide Mass Extinction Events Are Accelerating

One Example ~ NBC: Sea creatures swarming ashore from San Diego to San Fran. — CBS: Millions of dead blanketing miles of coastline,'like a red carpet… 12-16 inches thick… never seen anything like this'

On the good news front, COMMON GROUND: Battling Against Killer Vaccines

ARTICLE: "Blacks and Whites Unite Against SB277 Forced Vaccination Bill ~ By Heather Callaghan
"This heinous bill...has now come to the attention of the black community." Epic speech the mainstream wouldn't cover
During the months of December 2014 through April 2015, the media, with the backing of Big Pharma through every possible means, changed the entire paradigm surrounding vaccination. It was a forceful push to embrace injections like no other that even spread abroad in several countries like Australia. A gullible public has now been asked to do a corporation's dirty work and point dehumanizing fingers and shame and suspicion at their neighbors and their neighbors' children.
Big Pharma used every psy-weapon available to demonize opponents of forced vaccination bills like SB277 which would remove virtually all vaccine exemptions from California children. This psy-op is evidenced by the four top signs of astroturfing and media manipulation. They not only used typical witch hunt lingo and painted quite the narrative to demonize opponents of vaccination, forming a "debate" where there was none - debates usually include two willing parties and are not driven by one forceful entity - but also twisted it up by politicizing it into a left-right Punch and Judy show which created more confusing division."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Prior to Forced Vaccination Bill
Christina Sarich | Should we not have the right to choose?"

On the global mafia cabal front, The Berserker Psychos At BOHEMIAN GROVE: Let the World Destruction Games Begin

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jade Helm 15 Kickoff Coincides With Cremation Of Care Ritual At Bohemian Grove - Madmen Preparing To Destroy The Entire Planet ~ By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
In the brand new video below, Gary Franchi of Next News Network proves to us that the military exercises that we are watching across America now have gone global as he provides us with footage of 4 separate sets of wargames going on across the world right now. In the footage here we get up close and personal and practically INSIDE of the machines of war as the US and NATO drill in preparation for going to war with Russia and potential worldwide nuclear annihilation.
***The Cremation of Care is a ritual performance undertaken at the yearly Bohemian Grove club, where a mock child sacrifice is made to an approximate 40ft stone owl. The ritual involves club members, often high ranking businessmen and politicians, cremating (getting rid of) their care (moral compass) in order to clear their conscience for the year ahead.
Presumably the cremation of care is conducted because club members will be involved in unethical business deals and corrupt political decisions in the coming year and want to rid themselves of any internal guilt. This most likely just being symbolic.***
...This past week, 4 separate groups of wargames for NATO and their allies included Operation Saber Strike 15, Operation Noble Jump, Operation Baltop and Exercise Eagle Talon. Operation Saber Strike was one of the largest multinational shows of force since World War 2. Franchi asks us if we heard about this on the mainstream media and if not, WHY not?"

On the heroine front, Shona Banda ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Crohn’s disease sufferer Shona Banda who uses medical marijuana faces up to 30 years in prison
Truth in Media - As cannabis oil activist and Crohn's disease patient Shona Banda, who lost custody of her son and is facing over 30 years in prison after her son spoke out about her cannabis oil treatment during a school anti-drug presentation, surrendered herself to authorities, her attorney Sarah Swain said at a press conference that she intends to challenge cannabis' classification as a hardcore Schedule 1 narcotic with no medical use as a part of her defense of Banda and that she will take her case to the Supreme Court if necessary."

On the heroes front, Rev. Clenard Childress, a man with epic wisdom ~ BLURB: ...breaks down the Obama administration's response to the [church] shooting. You don't want to miss this broadcast.


Charleston Pastor Eric Hallback Sr. of The Rock Faith Center ~ NEWS SNIPPET:
“I pray our country doesn’t go into a riot or a bad place,” Hallback told KFOX 14. “To show we have to deal with it ourselves as a church as a body of believers, let God handle it. We need to stand our ground and stand on the truth and not allow this to cause us to come out of character that’s my biggest prayer, is that we don’t come out of character.”
The pastor also revealed that his church was discussing new security measures that may need to be put in place to deter future attacks.
Hallback went on to emphasize that now is the time for healing, not more hatred, and even revealed that he was praying for the family of the gunman.
“What we have to do is continue to pray. Pray for injustice pray for racial issues and hatred that comes from people,” said Hallback."

