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CHANGE, Holy Grail ...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #281

CHANGE, Holy Grail of the Transition into the Aquarian Age

Change and *the Quickening* have been two hallmarks of the past decade. However, now superspeed goes superspeed. Good changes, bad changes -- get ready for an unbelievable, fantastical ride as the future unfolds.

On the land changes front, from this point forward, the planet sheds its former state for a newer version of herself. Mother Earth will go furious, even catastrophic in certain land and sea areas -- especially in the later half of 2014, and into the year, 2015.

This will likely cause large population migrations, far more than has occurred in recent history.

From the prior forecast: "ACCELERATION: land rising and falling... sinkholes become monsterously deeper and larger... earthquakes shake, rattle, and roll the planet with ever-deepening quakes... constant superstorms rage across the globe... more devastating floods are likely in the Spring and Summer months... volcanic activity only heightens, especially on the sea floor.

Meanwhile, the fireballs quicken, streaking across skies worldwide... there will be an increase in asteroid strikes... and strange anomalies will continue in the heavens... as well, the ongoing BOOM phenomena will likely reach a crescendo during Summer 2014.

Also, the Great Lion Star, the sun, is going through major changes. That is, expanding and contracting while subtly altering overall composition and, thus,  frequencies. This will assist Mother Earth in her cyclic changes, and activate certain of humankind's lost genetics. This 'activation' revolves around spiritual and psychic abilities/powers." 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' EXPOSE more of the Viper magicians' matrix. For, the time has come to truly 'free' humanity from the prison planet.

That is, an age-long imprisonment of not only the psychopathic among us -- but the brightest and best souls in the greater galactic realm have been trapped on Earth. Thus, the real fear is humankind's sheer, unlimited brilliance, rather than any over-violent tendencies. This is one of the hidden secrets humanity was NEVER supposed to know.

On the personal front, this week will likely be about facing ever-more changes in your life, both large and small. How well can you adapt?

This is the question many will be asking, and is no simple task for most of us. Knowing the solution -- how to adapt -- requires being in touch with your soul, your innermost spirit. And, it means a new kind of practicality in how you handle the everyday -- the mundane tasks.

As has been stated before, the key is balancing individuality and community -- and finding/creating your place.

On the paranormal front, the massing of UFOs is here. Just two examples below.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: UFO disrupts traffic at Bremen Airport for 3 hours
A UFO has disrupted air traffic in Bremen for three hours. There is no question that it was real, as it was observed physically and on radar. It was never identified, and stopped air traffic while it hovered silently in the flight path for hours.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: UFO sightings across California
Quite a spate of sightings across California over New Years. We got six reports on's reporting page, and all of them described orange balls of light that hovered, then shot away at high speed. The story sourced here indicates that they were seen up and down the state.

On the AWAKENING front, the Divine global initiative toward ASCENSION accelerates. Connection to Mother Earth... connection to Spirit, these are keys that unlock the dark-side sorcery -- which has limited or outright prevented our ongoing, sacred connection.

This week, look for the merging of groups from the so-called 'left' and 'right' ... those with opposing views are coming together for a common purpose. Such 'unions of purpose' is the wave of the near future.

On the economic front, a bing-bang week of economic craziness at the top of the Bankster Gangster pyramid. Unforseen challenges to their cruel, corrupt financial empire are currently throwing them off balance.

The European economy declines more rapidly now, bringing about more mass uprisings. Likely, there will be minimal news coverage of these events.

Meanwhile, cyber attacks will continue in the financial system at large. The dark-side establishment will use this as a way to continue herding humanity toward their one-world, enslavement grid.

However. *off grid* becomes the battle cry for many more, at this time. They will develop superior methods to trade and barter outside the system.

On the truth front, this week is about discovering-uncovering the TRUTHS around several political leaders. Of course, an onslaught of cover-ups will be instigated by the dark-side cabal, with an emphasis on Circus Circus entertainments.

TRUTH as a personal matter, will also be prominent this week. More of 'who you truly are' surfaces. Watch and learn.  

On the war front, the war theaters around the globe will be used to distract the public from domestic strife. While, behind the scenes, deals are being cut by the various cabal factions as they continue carving up the planet among themselves.

Likely, Russia will play a key role this coming week. For, the Russian Bear will not back down.

