Monday, January 27, 2014

...brings a new diamond like clarity...

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #282

On the AWAKENING front, this week heralds another massive shift in human AWARENESS. Cosmic rays from the galactic center,  in concert with the Divine, brings a new diamond like clarity.

Out of this, across the globe, the UPRISING of the people against the Viper-Robber-Baron elite accelerates at a blistering pace. This will not be a leader-focused movement, but more a melding of minds ala the Aquarian Conspiracy.
From a prior forecast: "at this point in history, many realize governmental restrictions are now obsolete in the face of the Aquarian Conspiracy -- or the ability of humanity to live and love from their spiritual center, from their caring hearts."

IN OPPOSITION ~ from a previous forecast: "The New Inquisition is Here... Shutting Down the Aquarian Conspiracy.

That is, the dark-side controllers will use every diabolical method to shut down the mind and heart bond humans form with each other. This connection is part of what the Aquarian Age is all about, or what was called the Aquarian Conspiracy by author, Marilyn Ferguson, in her 1980 best-selling book, "Aquarian Conspiracy"."

On the personal front, a wacky and challengingly strange week for many of us, especially when it comes to finances. Plan ahead, if you are able, as far as a budget.

This week, your best bet is to hunker bunker down, and take care of the homestead the best way you have available. Also, this is a good week to settle in and daydream. Let the images flow at first, then daydream your preferred future into being. What is it you truly desire?

For, now is the time become the change you want to Be, the changes you want to bring about. That is, from the reality of your current circumstances.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' whirl in great circles, their lightblades extended like a celestial pinwheel. For, they continue slicing through the sinister gray fabric -- a blend of ancient sorcery and ancient tech – that was put in place by the Viper magicians. Now, it becomes time to free the 'full potential' of humanity, and of Mother Earth.

A new and brighter resonance is forming. The old gives way to the new as beneficial harmonics overcome this dis-harmonic plague of energy. However, overall, this will not be an easy peasy path to walk for humankind.

On the land changes front, the ACCELERATION of time-events, is one of the keys to the 'weirding' weather extremes now happening around the planet.

As well, volcanic activity continues to ramp up, and spill ash into the air. Likely, more earthquake swarms will shake the California coastline in the following months. Also, the caldera site in Yellowstone will remain active.

Further, with the up-tick in quakes happening across the planet, there will be devastation periodically. For, the Great Lion Star, the sun, begins to awaken from a temporary slumber.

On the paranormal front, the weird gets weirder, given the 'ancient magick' AWAKENS and BECKONS 'those' who are the slumbering magicians among us. For, they are born of this Age to bring forth the real magick from Ages past.

It is here. Sacred sentience versus the machine mentality. This battle currently rages on the supernatural stage.

On the UFO front, according to Peter Davenport of the 'National UFO Reporting Center' the reports of sightings have escalated again, and we are in the middle of a genuine 'UFO Flap'.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Ominous Trumpet Sounds are Back ~ Friday January 24, 2014 ~ Strange and frightening trumpet sounds were heard around the world in 2011 and 2012. Now they're back, along with unexplained explosions. Linda Moulton Howe interviews witnesses, who describe these ominous sounds and the effect they have when they are heard.

On the economic front, hang onto your shirts! Certain economic dynamics will bottom out during the next couple of weeks. However, much of this will be hidden from joe/jane public by the Bankster Gangsters. This, to allow more plunder of the people's assets. Get ready.

This is only the beginning. HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Bank-Run Fears Continue; HSBC Restricts Large Cash Withdrawals"

At this time, as the worldwide economy continues its collapse, the goddess warriors rise. They will battle this debt-based monetary system that was originally designed to control and enslave humanity. Remember, it is always wise to be on the right side of history/herstory.

On the truth front, what was stated last week, gets mega-bigger: "this week is about discovering-uncovering the TRUTHS around several political leaders. Of course, an onslaught of cover-ups will be instigated by the dark-side cabal, with an emphasis on Circus Circus entertainments."

If you're a celebrity-entertainer of any kind, watch your back. For, you are likely to be the flavor-of-the-week DISTRACTION.

On the war front, while the Middle East bubbles and boils, and threatens to go nuclear... there will be major unexpected situations in Africa. The White Hat forces have rallied on the dark continent with the intent to slow down the dark-side juggernaut that is the evil empire.

Note: this was written before the air strike on Somalia.

Meanwhile, the cyber battleground goes savage. As global internet governance is brought down on the people like a relentless sledgehammer, the Renegade Hackers bring on the good fight.

Eventually, these cyber resistance fighters will destroy large sections of globalist control, and independent networks will spring up like  mushrooms.

On the false flag front, this week keep an eagle eye on any government-military drills, especially the ones that are not widely announced. The rabid, mad-dog darkside controllers are desperate for gun confiscation.

On the tyranny-at-work front, a Stalin like purge of political enemies is about to be launched by the current administration. The emperor wants to remain emperor.

Also, TRUTH WARRIORS are coming under brutal attack. False indictments. The demonization of their characters in the presstitute media. Being setup for crimes they didn't commit. Any Machiavellian method the dark-side minions can get away with, is about to be deployed. WATCH YOUR BACKSIDES!

On the communication front, varying degrees of telepathy continue increasing in the human population as a whole. Also, communion with Mother Nature accelerates in leaps and bounds. Many more will be hugging a tree, and walking barefoot upon the land. For, this is healing to mind, body, and soul -- especially in these times.