On the child hero front, Any Child Who Actually Tries To Be A Child, and a Young Entrepreneur

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Texas cops crack down on rogue lemonade stand operating without a license and run by child labor (satire)
(NaturalNews) Hands up! Don't fruit! That was the phrase police and regulators used to subdue two young entrepreneurs in Overton, Texas, yesterday, as they stood accused of attempting to poison the general public at large with lemonade they..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did As Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today
Daisy Luther | Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies."

On the *stand-tall activist* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "45 veterans sign letter urging drone pilots to stand down
RT - A group of 45 former American military members have issued a jointly signed letter pushing drone operators to step away from their controls and refuse to fly any more lethal missions. The letter draws attention to the controversial operation of drones in foreign nations, where lethal strikes in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan have damaged terrorist networks but have also claimed the lives of innocent civilians. “At least 6,000 lives have been unjustly taken by US drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, the Philippines, Libya and Syria. These attacks are also undermining principles of international law and human rights,” the authors write, according to the Guardian."

On the scumbag political front, Next She'll Claim She's Really Black... Can't Wait For This Political Transformation

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hillary Clinton Denounces White Privilege, Calls for Taking Guns From ‘Those Whose Hearts Are Filled With Hate’
Breitbart | Clinton said white Americans need to “question our own assumptions and privilege.”

ARTICLE: "Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Scandal
Posted on June 15, 2013 by # 1 NWO Hatr
American Thinker – by Jeffrey T. Brown
In the midst of the eruption of near-daily scandals involving the Obama administration, let us not forget that until just a few months ago, Hillary Clinton was the most significant persona within that administration besides the president himself.  Let us not also forget that notwithstanding the scandal-grenades going off all around us, Mrs. Clinton diligently plans her run for the presidency, even while several of those scandals are obviously and entirely her responsibility, exposing the State Department during her tenure as an utter sewer of corruption, cronyism, and fatal incompetence. 
For as long as Hillary Clinton has been on the national scene, she has left a path of destruction and wreckage in her wake that is both impressive and terrible to behold.  She is a testament to the extent of damage that can be done by one person determined to conquer everything before her in the quest for unlimited power and self-gratification.  The only prize left to her in American politics is the presidency, which she has always felt is hers by right.  Indeed, she would have attained it were it not for the upstart community organizer, a fellow admirer of Saul Alinsky, who spoke in volumes but said nothing."

On the freedom front, Many of the People Will Not Backdown From the Military Occupation of America... The Looming Civil Strife

At this key juncture in the timestream, the fight for freedom is the fight for the survival of humanity, and for the very welfare of planet Earth. No matter how small or large, everyone has a vital part to play. Also, your part may look completely different than someone else's.

However, if you refuse this spiritual opportunity, you vote for one-world enslavement, you vote for the destruction of Mother Earth at the skeletal hands of the dark-side cabal. For, these psychopathic, souless, human pretenders care NOT about our beloved Earth. Indeed, preferring to merge with THE MACHINE, and escape to visit war and destruction on another world.

Trendwise, The Coming Siege/Conquer of America By the U.N. -- One Tentacle of the New World Order Criminals ... Unless, WE THE PEOPLE Stop It

ARTICLE: "The UN Is Conquering America Through the Control of All Water
Do you remember when Detroit when bankrupt and President Obama refused to intervene in order to help Americans in a beleaguered American city? This was both baffling and maddening to the American people. After all, this “hope and change” President promised to fundamentally transform America. Little did we realize that the Detroit bankruptcy would open the floodgates to the total foreign control of American’s most precious resource, namely water, where the UN has gained a significant foothold in Detroit and its influence is spreading across the country. When Obama refused to help Detroit’s bankruptcy and its ensuing water crisis, subsequent UN involvement was a portend of what was coming.
Today, we see California on the verge of extinction because of the profound water shortage. Not to worry America, the United Nations has promised to intervene in all of America’s coming water crises. The U.N. High Commission on Human Rights special rapporteur on safe water and sanitation, Catarina de Albuquerque, is in possession of a mandate which dictates that it must directly intervene with the U.S. government, first in a confidential manner and then in a public manner. This is why Obama did not help the people of Detroit, as he was helping the UN establish a foothold in the United States when it comesto the control of our water supply. It is interesting that Obama would bail out GM, but not its host city, Detroit. Now we know why. The UN is interested in water, not automobiles, at least not in the present moment. Now the UN has turned its sights on California."

THIS WEEK, continue to BE THE LOVE YOU ARE, and reach out and touch someone in need of a smile. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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