Monday, January 13, 2014

The Great Intention of Humanity Wings Higher

Photo: Martin Rietze
Indonesian Volcano Spews Hauntingly Beautiful Blue Lava 

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #280

The Great Intention of Humanity Wings Higher ... as massive CHANGES tsunami worldwide... now, the uniqueness of Self soars.

Out of this, the world continues to be born anew. For, LOVE blooms, grows within each individual. This is the world's real salvation... EACH ONE of us as loving, caring beings.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' vigorously swing their lightblades, cutting through the thinning layers of conjured, black-art's magick. With more universal light shining though, humankind AWAKENS ever-faster.

Further, the activation of 'some, not all' spiritual-psychic powers have been delayed for the past year. This, because of the interference of electronic mind-control devices. However, the GOOD FORCES will be circumventing much of this sinister attack by the dark-side controllers.

On the personal front, riding the super waves, this will likely be true for many as life speeds up, and the CHANGES accelerate all around us. As well, on the down to earth side, monetary concerns could be front and center.

Looking for new ways to do things, and searching out new opportunities, is the best course of action. For some, this will be setting up ways to trade and barter goods and services with each other, and within their communities.

On the paranormal front, the paranormal-supernatural world takes another hyper-jump into the AWARENESS of humanity this week. Be prepared for more high-strangeness events.

Also, even with the ever-growing reported sightings of UFOs, larger events are about to take place, especially as the summer season approaches. The mother ships, and other crafts, will be showing themselves off more frequently. This, from both the good-side ETs, and other benevolent races on planet -- and from the UN-BENEVOLENTS.

For, the war in the heavens takes another significant turn... DISCLOSURE via sightings across the planet is HERE. This is happening because, overall, world governments have failed to fully inform, or prepare their people.

Meanwhile, Big Foot-Sasquatch continues coming out of the woods. The time of secrets is over on Earth. For, TRUTH stands as the guardian to the Aquarian Age.

On the truth front, the firestorm backlash is here against corruption, against the anti-human elite. The more hidden TRUTHs are released through alternative media, the more activism will burn and fiercely rise like a great flock of infuriated phoenixes.

This week there will be a major TRUTH event revealed. This will rock many of us down to our souls -- those of us who are paying attention.

On the AWAKENING front, another HUGE week ahead with non-stop REVELATIONS about how to take spiritual control of your life. Because of this the psychopathic Viper controllers will use a myriad of distractions.

This will include more celebrity nonsense, false political debates, extreme weather, and will likely include the horrors happening in the various war theaters. However, INTENTION, the will of humanity to bring forth paradise on Earth, surfaces ever stronger. And becomes more real.

On the economic front, another frightening financial week for most in the world. However, the inventiveness and innovative spirit of humanity continues to surge forth, and will not be stopped.

At this point in time, the Viper elite's battle to establish a cashless society has failed, in part. Now, martial law becomes their Machiavellian tool to control the masses, and bring in an imprisoning monetary system -- most likely called the 'Transitional Living Fund'.

Also, the massive cyber-thefts against Target, and other giant chain stores, will be used as an excuse to clamp down, to mercilessly spy on everyone's financial transactions. Thus, to have ready access to your bank account, your money.

This will be met with HUGE resistance in the near future.

On the war front, as humankind collectively turns its back on war -- and more war -- the dark-side war cartels begin fighting against each other more viciously. This, in a brutal bid to carve out bigger territories for themselves.

During the next four weeks, there will likely be high-strangeness happenings in the Middle East. For, there are those BENEVOLENTS who have had enough, who are now willing to 'intervene' in a strategic manner that does not directly interfere with free will.

Meanwhile, likely North Korea will continue to be used as a ghastly CIRCUS CIRCUS distraction. This, while the heinous 'war against the people' heightens with a flurry of rules, regulations, codes, and laws. And TAXES!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "In 2013, Regulations Cost Americans $447 Million Each Day Government Was Open CNS News - Regulations that went into effect in 2013 cost Americans $112 billion - or $447 million for each of the 251 days the federal government was open - according to a study by the American Action Forum (AAF), which predicts that the regulatory burden will increase to $143 billion in 2014."

On the communication front, a whole new language now evolves around the people's movement toward local self-sufficiency. This 'languaging' will include the 'don't buy, don't comply' mass refusal to go along with, and/or be rounded up like cattle.

For, out of this new communication -- verbal, mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart, and soul-to-soul -- humankind jumps the fence, fleeing the dark-side's slaughterhouse, or 'the great culling' as one of their elite minions phrased it.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the secret police network, the NSA's spy grid, continues to grow its squeezing, sinister tentacles. Now, the snitch culture expands in a move to replace the brave whistleblower culture.

For, freedom of speech is now the number one target. Censorship goes into horrific overdrive -- with the 'innocent' among us being victimized, again and again. HEADLINE: "Dangerous Ruling For Online Commenters & Website Owners (Video)" 

Standing together, protecting each other, and speaking out against tyranny... that is the winning strategy.

On the home front, if you search out the info, this week will reveal how fast the gov bureaucrats are stealing land from the people, all across America. Utilizing the force of 'law' and unlawful bully tactics, these greedy, robber-baron types are trampling upon the innocent.

By using any pretext they are able to get away with, minions of the dark-side establishment are arriving in hordes to eventually take everything you got. One answer: a constitutional county sheriff who will act for the good of the people -- who is backed up the people -- a sheriff who will throw these crooks out.