Likely, in the next several months there will be interruptions in service on e-devices. This will happen because of several reasons. Solar interference. Hacker interference, and the cyber wars. Also, the NSA worldwide web spy grid.

Again, as our heart energies expand, communication between people will be a matter of the heart, more and more. This will show up as more expressions of caring -- and offers of assistance that truly make the difference.

On the home front, for the following week, tensions rise dramatically as more of the people lose everything, and have nothing else left to lose. Now, the demand for change becomes a constant shout, an endless scream of the soul.

Civil unrest escalates as the year progresses. Crime explodes in some areas, while in other areas people begin working together more closely.

Society, at this juncture, is effectively cracking apart at the seams. Depending on your area of the country, this will show up in different ways. If you haven't already, now is the time to look for opportunities to create/build a viable local community.

On the food front, in the near future, there *could* be major interruptions in trucking that will leave store shelves empty, and cause other huge problems.  This is merely one reason it remains wise to stock up on food, water, and other necessities.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Toxic: Monsanto's Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells ~ Bt toxins in GMO crops are showing up in pregnant women, and low and behold – they are killing human embryo cells.

On the energy front, the current shortage of propane will hit many hard this winter. Out of this, an underground biofuels trade will develop across the country. Given alcohol is a superior energy source, moonshine stills will come into their own again, despite any government crackdowns.

For an Age now, the nefarious, black-soul elite have ruthlessly convinced humanity to separate themselves from their true power -- to pit religion/spirituality against science... or to believe spirit is divorced from matter.

Now, this falsehood, this fraudulent concept ends for good within the 'whole' of human consciousness. Once again, spirit and science join as ONE force, a constantly interacting force that serves ALL of humankind.

On the really bad news front, the screws of tyranny relentlessly tighten during the next several weeks. Lie after lie will be told to the people to keep them ignorant, controlled, and off balance.

The collapsing monetary system will be used as an excuse to crush any form of dissent. Already martial law is being established in some cities, and the militarization of the police is ramping up.

However, this is likely a double-edged sword since many in the military and policing will say 'no' to tyranny. Thus, the battle for liberty is joined.

On the good news front, this week is all about the RISE OF LOVE -- that is, the loving heart and soul. Now, our capacity for giving and receiving LOVE opens significantly, blooming like the most beautiful of roses.

Take your time exploring this Aquarian Age LOVE, as it pours from our deepest hearts more easily, and grows into a great shining river.

Also, even with the high tension of these times, many of us are feeling lighter in body and soul. This has been ongoing since the Winter Solstice Stargate of 2012.

On the global mafia cabal front, there has been an enormous split in the Illuminatti crowd at this point in universal time. That is, those who want to pursue GOOD instead of manipulating the masses toward perpetual enslavement -- have now broken away. They are pursuing ways to contain-battle the dark Viper manipulators.

Signs of this will be in the info releases about how to use real magick.

On the heroine front, Marjory Wildcraft, author of the DVDs, "Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm" Not long ago humans fed themselves, provided for their on needs and were largely self sufficient. They knew how to feed themselves, how to take care of animals, what to plant and what to do when something went wrong. This is a guide to recapturing that lost knowledge.

On the hero front, DAN JOHNSON founder of P.A.N.D.A. (People Against The NDAA) Website:   From ~ "Dan Johnson started P.A.N.D.A. in January 2012 in response to the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act.  They started with a short YouTube montage called The NDAA: "America, Welcome to Martial Law" [].  From that video the group has grown to reach a wide network They are now in 25 states across the country and counting, and looking at a bright future for the liberty movement."

On the freedom front, this week, due to several 'sad and provocative' events, there will be a tsunami of those who embrace liberty. From a past forecast: "renegade leaders arise at this time. More importantly, the renegade spirits grips many, and a new American can-do attitude comes to the fore."

Trendwise, during 2014, at this turn in galactic time, the STARGATE meme comes into its own. The TRUTH and also speculation about all types of portals, from the heavenly to the machine-made, will be found throughout alternative and social media.

Of course, a major disinfo campaign by the bad-guy elite will be launched. Misdirection will also be there malevolent tool.
One secret, not known to many is that WATER is used as a portal by those being-entities in the know.

On the future trend front: Robots to Breed with Each Other and Humans by 2045

FURTHER: On the land changes front, from the previous forecast: "from this point forward, the planet sheds its former state for a newer version of herself. Mother Earth will go furious, even catastrophic in certain land and sea areas -- especially in the later half of 2014, and into the year, 2015.

This will likely cause large population migrations, far more than has occurred in recent history.

From the prior forecast: "ACCELERATION: land rising and falling... sinkholes become monsterously deeper and larger... earthquakes shake, rattle, and roll the planet with ever-deepening quakes... constant superstorms rage across the globe... more devastating floods are likely in the Spring and Summer months... volcanic activity only heightens, especially on the sea floor.

Meanwhile, the fireballs quicken, streaking across skies worldwide... there will be an increase in asteroid strikes... and strange anomalies will continue in the heavens... as well, the ongoing BOOM phenomena will likely reach a crescendo during Summer 2014.

Also, the Great Lion Star, the sun, is going through major changes. That is, expanding and contracting while subtly altering overall composition and, thus,  frequencies. This will assist Mother Earth in her cyclic changes, and activate certain of humankind's lost genetics. This 'activation' revolves around spiritual and psychic abilities/powers."

THIS WEEK, let your thoughts wander among the stars. Think Star Trek, Star Wars, or any such 'living among the stars' theme, fantasy and/or reality. For, humanity is awakening to its true destiny.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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