The people continue to rise up for peace. At this point in time, the attitude of 'give peace a chance' sweeps like a superstorm tidal wave across the world. Watch for it. Join in, as you are able.

On the communication front, this is a critical turning of the wheel. Groups singing together will begin to alter the flow of the future.

That is, the vibrations of 'intentional' song and music will be used to transform society for the GOOD of ALL. To counteract this movement, the Viper establishment will crackdown via so-called copyright infringement. Also, more 'trash' music will be generated for the trendy-pop scene. The purpose is to undermine the soul. 

On the tyranny-at-work front, for many 'wake up and smell the tyranny' will be the battle cry across the country in the coming months. Activism surges ala the sixties' movements. Also, various strategies evolve to defeat the police state.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the hidden civil war continues. This week likely there will be two news stories that hint at this top-echelon conflict. 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why Are Dozens Of High Ranking Officers Being Purged From The U.S. Military? ~ Michael Snyder | Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented."

On the home front, tribalism is the watchword -- the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. People of like-mind, and in like circumstances, now come together at a more rapid pace. This will be due, in part, to the current societal pressures.

Banding together for protection, and to create a survival community, will be the goal of more and more, as the hard economic times expand to include more of the population. Innovative local economies also continue springing up. And, 'tribes' will begin carving out their territories, as well.

On the food front, a tricky time ahead as more and more realize how contaminated the food supply has become. Growing local, and growing organic, becomes a necessity and a passion. Using various greenhouse structures also becomes much more widespread. This will be due to weather extremes and contaminates in the air.

As always, remember to stock up on food, water, and other essentials.

On the energy front, now comes a demand by the people for the full disclosure of advanced energy tech. There will be a growing trend, as 2014 progresses, to end the dark oil age, and bring forth Tesla-type power for All.

For, the people are tired of being denied, and endlessly exploited by the oil cartels. Also, the widespread use of various homemade biofuels will begin to come into its own. Or, necessity is the mother of invention.

On the really bad news front, with the militarization of the police, of law enforcement in general... with the out-of-control murders and brutality now happening... and, with the lack of justice... there will be a mighty backlash by the public against the corrupt police. Likely, this rage of the people hits full force at the beginning of summer.

At this point in history, a division takes place. The constitutional sheriffs and good police forces *versus* thug, SWAT team, militarized law enforcement. The battle is here.

On the good news front, the creative genius inside all of us, is being ever-activated by the cosmic energies of the Aquarian Age. Also, our ability to adapt to the changing times is being enhanced by the Divine pouring forth of crystalline frequencies.

The more we support each other's creativity at this time, either as individuals or as a community, the more we will ALL overcome and thrive. As well, in this heart-centered way of life, a new sense of belonging develops.

On the global mafia cabal front, the infighting between factions escalates. Because of this, there has been less coordination in the Viper cabal's demonic operations against the people. On the horizon, however, there 'could' be a major attack on a city that will likely be blamed on patriots and/or a terrorist group.

Calling on Divine Intervention will help mitigate the 'possible' tragedy -- *if* this plan goes operational.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Think Tank: “Extraordinary Crisis” Needed to Preserve “New World Order” ~ Paul Joseph Watson | Author of ‘shock and awe’ doctrine says elite threatened by non-state actors like Edward Snowden."

On the heroine and hero front, blessed be to all the 'whistleblowers' who have come forward, and are continuing to come forward. For, THEY are very much needed in these times.

On the freedom front, this week is about separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff -- or, those who love liberty from those who prefer a zombie like existence. Thus, the GREAT STRIFE begins.

At this time, many aspects that brought about 1776 are now in play. For, the American Revolution was merely a dress rehearsal for what is to come in the NOW. Be prepared.

Trendwise, this week especially, and in the following months, Big Media Entertainment will continue shooting itself in the foot as more of the people turn away, and tune out.

While there will be blockbuster movies this year, that age is coming to a close. Low budget films made by grassroots individuals and small groups, begin to come into their own. In part, this reflects the growth of tribalism, meaning different strokes for different folks.

Also, because it is time, knowledge about INNER EARTH comes pouring out. That is, for those with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear.

THIS WEEK, dance with the deepest dreams of your heart. Simply let them emerge into your consciousness, and be there.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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