On the food front, be aware of the Fukushima-radiated food supply on the West Coast and Alaska. According to several recent reports there is 'some' serious contamination.

GMO HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Monsanto seed plant construction halted in Argentina
RT - labor appeals court in north-central Argentina ruled that the construction of a Monsanto plant is unconstitutional, halting work on the site. The three judge court ruled 2-1 in favor of the activists who filed a legal appeal against Monsanto's GMO seed plant on environmental protection grounds in the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas, located in central Cordoba Province.

On the land changes front, another yo-yo, cold-to-hot weather pattern is in the works, with more storm fronts likely at the end of January, first of February.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Urgent News Release: Large Fireballs Coming in Right NOW World Wide! (VIDEO–JUST RELEASED!) Jan 12, 2014 ~ Large fireballs seen across the world right now! What is going on in the heavens?

From the prior forecast: "ACCELERATION: land rising and falling... sinkholes become monsterously deeper and larger... earthquakes shake, rattle, and roll the planet with ever-deepening quakes... constant superstorms rage across the globe... more devastating floods are likely in the Spring and Summer months... volcanic activity only heightens, especially on the sea floor.

Meanwhile, the fireballs quicken, streaking across skies worldwide... there will be an increase in asteroid strikes... and strange anomalies will continue in the heavens... as well, the ongoing BOOM phenomena will likely reach a crescendo during Summer 2014.

Also, the Great Lion Star, the sun, is going through major changes. That is, expanding and contracting while subtly altering overall composition and, thus,  frequencies. This will assist Mother Earth in her cyclic changes, and activate certain of humankind's lost genetics. This 'activation' revolves around spiritual and psychic abilities/powers."

On the energy front, wave after wave of cosmic energy is fire-storming humankind, Mother Earth, and all of her animals and plants. For, DNA patterns are being renewed, enhanced, and potentiated for life in the Aquarian Age.

Also, these rapid-fire vibrations are stirring up our deep-soul spirituality, thus, causing more rejection of establishment religions, and authoritarian dogmas.  Communing with the Divine becomes more and more a personal experience.

On the really bad news front, sadly, the zombified in society -- due to drugs, programming, etc. -- are increasing in numbers substantially, especially in the major cities. As the year progresses, the zombified become a tidal force verbally and physically attacking the AWAKE and AWARE among us.

Avoiding, and sidestepping out of the way, is usually the best move. However, should there be a catastrophic situation, more forceful means could be necessary to escape. Dare to prepare.

Also, this bad news, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Say Goodbye to Your Car, House and Your Freedom: Agenda 21 is pure evil as it seeks to destroy all property rights, limit private citizen’s ability to grow their own food and it takes away critical resources from the people such as water.

On the good news front, this week, once again, the CREATIVE ONES -- the artisans of the Aquarian Age -- lead the way in the revolution-evolution of humankind. Their ongoing inspiration encourages the creative genius inside each one of us.

From a previous forecast: "in the blazing spotlight: [apologies to the beloved bovines] the cultural cow manure that is the *media industrial complex* dukes it out with the new sacred AWARENESS -- with the artisans of the Aquarian Age.

Currently, the big-boy controlled entertainment industry is a grab for humanity's soul by the Viper elite -- the real yet invisible players behind the scenes. However, many on the good side are using their artistic cunning in their movies, music, TV shows, Youtubes, etc. to reveal this 'truth' to the masses."

On the global mafia cabal front, a complex scenario is evolving at this point in history. The ferocious infighting between cabal factions is only ramping up. At the same time, they are brutally determined to impoverish and enslave humanity, and the whole of Earth.

However, the BRAVE ONES, the WHITE HATS are constantly throwing enormous wrenches in their plans -- in their nefarious-beyond-belief operations.

This week, look for all-out policy clashes as concerns the Middle East.

On the heroine front, the ultra brave women in India, who are ganging up against abusive husbands, and protecting other women. They are also protecting child brides from being married off to foul men who cannot, in truth, be called 'men'. All power to these women! 

On the hero front, Officer Jack McLamb, the highest decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona history. He truly served and protected the people, not the system. He has been instrumental in warning Americans about the dark-side controllers, and the FEMA concentration camps. Jack had a big ole heart that embraced everyone. He never stopped serving and protecting the people. May he rest in peace, and may the angels sing gently to him.

On the freedom front, preserving and resurrecting liberty, the thick of battle is here in 2014, the year of the people.

For, now it begins. The 'NSA watched' transform themselves into the WATCHERS. The people turn their cameras, their voices, on the corrupt and the cruel, exposing their foul deeds, and bringing about true TRANSPARENCY.

Trendwise, all aspects of communication dominate the Aquarian Age. Communication between individuals, and globally, is vital in the creation of a loving, caring future for humankind -- for ALL beings on Earth.

Ultimately, the vile enemies of LIFE, the Viper soulless ones who cowardly remain hidden from view, will be exposed. Like cascading dominoes their crimes against humanity continue falling into view, one after the other.

*Get vocal, get local* becomes the battle cry of those who are taking back their communities for the GOOD of ALL. Join in if you would save yourself, and your loved ones.

Also, Agenda 21, a Soviet Communist style takeover of America, will suffer many defeats in the coming year, as more of the people understand the *real* agenda. Because, it is not 'green' and is not about saving the Earth. Big Clue: THINK the peasants in the legend of Robin Hood tales.

THIS WEEK, is for noticing and appreciating Nature in new ways to you. For, Mother Earth would rejoin with those who sing along with her good, good vibrations.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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